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  1. What toy car is it..

    Only a few more? Iowa Dale
  2. 1929 Hupmobile Century M

    Look's good......& serviceable! Nice car! Iowa Dale
  3. Interesting Railroad car

    Rabbit for supper!
  4. Another early what is it on a day at the lake

    My first thought was White also..........but the back doors are different than the "M". (at least the way I see them.) Iowa Dale
  5. What a story!!! Thank's for posting this, Bhigdog!
  6. Rare 1968 Eldorado Find - Paint Code 00

    In 1965 I bought a new GTO convertible that was close to this color. Pontiac called it "Orchid Mist". Wish I had that car back! Wasn't a popular color then,,,,,,,,,,,,but sure is now!! Iowa Dale
  7. Looking for a Nice Chrysler?

    ..........& nothing is said about a re-body in the auction ad either? Hmmmmm!!! Iowa Dale
  8. Doc Knoch's Land Speed Hupmobile Needs Headlights

    I'm with you on the "Woodlites" They should be a good match....... Iowa Dale
  9. Hupp 1929 Sport Coupe

    WTG! Looks like a nice car! Dale
  10. My Original Olds Jetfire Found!!!!!!!!

    Have been following your restoration since you started it...........& have enjoyed every moment of it!!! Thanx for taking us along for the ride! Iowa Dale
  11. Now, that, is a "stunning" survivor!!! Iowa Dale
  12. If I remember my Model "A"s right, the red steering wheel is an early'28 feature...................still, a nice, solid looking "A"! Iowa Dale
  13. Please help identify this car

    I agree with Keiser31..........
  14. CADDY? Blocking my view of an XK120 Coupe

    I hope the "Continental" kit looks better from the side & rear than it does from the quarter! Otherwise, not too bad...... 30 Hupp
  15. Gabriel Rotary Shocks

    Interesting thread! Good Luck!!