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  1. Dave Mellor NJ

    1931 Oldsmobile Coupe

    This is a 30
  2. Dave Mellor NJ

    1931 Oldsmobile Coupe

    Definitely 31
  3. Dave Mellor NJ

    Pontiac rear fender ID

    The moldings don't curve around the back on a 41
  4. Dave Mellor NJ

    Pontiac rear fender ID

    What you have is a military fender from a 42 Pontiac. If it had chrome holes it could be 42 or 46 civilian. Many unused nos military parts turn up over the years
  5. Dave Mellor NJ

    Christchurch, New Zealand, 1953. What is the car?

    34 Dodge coupe.
  6. Dave Mellor NJ


    Similar but no cigar
  7. Dave Mellor NJ


    That is a 1908. There's a guy who stops by occasionally always looking for anything Argyll
  8. Dave Mellor NJ


  9. Dave Mellor NJ

    Time for a trailer

  10. Dave Mellor NJ

    What do I have?

    look to be late 30s (sidemount) Mopar headlight buckets in poor shape
  11. Dave Mellor NJ

    What do I have?

    Another old aftermaket radio box. Mid-'30s.
  12. Dave Mellor NJ

    '55 Mopar

    Looks like a much older aftermarket radio box.
  13. Dave Mellor NJ

    newly found pix

    The camping car is hard to ID. Looks like maybe Chevy by the bumper. The hubs stick out like a sea horse's snout
  14. Dave Mellor NJ

    OK, It's Just Getting Weirder and Weirder in California

    It says convertible in the ad. Comes with a saw I guess
  15. Dave Mellor NJ

    Help identifying truck