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  1. 52 Imperial

    c49er, Thanks for your insight in ragrds to this matter. So the CI 3rd member has the 8&3/4” ring gear? Is it a 4 or 2 pinion geared 3rd member? Boy if I could find 2 sets of the 3.58 ring and pinion I’d be in fat city. They made 3.91 sets for the 1 ton trucks but they are extremely hard to find let alone 2 complete 3rd members with 3.91 ratio. I was lucky enough to find 2 4.10 ratio ones, so I guess I should be happy about that. Imagine those CI ring and pinion sets are hard to find.
  2. 52 Imperial

    So c49er you are saying that the third member out of 46-53 Crown Imperial will bolt right into a I ton WD or later D series Pilothouse trucks? If so, why would it not fit into the later 54-56 Funtional design era 1 tons or the Power Giant series 3/4 ton trucks? I am going to install two 4 pinion 8&3/4” 4.10 ratio third members in my 1941 WC-12 Military 4x4. According to John Zentmeyer’s Power Train Interchange Booklet , all 8&3/4” third members will fit into any 1940 VD, 1941-42 WC 1/2 ton military and all post-war 1ton WD trucks and the others I have listed. The catch is that if installing a post-war third member in a pre-war housing you,will have to purchase step studs to install in the pre-war housings or tap the pre-war housing to accept the 7/16 holes in the post-war third member. You will also have to have the correct axle shaft spline count to match the side gears of the third member you are installing and yokes etc. Am I wrong in assuming this?
  3. Spitfire Head Question

    Thanks for the Photo’s.
  4. 52 Imperial

    One individual on a Dodge truck forum was stating that the Crown Imperials had the 8&3/4” R&P third member as found on some dodge model trucks of the 40’s on up to 1959. Any truth to this?
  5. Spitfire Head Question

    Thanks c49er. Have a nice evening.
  6. Spitfire Head Question

    I was hoping you would pick up on the error. We all make errors. No big deal. Any chance you can take a full photo of the head? I need to learn how to post pic’s on forums. Still in the dark ages as far as that goes. LOL.
  7. Spitfire Head Question

    Hello c49er, Thanks for the confirmation that it is a 251 Spitfire Head. Is the 1120796 head a Spitfire head or just a plain head. I have a 241 Spitfire head out of a ‘41 Chrysler, that I installed in my IND-7(236) to increase the compression ratio. The number on this head is 869847-1. Casting date of 2-20 which I assume to be Feb. of 1941 or maybe 1940. I have the IND-7 installed in my 1941 WC-12 Military 4x4. I had the motor rebuilt and balanced with a longer duration (Lift) cam. It’s a real smooth runner. Much more “Umph” than the 230 I had in it before and that was with the installation of a 1957 Plymouth head on it. In my estimation, the 25” motors seem to be a bit heavier duty and bettter for the open road than the 23” motors.
  8. Hello All, Been awhile since I have been on this forum. Glad to be back. I have a “Spitfire” head with casting/part number 1313826-2. I believe this head was used on the 251/265 Chrysler motors. Just wanted to be certain, so I’m asking you folks. Thanks.
  9. Say alsfarms, Did you purchase your motor which was located in Manteca, Ca through ebay? If so, you really made out well. Congratulations.
  10. Trying to get info on c-38 block

    You have a 25" 251CI Spitfire six out of a 1946-48 Chrysler Royale or Windsor 6. Get a WDT for the 25" flathead six.
  11. Spitfire Head casting year

    To continue, that page will direct you to a new page, look for a subject on that page that is titled "mopar casting dates" click on to that and schroll down till you see a listing for the 6 cylinder L head engines. That is where I got my Info. Hope this helps.
  12. Spitfire Head casting year

    Go to the webpage. On the left of the page click onto tje subject titled my mopar tools/reference
  13. 1949 Windsor rear axle

    Hello There, What are you trying to do? They both should interchange, but if you are going to install the Dodge axle on the Chrysler, be aware that it will be geared lower-4.10 vs 3.91 for the Chrysler axle. Going the other way around is the way to go. It would be much easier to just remove the drums and axle shafts, then the Third member and place it in the other axle housing. To do this though you must have the "Knockout" tool to remove the drum before removing the axle shafts.
  14. Spitfire Head casting year

    Hi JC, Yes that is the date that the block was cast. The block number itself should be found toward the rear of the block just above the oil pan and on the same side as the cast date. The number should be 1119729- 1 or 2. The 217.8 motor only had a 4 hole crankshaft while the 230 motor had an 8 hole crankshaft. The blocks are Interchangeable, but if you want to turn a 217.8 into a 230 you must use both the crankshaft and the connecting rods from the 230 into the 217.8 or vice-versa if you want to turn a 230 into a 217.8. Hope this helps.
  15. Spitfire Head casting year

    Hello JC Miller, The casting number on your head shows that it was cast anywhere from 1942 to 1954. The engine size would be a 217.8 CI motor. Can you get the block # located underneath distributor along the bottom side of block above the oil pan?