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  1. Junkyard Remnants

  2. Please help ID Econo-Minder

    Ford also had headaches on their V8-4 Mustang engine
  3. ford pu beds-1950-54

    48-mid 50 had the bumpouts on the bedsides, late 50 -52 had smooth sides, 53 up was different,atleast the fenders and tail gate
  4. Identification help...

    The 29 gauges were still oval, like the 28. The rest of the car was nearly indistinguishable from the 30. The main difference was the gas gauge was moved to the dash from next to the filler in the back
  5. Guide Multibeam

    I was thinking maybe 36 Chevy but the mount goes on a fender with a lot of curve and towards the front (downward curve). that seems to preclude Chevy or Buick.
  6. Ragman's gonna be late

    I believe that's a 35 Dodge. The 36 went back to the conventional opening doors.
  7. Antique Lincoln Radiator aEmblem

    This 52 Capri 's emblem might be it. I can't find a better pic. I saw a 52 Cosmopolitan with a blue emblem
  8. WIllys-Knight question

    Common on Studebaker tourings from the mid-'20s.
  9. 1960s Lincoln grille piece?

    Good guess, James but that piece looks much smaller.
  10. Aston Martin $21,000,000

    These cars look like the ones in my old Strombecker set
  11. Window and frame from what?

    Excellent job, Wyankee, especially from a "Junior Member." Hope to keep hearing from you.
  12. Corvette crushed

    Painful sight to Corvette lovers. See this smuggled car flattened in the Phillippines. I'd say it's about a 71 model https://jalopnik.com/the-philippines-just-destroyed-a-whole-bunch-of-cars-by-1822768270
  13. The 390 was an option in Fairlanes and Cyclones starting in 66. The 66 Ranchero was still Falcon based. In 67 the Ranchero grew to the Fairlane platform where you could get a 390.
  14. Mercury Montcalm

    Now that I think about it, The Thunderbirds and the trucks also kept the wrap around windshield for 60,anything on a 3 year cycle,but the edsel went to the conventional windshield in its brief 60 run
  15. Cord

    Copart has a way of running auctions that if they don't get the expected price after a certain time they start over. This car was previously up to about 45K .