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  1. Graham Man

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    I think it is 70% of the vehicles value to total. My guess is that is the number they don't want to risk the body shop coming back with additional costs. Interesting comment about "you might not have a choice to keep the car" that is true. I mentioned it to Hagerty when I was getting insurance from them, one of my cars has been in the family since 1935, I told them you will not get the car if it is totaled (took me and friends 6 years to find a rear bumper) not valuable, just rare. Anyway for $3 extra per year you can keep the car, no questions, Great option.
  2. Graham Man

    Interesting car 1904? any guesses?

    I think the Belle Isle Park location is correct. Graham-Paige used Belle Isle Park for lots of there advertising photos, unfortunately it looks like this Belle Isle canal bridge is gone.
  3. Graham Man

    Interesting car 1904? any guesses?

    Looks Correct; 1911 Packard, what a great looking car...wonder if it is the same car, if they could only talk
  4. Caption was "Detroit 1904" ( my gut feel is that is a little early?) those are some hardy people, notice the chains on the back wheels and snow on the running boards, looks like fun. Any idea on the car? I have to start learning the early cars. The octagonal radiator and the front fenders should give it away? looks more 1910-12?
  5. Graham Man

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    I like to glass bead blast the aluminum first, then use aluminum wheel cleaner, last step is put a good quality high temp engine clear on the head. Leaves a nice looking finish.
  6. Graham Man

    Why? Why?

    OK I gave up trying to figure out other peoples tastes a long time ago. All said, there is a lot of time and money in this car, not my style, but the owner liked it, even has a CB radio. It is a time capsule of the 1980s, there will be a proud new owner somewhere (one bidder so far).
  7. Graham Man


    Follow the lines....intake manifold it is an valve oiler system ….oil pump & block it is an oil filter My money is on oil filter
  8. Graham Man


    Look up your local AACA club.... I would also check the local Model A clubs I would come if it were closer, good luck
  9. Graham Man

    Evans waterless coolant

    I have several friends using it without problems. It is just 100% propylene glycol and should not evaporate. Did you run the car after filling the system the first time? Could it have been trapped air in the system?
  10. Graham Man

    6 volt battery maintainer

    2X on the Battery Tender # 022-0196 I have 3 units like this all over 10 years old no problems.
  12. Graham Man

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    Graham had balanced engines, full pressure oil system, aluminum pistons, invar wrist pins, and the entire engine was safety wired. My 827 even ran double disk clutch. So the claim sounds plausible? In 1933 MN had 3 "improved" highway/roads, the rest were gravel or mud/dirt.
  13. Graham Man

    Help identifying a part

    I agree, going with the premise it was off an old car, maybe the "under the seat" tool box is the best guess? It would explain the lower rib, you could still open it in the car and remain removable if needed. Yes it most closely resembles antique carpenter tool boxes.
  14. Graham Man

    Help identifying a part

    It would have looked like one of the cars pictured. Any pictures of his old cars?
  15. Well they are still talking about cars....