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  1. Regards from Spain

    Like Simca in France...
  2. Regards from Spain

    Not too sure about the beginning of Seat. Could be that they assembled (manufactured?) Fiat models under license with some minor changes. Then Seat was more or les independant until it was absorbed in the VW group.
  3. It seems that your car was repainted once as the paint under the chromed parts is looking a little bit different (or is that dirt?). I hope that you will document the changes you are doing. Memory is not all the time what it should be and many years from now you may forget what was original to that model.
  4. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Randy, thanks for the comments! At first, that blue tone was not what I expected but, the more I see it, the more I like it. I forgot to say that the sunshades are movable in 2 directions: to hide the sun when it's in front of the driver and on the side too. Will that be easy to operate when assembled? I doubt!
  5. That "customized" coupe is really looking good! Maybe you cannot do it, but I would put a coat of paint on the roof to hide the rust (or primer?)
  6. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate!
  7. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    For 8 days, due to an outside “repair”, we had no phone, TV nor Internet; very annoying! The positive aspect: I was less distracted and I could spend more time with the model. Many leather trim parts could be painted; this allowed me to install definitively some chrome parts. As usual, when parts are plated, even if the coat is very thin, there can be some problems like I had to insert the A/C levers into their respective slots. When parts are covered with leather, even a very thin one, there are also difficulties to assemble elements, even if some play was considered during fabrication. Up to now, I could overcome the difficulties without damages. You see below some elements which are ready or, like the front seat, in preparation. The “cushions” for the seat back are not yet covered with leather, this is the next task. The robe cord for the seat back is also missing, the escutcheons must be chromed first. I like the look of the lower door trim panels; I pictured the back of the LH panel; will I be able to connect all those wires?
  8. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    After about 8 days without phone and Internet, I can communicate again! Randy, I have no idea for which application the leather I have was used for. Up to now, the gloves I had in hand had a leather too thick for my need. Also, I doubt that gloves with a leather 0.1 mm thick would not tear the first time of use! Yes, Randy, the back can be "sanded" with coarse sand paper; I'm doing that very often. With a thin leather, the risk to make a hole is not negligible.
  9. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Even if I was quite lately, work is continuing. It's not making sense to show each filler application or sanding!. The main body (rear fenders, roof, doors and trunk lid) are at 95% satisfying. I still have some improvements to do, especially at the cross panel between trunk lid and back window. We had a wonderful October month; therefore, I could do most of the surfacer job outside. Today, we said goodbye to the summertime and hello to the wintertime, the weather is getting cooler and humid. I ordered the paint for the leather; it’s water based and I have to spray it with my airbrush because it seems that water based colors cannot be sold in a rat can. The blue paint for the leather is rather darker than the original medium blue. As the outside paint is also different, I choose a blue which is in harmony with the outside color. With the white bolsters, I will give a good contrast. On the first picture, 3 leather parts at the right are ready to install, one with some chrome trim. The other parts are ready to be painted; the lower door trim panels will be done next. As you can see, I’m using quite a few leather colors; I just hope that I will have enough. The thickness is between 0.1 and 0.2 mm (0.004 to 0.008”); thicker leather cannot be used. The second picture is my leather’s stock.
  10. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Thanks JWL! Something is not correct: there were two tone paints from the factory! I admit there were not many, and 2-tone paint is not a necessity on that car. "mine" will have a solid color.
  11. Buick horn ring

    No interest?
  12. GM 8.5" Differential Leak Between Flange and Pinion

    Is the shop "A" still in business? How could they miss what you wrote in your post #8?
  13. Big Brother is watching

    Are really various governments agencies so stupid? There should be somebody saying loud: "Asbestos first"!
  14. Buick horn ring

    Since about 30 years I have this Buick horn ring; it's time to let it go. I assume that it came from a 1957 Buick, the Buick specialists could tell. It comes with the adjusting nut, spring and insulators. The adjusting nut has the casting number 1174597; this may help for a proper identification. As you can see on the pictures, there is some pitting, none under the faded paint. I'm asking $ 35.00 (or best offer) but as I'm located in Switzerland, take the shipping costs in consideration.