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  1. '29 DA roller shade

    Thanks Bob and Dave. Glad I asked, it is not quite what I was expecting. John
  2. '29 DA roller shade

    G'day Dave. Any chance of a photo of the blind with tassel? Just not sure exactly what it should look like. Thanks, John
  3. 1929 DA-6 4-dr sedan roof framing

    Thanks Bob. Thought that was the case, just wanted to be sure.. Will see how we go and let you know. John
  4. 1929 DA-6 4-dr sedan roof framing

    Bob, I am about to start on my roof and have found your drawings and comments from this post very helpful. I am however unsure of how you took your measurements. Do I take it that in the “side profile”, this is indicating the curvature of the timber on the perimeter of the hood insert, or is this the roof center line? How did you then determine the curvature of the individual cross bows, or is that what these measurements indicate? I see you have given the curvature of the front and rear profiles separately. Thanks for any help. John
  5. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Wish I could find something funny or inspiring to say. But I can't, so just good luck and best wishes. John
  6. Ian Greenlaw

    Ian, I too wondered how you were getting on, as I have been missing your inspirational updates. Then I saw your letter in "Restored Cars" (I presume it was you), so figured you were still around. Reassuring to see other people get interrupted from Dodge stuff too, not only me!!. Good luck with it all. John
  7. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    That puts us about the same age and nearly as long ago when I pulled mine to bits. Kept most stuff, even if only good for patterns and to jog my memory. Also a lot of notes on how it all fitted together. Even so, my memory is nowhere near as good as I hoped it would be at this stage. But that's life, isn't it? That is why this forum is so great, there is always someone that knows or can remember. What would we do without it (and digital photography).
  8. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    Thanks Keiser. It is making sense now. It's a long time since I pulled it all to bits!!
  9. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    Thanks Bob, great photo. I am sure you are right and I am happy now. Just wanted to make sure I was not missing something
  10. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    I am in the process of re-fitting the timber to the inside of my DA body, that the upholstery attaches to. I have kept most of the original timber, much is usable but some I am only using as a pattern. But I am confused about the area either side of the rear window. There is timber at the top, but at the bottom of the rear window, linking with the bottom of the side window, there is a shaped angle iron piece. This piece has a couple of counter sunk holes in it, as though wood screws would go through it into some timber. Should there be some timber there? Have I lost those pieces? How does the curved upholstery panel in those back corners attach? Obviously to the timber at the top, but what about the bottom? Hope this makes sense, along with the picture. Thanks, John
  11. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    Very true, although it does sort of sit below floor level and below the level of the aluminum edging on the floorboards. Did you re-use that edging? Mine was too far gone so I used stainless steel. Perhaps people were more careful in 1929???
  12. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    Took some photos, it is all a bit rough, but hopefully it may help a bit. The windlace matches the headlining and goes right round the door opening, I suspect the "join" would be at the bottom. The bottom part of the windlace is wrapped in the seat covering (and door card) material, so everything below the bottom of the window level matches the seats, everything above matches the headlining. The covered windlace is held in place at the bottom of the doors by the door plates. Everywhere else it is tacked to the wood panels attached to the body framework that the upholstery is attached to. In the photo, I have only part of the windlace, it should go right round and meet up. Regarding the rear seat, carpet covers the vertical part from the floor to the "ledge" that the seat sits in, about 5.25 inches. The front face of the front ledge that the seat sits in has a thin piece of wood attached that is covered in seat material. I have not started on my upholstery yet, but I tried to keep a fair bit of the original stuff to help jog my memory when I do. It is all pretty sad and incomplete though. Still, better than nothing. Hope this helps. John
  13. DA Wood Spoked Wheel Clamps

    G'day Dave. Much appreciate your offer. I have been looking around here for a while with no success, so when you are able to get to your shed, I would be most interested. Perhaps we could swap a bit of weather. I just checked and it is 48.3 deg. C (that's near enough to 119 deg. F) under my pergola just outside my house, at 1.30 in the afternoon. If only we could find a happy medium!!! Don't think much more will get done in my shed this afternoon either.
  14. DA Wood Spoked Wheel Clamps

    Yes I have tried Meyers and they can't help. I have a number of type C myself, but of course not what I need. John
  15. 1929 Dodge sedan interior

    Will have a look at what is left of mine tomorrow and see if I can work it out. John