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  1. 1956 Century - 25k miles on CL

    Yep, my condition according to my doctor is an ARTY condition. He even tried to buy one of my models, I don't sell them. Worked on my current piece tonight, have I ever told you, I thank the good Lord everyday, for my limited talent. I do. Dale in Indy
  2. 1956 Century - 25k miles on CL

    Put some RED LINE tires on that baby, Oh, that would be so cool. Dale in Indy
  3. 1956 Century - 25k miles on CL

    Mr. FITTY FO, Some folks keep adding, adding and adding more TRICKS OF THE WEEK to their "SHE" cars. Fender ornaments included, also VISOR'S, man oh man, I do LOVE DIM DARE VISOR'S. Maybe. Oh, GOT TO LOVE THAT BEN. Dale in Indy

    It's FITTY FO, hehe Dale in Indy
  5. "She"?

    For what it's worth, some are BOATS. Also some are BOAT ANCHORS. Some need to be tied to a hitching rail. Dale in Indy
  6. Duesenberg Concept

    Not a styling winner, NEVER. WHO would drive it, doesn't have a right side mirror. The BEST OFFER tells a lot. Dale in Indy
  7. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Love this build, don't forget the 26" rims, with 2" tall side walls. hehe. They would shake your teeth, and jar your brain. Dale in Indy
  8. How many are still around today?!

    Almost all the ladies are wearing SKIRTS, or DRESSES. You don't see that much today. Dale in Indy
  9. 1953 Special 2 DR HT with 3 speed Manual

    Needs to be pulled from the weeds. Never ever good to leave in the weeds. Nice body style though. Dale in Indy
  10. Rare 1980 Park Avenue Coupe

    You would need to be wearing SILK clothing to slide across that interior. Dale in Indy
  11. Tire size info needed.

    Bloo, I have close up photos of the car while it was shown at Pebble Beach late August. I zoom in on the rear tire and it is the exact tread pattern that Excelsior Comp H offers. The tire on the prototype is clearly marked 8.60 18. Infiniti may have had Excelsior make these special for the prototype. I will try to contact Excelsior to learn more. Thank You, Dale in Indy
  12. Tire size info needed.

    Thank You, The car I am making as my 11th. Large model, it's the 1940 Infiniti race car updated to what Infiniti designers felt it would look like if built today. My model, is a 1/4th scale, approx. 36" long piece. It was a winner at Pebble Beach a month ago, GOOGLE, (images of INFINITI prototype race car), to see what I'm building. You will see the tires appear tall, and skinny. I blew up one of the pictures and read the tire markings. Marty, you are right it's a older piece, not brass, but old. I'm heavy into the body shape, like my other models this will be a 1500-2000 hour build. This is my most trying piece, but I love doing those tasks I don't know how to do. For what it's worth, I love model building, the thought process is huge, but fun, FUN IS GOOD. Dale in Indy, BEN, no chance it will have a VISOR. Sorry my friend. '
  13. Dave Tachney

    Not to PICK on anyone, but being OLD SCHOOL when it come to basic computer skills, EXAMPLE: an Email address, is short changing yourself. In my honest opinion. My bride was of that thinking a few months ago, slowly she started learning, now she does well, she has commented so many times how helpful it is, adds a new outlook on communications, and the GOOGLE search engine is wonderful. A friend in another state kept telling her hubby, let Dale get you involved, now he does better than myself. He doesn't type, so notes are short, very short, but it works. I'm happy for him. Dale in Indy
  14. Tire size info needed.

    Thanks, the tires in question are marked as 8.60 18, and no other number/numbers listed. The chart you provided, and the ones I found ask for more numbers. I sent a note to TIRE RACK, but they won't respond for two days, so thought someone on this site might have good info. Thank You, Dale in Indy