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  1. Dave Mellor NJ

    1950 Buick unrestored gem

    I believe your Buick is a 51. The 50 is famous for the buck teeth look
  2. Dave Mellor NJ

    1964/65 Thunderbird

    It does look odd, sans skirts
  3. Dave Mellor NJ

    Winter’s Coming: 1939 Ford Military Snow Blower

    The 42 had Ford script on the hood sides. This truck is 46 or 47
  4. Dave Mellor NJ

    1964/65 Thunderbird

    The bird on the hood makes it a 65. The 64 had "THUNDERBIRD" spelled out. sequential tail lights also were first installed on 65s
  5. Dave Mellor NJ

    Height of 1930 Model A Station Wagon

    I knew a guy who had a T sedan that was too tall for the door of the shed so he simply dug down the floor but it was a dirt floor
  6. Dave Mellor NJ

    1930 Model A Engine

    At that price I don't think he needs to keep the lines open.
  7. Dave Mellor NJ

    1937 Original Ford Radiator

    On the 36 Ford the pipes coming from the top tank are directed more downward so the hoses get to the water pumps in the front of the heads. On the 37,38 and 39 Standard they head more backward towards the outlets at the center of the heads.
  8. Dave Mellor NJ

    Caption this photo

    What happened to Stan and Ollie?
  9. Dave Mellor NJ

    Cameron auto company

    Wikipedia story, if it helps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron_(automobile)
  10. Dave Mellor NJ


    The 33 has knobs that are small and round
  11. Dave Mellor NJ


    From what I can see the 34 has those handles on the hood vent doors
  12. Dave Mellor NJ

    Old dump body available in SJ

    Recently there was someone, from Wisconsin I believe who was working on an old large truck and looking for a body like this. I told him about this one in South Jersey. If he or somebody else is interested please contact me and I'll find out how much. It's on an old trailer now but it wouldn't be that hard to mount it on a chassis. It measures 4'x7'
  13. Dave Mellor NJ

    A fender?

    Pretty much any reproduction part you will find for that era car is likely for a Model A due to their preponderance through the years.
  14. Dave Mellor NJ

    Subcategories - Parts for sale & What is it

    I for one don't like the idea of sub-categories.Some things are buried or hard to find especially for new members. I also think What- is-it should be a category of its own and all the photos and videos should be as one.
  15. Dave Mellor NJ

    Orchestrator - I love my side job

    What a pit(y)