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  1. Dodge Brothers Parts Wanted

    I have a pair of lights on a bar for a 27 dodge and an extra light that's almost the same will sell for 100 plus shipping. If interested I'll dig them out and take pix.
  2. Something the Low Men would drive?

    It seems like a fair deal if you had a mill laying around
  3. AA Truck Auxiliary Trans question

    Al I probably know less than you about these things. They have AA chapters within the Model a clubs that would know. As for doodlebugs, the whole purpose is to get low speed power to have a cheap tractor.I have seen AA outputs into a TT input
  4. AA Truck Auxiliary Trans question

    I had one that I sold at Hershey about 10 years ago. It was an underdrive within the driveshaft on 28 -29s. It had a kickdown switch in the floor to activate it. Looks kind of like a peanut. It was replaced in 30 with the 4 speed trans.
  5. Something the Low Men would drive?

    Definitely a 58 Ford Fairlane 500 2dr sedan Chrome door post. They had a Fairlane with different trim and a custom with a painted post Fairlane Fairlane 500
  6. Inspired by Keiser

    I see you still have your Utes

    I remember ye olde Hershey mudholes
  8. Paint your wagon

    That sagging could just be the passenger weight but the car is overall shabby,see the top. Most of us would love to have it for the 1955 price, faults and all.
  9. What is it

    That phaeton looks strange to these American eyes
  10. Paint your wagon

    Let me know if it's showing now
  11. Paint your wagon

  12. What is this car?

    At least some resemblance to a 24 Willys Knight
  13. Paint your wagon

    This picture of a painted wagon comes from "The Old Motor", Nantucket, Ma, 1955
  14. Paint your wagon

    This picture of a painted wagon comes from "The Old Motor"
  15. Another What's Wrong With This Picture?

    32 Pontiac