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  1. Dave Mellor NJ

    Hudson Plate, teens, twenties??

    Trying to turn it
  2. Dave Mellor NJ

    1912 Renault Limo at auction

    July 29 in Morris Plains, NJ. Interesting story about the history and restoration. West Peterson should contact them. Click on photo gallery. ( once there you have to "X" out to get back. https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3109025.html?kwd=Model A Ford%2C antique cars&zip=&category=0&utm_source=azemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alerts
  3. Dave Mellor NJ

    ID these teens roadster doors?

    To get to the What's it? forum you have to go inside the "Photo and Video" forum although I doubt anybody there would know
  4. Dave Mellor NJ

    Headlight adapter?

    You're welcome, Ted. Will try.
  5. Dave Mellor NJ

    Headlight adapter?

    I think '66 was the last year for the under glass headlight. Also the 6-volt system.
  6. Dave Mellor NJ

    What is this hood for? Circa 31-37

    Glad to help
  7. Dave Mellor NJ

    Local Vintage Car Show, something for everyone

    Known as the "Pregnant" Buick.
  8. Dave Mellor NJ

    Trying to find what it is worth

    There's a guy named Don Weir from York, Pa, I think who is something of an expert on these custom Fords. He's on these forums occasionally or at the least an AACA member. I'm sure he'd love to talk to you about this.
  9. Dave Mellor NJ

    1931 Chrysler CM Headlights

    Distinguishing features are the ridges running from the rim to the back on the top and sides (I don't know about the bottom.
  10. Dave Mellor NJ

    What is this hood for? Circa 31-37

    Could be 39-47 Dodge truck
  11. Dave Mellor NJ

    Help With 20's Chrysler

    You must agree that what you have is much more likely to be a topless tudor than a truncated touring
  12. Dave Mellor NJ

    1960 Ford Rear Bumper

  13. Dave Mellor NJ

    Borowed from HAMB p 5309

    Emblem looks like International
  14. Dave Mellor NJ

    need help identify 1920's Headlights

    They have a sort of bell shaped cross section. The Buicks are drum shaped
  15. Dave Mellor NJ

    '52 Skyliner?

    53 Dash. Practically the same as 52 except the golden anniversary steering wheel and reverse colors in the gauge panel