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  1. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    Can't agree more.
  2. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    No problem, will let you know.
  3. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    John, many thanks for that. Please PM me with what I owe you and how to pay. Will let you know when it arrives. In view of the time I have been working on this car, a couple of weeks is insignificant. John
  4. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    Thanks for your kind offer. Have PMed John
  5. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Window Crank

    That makes sense. It has just occurred to me that I have never seen a Budd bodied DD, only Richards Bodied. I am pretty sure the windshield wound up, but being a Richards body, I presume the door handles/window cranks would be different (they are with DAs). I certainly did not notice them at the time.
  6. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    Thanks, will send some measurements and see how I go. I too have some glass lens from Ollies, I am not aware that they have any of the License plate lens, but I probably should ask.
  7. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Window Crank

    Thanks for those replies. As Keiser says, the rear quarter window cranks are T-handles. Windscreen cranks sounded a good but the 29 DAs that I have and seen have push out windscreens. I had not considered the DDs. I had assumed that they had a different pattern to DAs.
  8. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Window Crank

    Just bought a DA window crank but find it is smaller than I was expecting. Another learning experience! But I am now curious as to why there is a difference. I have only ever been aware of the longer ones (as used in my DA Sedan). Anyone know why there is a difference or what the short one was used for? The both have the same pattern, just different lengths. Thanks, John
  9. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    I THINK the DA is same as DC, but don't know for sure. It is certainly brass and a FILITE. Measuring straight across the gap in the body, the wide side is 3-1/8 inches, narrow is 2-7/8 inches. My lens is some sort of plastic, cracked and distorted from heat. Why I have not realised its condition years ago and waited till now to look for a replacement is beyond me but not the first time I have been that silly! Probably thought I would make one but now realise that the raised section ads considerably to the rigidity of the body and a proper one would be better. I have a nice NOS red lens ready to go for the main lens.
  10. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Tail Lamp

    Just getting some parts ready for plating and decided to include the tail lamp. In doing so, have come to realise that the license plate lamp lens is pretty ordinary (cracked). Can anyone advise if there are repo ones available for the DA? Another option may be to buy old stock, in that case, can anyone advise how to identify the correct one for the DA? I see a number available online, but not sure if they are correct, some listed as "truck". Thanks, John
  11. Bullfrog_eng

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    Man, that is looking nice!!
  12. In theory, drum brakes stop much better and more efficiently than discs because they have a larger contact area. They fall down because they cannot dissipate the heat quickly enough. Where discs prove MUCH better is in multiple stops and frequent use, or stops from very high speed. Many years ago, the drum brakes on my 57 Customline were absolutely brilliant for average use, but I distinctly remember trying to stop quickly from 100 MPH once. 100 to 40 MPH was fine but by then they were so hot that nothing else happened and it seemed to take forever to stop completely.
  13. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Running Boards

    I'm working on it!
  14. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Running Boards

    Thanks Fellas. I have been collecting photos as well, and between these and the lot I have, I now have a pretty good idea how they are made. There is a very good metal fabrication place locally that I am sure that would be able to do the job, they have done things for me in the past that others have been unable to do. I just need accurate measurements and thought that someone on this forum may have already had them on hand. No problem, I know of a very original DA about 50 miles away and I am sure that I can get them myself, I just need to get there to do it. The owner is a great bloke and I always enjoy a visit anyway. I have had offers from the US to have some made, but as you say, the shipping costs, not to mention the currency exchange rates, make this a very expensive exercise for me. I will see how I go getting the measurements myself. Thanks again, John
  15. Bullfrog_eng

    DA Locking Door Handle

    Well, I think I have a solution. The problem was that I could not hold the spring in such a way that it exerted any pressure on the pawl, it just flopped around in the hollow centre of the shaft. I could find no way that it had been held originally. It may be that there is something missing, I wont argue if you say I lost that piece during dismantling! Anyway, I cut a piece of rod that was a snug fit in the hollow centre, cut a slot in one end to hold the spring, cut the rod to correct length and assembled it all (not easy). It seems to work well, when you unlock the handle (which is still freewheeling) then turn the handle to its normal horizontal position, the pawl snaps back in position and the handle turns the shaft. Not sure how it should be done, but this will do me. Thanks for all comments.