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  1. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Thanks! It's incredible how the look of an assembly is modified with just a little bit of paint!
  2. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    This is almost a chaos: painting the engine. Everything must be disassembled, sanded, cleaned, and painted. Each major assembly is put in a bag with the fasteners and will be apart when something finished is assembled again. Most parts in the background are ready, some are waiting to be treated; most have been immerged in a solution to cover them with a thin coat of tin. I don’t remember who gave me that idea, it is a great one!
  3. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Years ago, I experienced the heat and humidity while in vacation in Florida. I appreciated the A/C those days! In June it was hot in France too. We did almost...nothing. I doubt that the basket will be agitated. I did a similar basket while I did the Avanti model, it contained also letters from the Toronado model. The basket was not very well constructed, some letters were trapped into it. To my surprise, all letters and the other parts into the basket were well covered. I hope it will be the same this time; I built the basket in a way that the parts inside cannot be trapped. Obviously, nickel and chrome don't have the same behavior!
  4. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Yes I did! Thanks for the comments!
  5. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    After the paper work resulting from 3 ½ weeks’ vacation, I decided to assemble the parts to be chromed on a new tree. It’s very time consuming; the parts must be secured to have a good electrical contact and not to be lost. Usually, each part is attached with 2 wires; obviously, the small ones have just one copper wire as contact to the tree. While assembling all those loose parts, I did a new check: are now all parts done? Of course not: the dip stick for the transmission and engine oil are still missing; they were quickly done. However, as they are unpractical to attach to the tree, they will go in a small cage with the hood emblem, rings for the instrument cluster and the “Continental” letters. At the inner belt, there are also small moldings attached to the trim; I had to do them. I now hope that all the chrome parts are done. Unfortunately, the plating company will be closed for 3 weeks; the tree will stay home until early August. What is the next step? I just would like to have an assembly ready: I will put the engine in pieces, paint them and reassemble. Some elements like the spark plus wires are not yet done; they will be realized as a final touch. The first picture is showing the parts which will be nickeled; on the 2 other pictures, you can see the small cage into which those parts are enclosed.
  6. 1934 LaS basket case attempt..

    Sorry if I did not remark his health problem: he wrote too much to my taste and I skiped the notifications. I'm wishing him a prompt recovery.
  7. Skoda 120 L

    Who knows...I was there for GM, a stupid training and it was maybe 1996 or 1997. In short: I saw really noting from Sweeden!
  8. Skoda 120 L

    At least, my message let somebody laugh ! I do confess that I was maybe 2 days in Sweeden and no desire to go there again...
  9. Skoda 120 L

    Carl, don't you find illogic from a person living in Iceland to ask in a US forum the value of a car made in the former East block?
  10. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Soon, Randy, soon! It seems that this June month is hot everywere...
  11. Need Advice

    My short answer is more because I'm not so fluent in English (in French either...) I suppose everybody has his own reasons or incentive to restore a car, to drive it or not. I restored 3 cars in a time frame of about 20 years. I drove the first one the most because it was a new feeling; with the time, the need to drive is just going away. Too many people on the road and cars from the fifties are so prone to overheat... To each his own secret!
  12. Need Advice

    For the fun of it!
  13. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Yes, Randy, I was myself surprised to see that many manufacturers are using the same paint! Indeed, the paint manufacturers are selling their products to various vehicles producers. I got two days ago an Opel and a VW paint with fine aluminum particles. The same color I did the trunk lid some time ago will be the definitive paint with that particles change. The paint is most probably an enamel type. The clear coat is acrylic. We are located near the town of Nîmes. Since 5 days the weather is indeed hotter than usual: 35 to 37°C is now the rule; the result is that we are doing almost nothing, except drinking (water the afternoon) and eating!
  14. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Hi Randy One revolution of the wheel is giving a movement of 1 mm. The wheel has 0.05 mm graduations; as one step is 0.2mm, 5 dots are done with one turn of the wheel. To simplify the task, I painted 5 white dots on the wheel. One line is 85mm in length; divided by 0.2 this gives 425 dots. Yes, it was a time consuming task; one line took maybe 15 minutes to be completed but it was not possible to do that task without interruption. I'm glad it's over! The chore with the paint is not yet over. This week, I ordered in France other spay cans; 2 blue ones and a gold olive one. The Opel paint I first bought for the engine was too dark; the Mark II forum gave the indication that the original engine paint is very near from a Champagne mist metallic from Nissan. I can get this paint from the French Company as well as the blue one with a fine metallic content which is a deviation of the original Ford/VW/Renault paint. (I was surprised to notice that many makes are using the same paint; sometimes duringthe same tme span, sometimes just outside of their competition) The other blue paint I ordered is from Opel; I asked also for a fine metallic content. I should get the paint during next week. As I'm in France now, there will be no shiping problem! At the end, I will have a full store of almost full spay cans, with the exceptions of the ones I will use for the model. This may be the most expensive post for that model!
  15. Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

    Thanks for your comments, Randy. The picture without the flash was indeed an "accident" but as you wrote, the result was not bad. Probably with more playing with the sensibility, diaphragm and more parameters, pictures can be better than with the pocket camera. However, if I need 10 minutes to make a good picture with the reflex camera compared to a few seconds with the old one, is there any "progress"? The dots are easy to do: just place a piece of brass on the large piece shown in the picture, secure it on one side and go! After one dot done with very moderate pressure, move the assembly for 0.2mm (0.008") for the next one and so on. When the line is completed, move on the other axis for 0.2mm and do another line. No high tech, just boring! There will be no report for some time: I'm now preparing all the remaining parts to be chromed and there is a lot.