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  1. I have done gas is a terrible job, stinks, residue I had to get rid of... I hate to say it but I used Gas Tank Renu to do my 1928 Graham-Paige. It was the best money I have ever spent. Dropped it off in a garbage bag and picked it up all done a week later. They cut a hole in the tank, sandblasted the inside, rewelded the tank and coated the inside with a ceramic? baked on coating. It has been 10+ years and it still holds gas. I used the place in MN. So far so good.
  2. To be specific a 1934 (second series) model 67 or 69 eight cylinder Graham Bumper. OK that sounds pretty specific, wide bumper 4 3/4" is eight cylinder, only second series 1934 had bumper bolts exposed. As a side note the bumper was referred to as the "Mae West" bumper.
  3. Matthew, First of all my condolences. I was able to meet your Grandfather at the New York GOCI 2011 show. The Graham-Paige is a wonderful car with a great family history. I hope you will take the time to drive the Graham-Paige, you will fall in love with the car. My second choice is to find local person that will love the Graham-Paige as much as your Grandfather did. A distant third, is to put the car on a large online auction. Value wise I am sure your Grandfather had North of $50k in the car. Unfortunately it is a six cylinder, so large money is not in the cards. My guess will be $25-30K US... wish I had the extra funds I would love to take care of your Grandfathers Graham-Paige. Pictures from the meet
  4. Anybody have good luck with any Vinyl dye? I used Ditzler (no longer available?) a long time ago and it worked great (came in a quart sprayed it straight, just like paint, no primer). Just going to black, the color now is brown, doing the top material on my 1929...long story, the width I needed I could only get in brown.
  5. Well that sounds easy, guess I will have to look for something else to fix... Thanks again!
  6. I have several early 1930s cars. From time to time I will get one that will overflow the radiator, normally just goes out the overflow tube and on the ground. This stared me thinking is there a way to test the radiator cap to see if it is releasing at the correct pressure? The fluid is low when I let it cool down; normally I just top it off.
  7. June 19-25 2017
  8. I am going to go with 1929 Second Series Graham-Paige 827 Coupe.
  9. Kelly, Are they still available?
  10. Sorry to get here late...the water pump is the tensioner. If you have a fairly tight timing chain it can be almost impossible to get the pump in place. If you notice the chain gear has is a rise in the center that will not allow you to slide it into place. The next problem is the timing chain has most likely jumped all ready. I would pull the front cover, install the pump when you can see what is happening and check the timing at the same time. The owners manual should have a picture of how to set the timing. I will look for some pictures to post.
  11. 1931 Graham Special 8 - Model 822 (First Series); 5 passenger sedan. The giveaway on 1931 first series is the hump in the front bumper (only1931) only a handful have survived.
  12. My 1928 Graham Paige ignition switch has two on positions... so if you turn it too far to the counterclockwise position the ignition is back on. What I did was add a small green LED light under the dash so I know when the ignition is on, works great. Just got an LED indicator light and added a resistor for 6V, cost was under $5, no more burnt points...priceless
  13. Also check the lines all the back to the tank, there is a fuel sock on the pick up in the tank, they like to get plugged with garbage. You could have a venting issue? sealed tanks started in 1973...
  14. Don't feel bad... when I got my first Graham-Paige 1929 (truck delivered, sight unseen purchase) we rolled it off the truck and I tried to figure out how to start it. Did you know floor headlight dimmer buttons work as starters on some cars? I had to laugh an 80 year oldish gentleman walking by asked if I needed some help? He informed me about the starter button, flipped the hood open, and put his hand over the carb intake (for extra choke) and she started right up. Then he informed me when he had his Graham-Paige it stated just like this one... and walked away...
  15. Well at least they pulled the drapes back... Selling my 01 Mercury Cougar, she is a good car. 2 doors, 4 seats, very comfortable to ride around in. The sunroof doesnt work, hasnt since i got it a year ago. It does have some through rust above the rear driver side wheel, the passenger seat doesnt move up anymore im not sure how to fix it. It has new speakers in the doors, and a after market radio, it has alot of trunk space, and she does pretty good in the snow.