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  1. Fake hump-trunk, fake side exhausts, fake knock-off wheels, mis-matching front/rear bumpers, fake radiator shell/grill (rad is likely about 2' further back), all it needs is fake eyelashes. The original Stutz folks would not be happy.
  2. Found these unusual (at least to me) small U shaped washers/spacers in a box of misc '31 Chrysler parts. They are 3/16" thick, 1/2" diameter and slotted as shown for a fit over a 1/4" rod. Not a clue?
  3. Recently found these in box with some other handles, would like some idea on what they fit. Larger one has 3/8" square mounting hole and is drilled for a pin nice large round knob; smaller one has a 5/16" square mounting hole and takes a surface screw. Thanks.
  4. Have these 5 1929 Dodge DA interior handles, 2 good door handles, 2 good window cranks and one broken door handle. I think $60 + shipping would be fair. If interested, send me a PM.
  5. Gunsmoke

    DA Locking Door Handle

    It occurs to me that the spring is used to hold the sliding "U" in unlocked position (so door does not accidentally lock) it's role is only to pull slider to unlocked position, the force on the key puts it in locked position. The stud on the end of the lock I presume operates like a cam (I note cylinder is off-center from face of lock), moving the slider to the left or right to lock/unlock. Seems like a pretty simple mechanism, trial and error should get you there.
  6. Gunsmoke

    1935 Bentley Special Has Been Sold!

    What a great buy for someone who appreciates old, cachet, and quality.
  7. Gunsmoke

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    J-S-P, not to be too argumentative, but you need to recognize that Consumer Reports research base is typically US Citizens (and perhaps some Canadians), a notoriously patriotic sub-set of cars owners. Indeed I suggest 50% or more of US citizens swear to never buy a "foreign car" out of sheer patriotism. So the Consumer Reports Buying Guide results are skewed to favor US built vehicles and disfavor foreign cars. The vast dealer and service network and marketing cutthroat practices the big 3 used as marketing tools for decades shut down lots of potential quality foreign car companies before they could get a decent foothold. I recall so many authorized big 3 dealers in the 60's/70's refusing to service any foreign car. Asian manufacturers like Honda, later Toyota and more recently Hyundai, Kia, with their low initial manufacturing costs, were able to break the wall down, and eventually challenge the big 3 at their own game. Protectionist tactics, the administration is brewing right now, do not help anyone in the long run. Let the free market rule!
  8. Gunsmoke

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    Fiat has been a quality manufacturer of automobiles for over 100 years. Let's not be too nationalistic in our comments. Patriotism can sometimes be like a set of blinders.
  9. Gunsmoke

    1929 Roadster

    Great to see one man's passion realized. Looks like a great ride, and pretty faithful to the original Model A lines notwithstanding the modifications. Be interesting to see if market is near asking price. Congrats to your Dad on a great effort.
  10. 2 more images of Chrysler Model 75 parts list.
  11. I have these 3 old pieces of literature. The Dodge 140 series Operation and Care booklet is near mint, does not appear to have ever been used, noted as first edition, first reprint, 72 pages, asking $60 plus mailing. The Chrysler 66 Instruction Book is in very good condition, fourth edition originally published February 1930, Chrysler Corporation of Canada, 78 pages, asking $50 plus mailing. The rare Chrysler Model 75 parts list is noted as Chrysler Export Corporation, July 1st 1929, cover is a bit tattered as shown, but all 65 pages are good, 8.5x11.5, asking $70 plus mailing. Will sell all 3 for $150 plus mailing. Send me a PM if any interest.
  12. Gunsmoke

    What are these taxis?

    Looks like it could be a scene straight out of the movies or the Elliot Ness series. The six characters on the verandah all look like anything but conventional taxi drivers. The dog on the steel chain may be a signal. The dilapidated house doesn't seem like a typical taxi stand. Note the single plank walkway street to steps? Where is this community, Allen? This was in midst of prohibition era, and the Cadillacs would have been perfect for hauling booze, fast, reliable, respectable. May have doubled as a bootlegger's stash house. Anyway, cars aside, it is a great period photo of a long past time in America.
  13. Gunsmoke

    Odd tool

    Early adjustable cup holder!
  14. Same car, rare no doubt, based on the somewhat typical 1% survival rate, there should be about 3 still around! Great looking car.