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  1. Mine was loaded on April 20!
  2. This car is certainly looking better than new! I doubt that so much care was applied during ist production. Congratulation!
  3. Well, I was thinking that both cars could go with the same truck! I see that both locations are too far away and as you still have difficulties with the wire transfer, it's an illusion. Anyway, thinking that a large car like a '72 de Ville could travel with theat tiny car would have been fun...
  4. John, do you know if Carnegie Pa 15106 is far away from your place? "my" car will be shiped there to make some maintenance/improvements. Your car may travel with mine?
  5. Well...As you saw in my signature, I sold my '56 Sedan de Ville last year because I wanted something less old. As I have only 3 garage places at my disposal, one of the 3 cars had to go. A Swiss member of the local Cadillac club was intersted to the de Ville and we did the deal. During wintertime I did nothing because to have a car less to maintain had also advantages! For about 4 weeks, one of my spare parts suppliers asked what I would like to buy.My answer was: a 1969 to 1972 Cadillac; a de Ville would be fine either as a coupe or 4-door, not white or black. Recently, than man sent me a link for a low mileage 1972 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in a rather good condition. I don't know the owner, but I phoned him maybe 2 weeks ago. I had over the phone a good impression; my spare parts seller had also a phone conversation with him. 3 days ago, the money was on the account of the seller. Now, I'm waiting...and organized already shop manual and other literature. I don't want to go into the details now, most probably in some months when the car is in my garage
  6. Nice Little car, John. It seems that transactions within the US are not always easy; think about that: I'm now in the process of buying a car, also from Florida. I have to add that I have zero experience with importing cars. It will also be fun!
  7. Bingo! Once trimmed, the wood parts will be covered with leather. If you are coming home to visit us, we will open a bottle of the said wine!
  8. At this period of the year, I have other duties. However, I had the time to do something for the Mark II, see the picture. The interst to drink from time to time a good wine is that the bottles are delivered with a wood box. I used that wood to do what you see here. Of course those parts are just rough; what are they in your opinion?
  9. Thanks to Randy, Buick59 for the pages from Classic cars (I dont have this publication) and John as well as the other ones for their comments. There are too much, I cannot follow properly with the answers! I also have to say that I was not expecting so many comments with just 2 paint samples. May I ad that I do appreciate those comments? To John: I will have a little more than $ 25.00; maybe $75 to 100.00. Primer must be added, plus the various rattle cans I will try; anyway,not $20'000.00!
  10. Interesting point of view about dark gray looking like primer! Anyway, the more I see dark gray cars on the road, the more I prefer blue! I'm sure I will find the right paint with smaller pigments.
  11. I hope for you that the ABS module has not to much contaminated brake fluid...which, according to most manufacturers, should be replaced each 2 years!
  12. OK, thanks for your comment. It goes towards blue!
  13. The trim will not be solid blue or red but blue/white or red/white like the picture below:
  14. From other forums, the preference is blue. I let that topic on side for a few days and will decide later.
  15. Thanks Dileep! I'm surprised that your solder get brittle. I suppose you are using soft solder which is a alloy of tin. This type of solder is not very strong unless the soldered surface is consequent. For delicate work, like I did on the hood ornament, you could read that my tentative to soft solder the outer ring ended with a disaster. For that, silver soldering is more suitable, but requires a torch as the melting temperature is about 650-680°C. The inconvenient is that the brass get softer (it is annealed) and can compromise the strength of a part. As you see, a medal has always 2 sides.