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  1. 1940 BUICK SPECIAL sidemount fender car-$13,900

    That would assure a sale, and I would guess YOU would be first in line. 13k would be pocket change for you OLD MAN! VISOR'S/PARACHUTES FOREVER, Dale in Indy
  2. This place had 4 Reatta

    A fire like that spreads very easy.. A battery could have shorted, oil and gas coupled with interiors fuel a fire. The cars were packed in tight spaces, easy to see how it spread so fast, and don't forget the business was closed for the night. It srarted after 8 PM, and NO water supply was in the area, it had to be trucked in. It's a very small town, didn't have a large fire department, had to call on others mikes away. Also, he didn't have insurance on all the cars present value, only what he paid for the cars/trucks which didn't include labor they may have performed on some of them. Dale in Indy
  3. 1940 BUICK SPECIAL sidemount fender car-$13,900

    I feel we should NOT comment on asking price, UNLESS The seller request such, IMO. Sellers learn soon enough if his/her price isn't right. Nothing personal. Dale in Indy
  4. 1936 Auburn 654 Cabriolet

    Very well presented, this Auburn piece. It would be OK with me if you decided to keep it, hehe Maybe I missed a post, where are you on the manifold issue on the 41 Limited? Dale in Indy .
  5. 1950 Bias White Walls

    I see thes 50's pictured above are missing the TREASURED visor, dumb designers, hehe. Dale in Indy
  6. 1940 BUICK SPECIAL sidemount fender car-$13,900

    The front spring/coils seem to be at strange angle, did you pull the lower A-arms in to control front tread width? What car did that clip come from? I wish you well, Dale in Indy
  7. Open the trunk lid, tape a paper towel between the hinged area, overlapping the panel behind the glass, and to the trunk lid. close and run water, see it it absorbs the water. Dale in Indy
  8. Towing Trailers With '50's Buick's, Who's Done It

    Speaking of folks getting upset should you drive 50-55 MPH pulling a trailer reminds me of a promotion SHELL gad stations had in the late 40's. WIth a fill up, they gave you a stamped steel Yellow Sea shell. It was made to slip under your lic. plate, and painted on it was 3-nautical flags. They signaled SHARE THE ROAD. Us kids installed them on our bikes under the axle nuts, made a neat look. I have a NOS piece, wonder how many of you have one, or remember the promotion? The piece is steel, 3-D, 3" wide X 3-1/2" tall. I don't know how to post pic's from iPad, so will send to FITTY FO, he can decide if worth posting. Dale in Indy
  9. car fell on me last sunday

    YES, It is an old thread, but, but, but,,,,,, STILL worth reviewing from time to time. Dale in Indy

    Ben, how about pictures of the in car air vents, and HOW well does the air work? Got to love fabricator/engine builder Ben. Dale in Indy
  11. 5000th birthday

    Jack WHO? Never heard/Read of him, but CONGRATS. hehe Dale in Indy
  12. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    What? Dale in Indy
  13. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    How about the PRO'S & CON'S of installing a VISOR/PARACHUTE on a BUICK? Ben could lead off, don't ya think FITTY FO. I sure hope to meet Ben someday, I would wear a helmet & body armour, Dale in Indy
  14. Fire at Country Classic Cars, Staunton IL

    He told a friend of mine this morning that he is open, and insurance wiil allow him to continue. He still had over 400 untouched cars. The building was over 500 feet long, 50 feet wide. Fire started in the middle, could be a car storted out, that's why inside car shows required pulling battery cables. Dale in Indy
  15. car fell on me last sunday

    Back in 2010, seems like yesterday, I have always wondered, did the car have a two ton VISOR? Dale in Indy