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  1. Graham Man

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    I normally go to extreme lengths for originality... but plexiglass is much less expensive and it is easy to bend.
  2. Graham Man


    Tried that all ready, no copies in MN public libraries. Don't get me started on what they do with books that don't get checked out...surprised we still have the Constitution.
  3. Graham Man


    I have never used Amazon. I was curious if the book is any good?
  4. Anybody read this book? I am looking for a copy. It is the story of Alice Ramsey's 1908 cross county trip in a 1908 Maxwell. A 3,800-mile journey from Hell Gate in Manhattan, New York, to San Francisco, California. Original Publication was in 1961, republished in 2005. 1961 Copy 2005 Copy
  5. Graham Man

    Grand Page!

    Well at least the price is right for a project. He said he did not try to start it, but the crank is still in place wonder if it turns over? It was in a barn in WI a couple years ago. Looks like the grey parts are from another car, the black bits are extremely rusty, notice the hole in the top of the cowl. Hope it finds a good home.
  6. We just hosted a Meet a few years ago. Being the Host, we got to write the rules of our meet, after much consideration and input from lots of car people, we came down to one common thread. It had to be the correct motor for the car. Kept the judging simple and the arguments few/none. You bring up an interesting thought. Factory engineers have been "hot rodding" cars since the first car was built. Sometimes they make jumps in technology, but almost every model as made gains, less a few emission stumbles.
  7. Graham Man

    Interesting 1929 cylinder head

    Interesting... this is a 615 head (the fancy small six), same engine as the 612 with a 1/4" larger bore. Graham may have modified the 612 heads to gain HP for the 615. I agree it would be a big job to cut the slots but labor was a lot less expensive, they could be cast in hard to tell until it is cleaned up. Johnson Pictures... The castings just crumble when you try to remove parts, you can see the casting cracks in the pictures. My plan is to mount it for display.
  8. Graham Man

    Interesting 1929 cylinder head

    Harry Ricardo Interesting engineer, I think you are correct... The design is extremely close Advances in engine design[edit] Side valve engine with Ricardo's "Turbulent Head" In 1919 Ricardo was studying the phenomena affecting the combustion within the petrol engine and the diesel engine. He realised that turbulence within the combustion chamber increased flame speed, and that he could achieve this by offsetting the cylinder head. He also realised that making the chamber as compact as possible would reduce the distance that the flame had to travel and would reduce the likelihood of detonation. He later developed the induction swirl chamber, which was an attempt to achieve orderly air motion in a diesel engine, the swirl being initiated by inclined ports and accentuated by forcing the air into a small cylindrical volume. Finally he developed the compression swirl chamber for diesel engines. This design embodied intense swirl with a reasonable rate of pressure rise and good fuel consumption.[9] The compression swirl chamber design was called a "Comet" design (patented in 1931) and was subsequently licensed to a large number of companies for use in trucks, buses, tractors and cranes, as well as private cars and taxis. A Comet combustion chamber was used in the first Associated Equipment Company (AEC) diesel buses operated in 1931 by London General Omnibus Co, later part of the London Passenger Transport Board/London Transport. A later development of it featured in the world's first volume production diesel passenger car, the 1934 Citroën Rosalie. This meant that Britain led the world in the field of high-speed diesels for road transport at that time. This advantage was lost to the United Kingdom as a result of the heavy tax imposed on diesel fuel in the budget of 1938.[9]
  9. Just pulled this head from a 1929 Graham-Paige 615. The car has been sitting in a field for the last 50 years, most of the car is gone. I am trying to save parts. Anyway I have never seen a cylinder head that looks like this, I am assuming it is stock. The engine was complete down to the stock Johnson Carburetor. Notice the machine cut slots from the valves to the cylinder, it is fly cut so deeper in the center.
  10. Graham Man

    Steven Kings Christine

    Interesting about only being two remaining cars from the movie... Anyway anybody an MTV veteran? Just around the time the movie came out MTV had a contest to win a "Christine" the car was won by a collage student in Oshkosh WI. Unfortunately it was not me... From the book; Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King By Lisa Rogak
  11. Graham Man

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    Sounds like good a calculated risk, guess I am too trusting. If you want to keep your information private best thing to do is close your Facebook account. Good Luck with the project!
  12. Graham Man

    Spring Carlisle 2018

    What kills me is with the low end of small car prices starting at 18K you could buy half of these cars for less...
  13. Graham Man

    Clean tyres with white wall

    I have had good luck with SOS pads and bleche-white.
  14. You might want to add a caveat to the fuel pump mix. AC had just started building the design that became the "industry standard" for fuel pumps in 1928. So these two new technologies were both in there infancy. I am guessing Cadillac decided not to risk it and went with the proven system? Interesting even today we are replacing the diaphragms on the 1928 fuel pumps, so the new fuel is not eating them.... Finding a metal (brass) diaphragm would be an engineering challenge, remember it also has to have a magnetic property so the electro-magnet will work.
  15. I hope I am not changing the topic.... This is my comment on electric fuel do you shut them off in case of an accident? I do not think anybody had a shut off device till the 1990's?