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  1. Two more coupes to identify - maybe both are Grahams?

    Top one is a 1933 Graham Model 65 Coupe - Wire wheels were not available in the 34 model - Wide cowl, hood dose not extend over (notice the color picture of the 34 coupe vs this one) - short front bumper 3 1/2" vs 4 1/4 (make it a six cylinder) - 14 hood louvers Second Coupe (side view) Looks like a 1929 Graham-Paige 612 most likely a Business Coupe (cant see the trunk handle) - 615 would not have the standard tail light - radiator cap, hub caps, door handle, and body lines are all GP Beautiful picture! Do you know the location?
  2. 1930's spark plug connectors

    Thank you all for your responses. I hate to loose automotive history. I have been working with Graham-Paige cars for almost ten years and consider myself detail oriented but did not notice the missing spark plug connections till this year. I have been trying to replace the spark plug wires on my 1929 Graham-Paige to original. After looking, I have found several examples of running, driving, Graham-Paige cars with the connectors. Thanks again, soon there will be several more examples of original, as designed, Graham-Paige engines driving around.
  3. 1930's spark plug connectors

    If I understand correctly these spark plug connectors were used by several companies in the 1930s. Auburn and Graham-Paige for sure, but why are they so hard to find? Graham used them from 1929-1936+. Pretty simple brass connection, screw on the spark plug and connect in just like the distributor. Guess I am off to Chickasha...
  4. Stromberg series SF and SFM updraft carburetors

    Not sure everybody understands the problem with mechanical accelerator pump on an updraft carburetor. When you pump the accelerator on an updraft with mechanical accelerator pump and the engine is not running, the fuel runs out of the carburetor..everywhere. On a downdraft it is not a problem, the raw fuel goes down the intake. I still run BB1 Carter carbs, I only start them with the choke, works great every time (from your advice, thank you). The cost of the BB1 vs. the Stromberg alone should be enough to carefully consider the Stromberg (better get one soon before the prices go up) Next time I need one I will be looking at Stromberg's
  5. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    The water distribution plate is the big deal, the holes have to flow the same as the pump output. I have drawn them up in CAD and have them laser cut out of stainless steel. I have not done a six yet but need to do one for my engine. Might have a spare cover after this weekend, going to pick up a parts car.
  6. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    Geoff, Don't forget the water distribution plate...part number 67704
  7. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    The Graham-Paige mufflers all were pretty much the same about 4 inches round and real long 40 inches or so. If you look in your owners manual again at the lubrication points picture you can see what the original muffler looked like. I have a couple OEM style replacements units still in the box.....need to get those installed.
  8. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    CONGRADULATIONS! Sounds pretty good, I have to get my 1930 Graham fired up, same engine, it has been sitting 50 years.....
  9. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    This sight always amazes me, the amount of group knowledge available is astounding. You will get this behind you, soon you will be researching how to install a roof.
  10. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    If you have a owners manual there is a page that shows the lubrication points on a bare chassis, you should be able to see the spark plug wires on it. There should also be a wiring diagram but that will not be as clear. I will try to get a picture of my 6 tonight.
  11. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    The thing about the cam is you align the distributer then push in the cam, because of the bevel cut gears between the two, the distributor rotates as you push in the cam, normally unnoticed. The only way to get it correct is back up the distributor drive before you push in the cam and check the location...this step is normally overlooked, because you can always move the wires around to get it to run. I figured this out looking at original engine pictures and cold not figure out why the wires on my Graham were wrong. A friend of mine who has been a mechanic for 70 years said all the Dodges of the area are same way as Graham always one position off on the distributer.
  12. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    Geoff, You are correct on the alignment of the distributer....but if you pull the cam, all bets are off. You need to rotate the distributer 60 degrees before you insert the cam. What I am trying to say is on most of these cars the distributer is not installed correctly. Steps to check... 1. take off the distributer cap 2. rotate the crank to TDC #1 (note the distributer is moving, just to make sure all is connected) 3. find #1 spark plug wire (front of engine) follow the wire back to the distributer. 4. The rotor should be pointing to the correct #1 wire...if not rotate the wires clockwise till they line up with #1 Hope that helps....
  13. My son dug one of my Graham cars out of our shed, fired her up (first time in over a year), and drove her to a local grade school car show. 88 year old 1929 Graham-Paige 827; 18 year old kid, wish my Dad had toys like that!
  14. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    No you are not "loosing it"... sometimes it just takes time to get everything sorted out. Some people do jigsaw puzzles or collect stamps, we get to drive our hobby around. I never use the gas tank and fuel pump to get a fresh project running. I use a 1/2 gallon lawn mower tank, hang it on the firewall or something above the carburetor and let gravity do the work. Remember to disconnect the fuel line to the pump first. I had a fuel pump driving me crazy one time, rebuilt it several times, everything should have worked but it would still not run. Finally out of despair I put an air line to the gas line from the carburetor to the tank and blew, nothing at first then it let go, something had blocked the fuel line or pick up, it had all been cleaned, still never figured out what it was, but it is still working two years later.....
  15. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    You want a BB1D (last round and best iteration) I personally would not buy one without a tag, the tag is the carb identification. This one (112633966202) has the right mounting holes 2 11/16 and should have 1 1/4 throat. If you put gas down the cylinder it should fire without a carburetor.