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  1. Painting a hood matte black

    The Mustang guys have this down to a science, lots of black hoods from Ford in the 60s and 70s. This is a good sight scroll down he has both base coat clear coat and single stage advice.
  2. Advice for an open touring car 1929-1934?

    1934 Auburn V12 Convertible
  3. Exported American cars, 1930's

    Graham-Paige did the exact same thing building an assembly plant just across the St. Clair River. I am sure other companies followed the same avenue to try to bolster car sales, 1933 was the lowest production numbers, Europe was in a little better shape for economy in those years making sales somewhat easier. Back to the original topic, my 1930 Export Graham rides almost 2 inches higher then a domestic version. The Canadian built cars also had a much wider color pallet to chose from, those creative Canadians.
  4. Exported American cars, 1930's

    All Graham-Paige cars exported had the 6 wheel (dual spare tires) option and taller springs to help with ground clearance at least up to 1932. I own an exported 1930 Graham, I think it came back from New Zealand? What I have found is when something broke or needed to be replaced the owners just used what they had to repair the car. My Graham now had Holden door handles and check out my "factory" rear seat....curious what year it was reupholstered? The black was on top of the red, hoping the original is under the red.
  5. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    VL, I went through the interview process also, way too much work if you ask me, sounds like I am a standby? I am pretty sure they do not understand the connection some of these cars have to the owners. They asked me about replacement value. I told them it is not replaceable, they insisted on a number. Well if it happens I am going to turn it into a family outing, I guess Granada's Graham will be taking the family on one more trip. In September 1952 Grandpa packed up the 1933 Graham and family for a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo. It was a 100 mile trip one way. When they got to the Zoo it was closed because of the Polo Epidemic. When Grandpa told them how far they had traveled they were allowed to tour the zoo anyway, it was a different time. My Mom was about 14 for the trip.
  6. Pilor Ray lamp wiring 1929 Packard

    Just was looking at one last weekend with armor coat wiring, it looked nice. I tend to agree with "edinmass" after putting Tripp lights on my cars, I have been taking them off. The accessories clutter up the clean lines of the car.
  7. Question "GIMP"?

    Check out the scallop louvers in the center of the hood, haven't even seen that on a hot rod before. Must be a hinge on either side? Headlights would make it 1926-7?
  8. Question "GIMP"?

    I hear stories how there were body shops set up near Michigan Avenue in Chicago. If you wanted a custom color they would send out the car and have it ready the next day. With the rules we have today that would be hard to do and expensive. In 1930 I would guess you could get it done overnight and for less than $50. OK I pulled this picture to show a 1930 body shop...notice the guys painting...guessing it was a posed picture. Anyway check out the Hall-Scott engine in the truck. Apparently Hall-Scott was an WWI airplane engine builder in CA, they helped Duesenberg develop their racing engines in the 30s. Strange what you can learn from an old picture.
  9. Question "GIMP"?

    Thank you for all the help! Graham prices for optional color fenders in 1931...if you add them up about $26 extra for color fenders...anyone want to bet the car got taped off, fenders scuffed and sprayed color over the black enamel....when new Maybe not... 1931 wages in an industrial setting was $0.55/hour. Lets go $1 for paint and materials, that still leaves 50 hours of work, less a little something for Graham, so 40 hours and new "GIMP"
  10. Question "GIMP"?

    I was going through a 1930 Graham parts book that listed "GIMP" my guess is it is fender welt?
  11. Thank you, the second picture I had was not a Pontiac, I think that was messing with me.
  12. Hoping to ID this car.... I thought it was a 1928 LaSalle? I have a second picture but I am not sure it is the same car. Interesting cowl....swoop body line (same as LaSalle) Interesting splash aprons... could not find a LaSalle with these type Interesting sun visor... could not find a LaSalle with these type It is my Uncle and his two sisters around 1931
  13. 1936 Reo

    1936 REO 1936 Graham Crusader same cars if I remember correctly. They shared dies to save money.
  14. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    How is this for inspiration....