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  1. bb1970

    Do you do your own work?

    Not much of a hobby if you don't do it yourself. If you are able that is. I'm too cheap to pay a mechanic to work on my stuff anyhow.
  2. bb1970

    Year End Pic

    Great looking car! I love the stance!!!
  3. I sure somebody on here would be offended.
  4. Has anybody rebuilt a cv joint in a '65 Riv? Is it a pain in the A**? Or does anybody want to sell me a good one? My rear most is clunky. I removed the drive shaft to lube it. 3 of the 5 u-joints are installed backwards (not by me). So it's a pain to lube them. Can't do it in the car. Then I discovered the cv joint. Any help would be great. Tried a search just found one mention.
  5. They made a motion picture of it. Looks about as interesting as "Two Lane Blacktop".