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  1. If you saw my car the canister nipple would be the least of his problems but thanks I think I may go ahead and probably order these
  2. ok, bringing this back from the dead anyone using a modified version of this as a substitute? my 68 lights go down, but not up if they are up and I turn car off, driver side will drop down....
  3. jonahboo

    Fuel Tank Help

    thanks guys I just plugged it so far so good
  4. jonahboo

    Speakers and Radio

    well I ordered the RetroSound set (with 2 stereo single speakers) - Kings Ransom for sure i'll do a review when I get them in
  5. jonahboo

    Speakers and Radio

    wow that is a neat solution,,,,,,,,,and much much cheaper! maybe i'll grab one for one of the other cars! how did you get power to it? - looks like it uses a 9v type AC plug? thanks!
  6. jonahboo

    Speakers and Radio

    thanks for the idea - it's similar to what I use now.......but don't like leaving it in view (rarely lock the doors) and I forget to charge the JBL unit often enuff!
  7. jonahboo

    Speakers and Radio

    ordered! hoping for the best!
  8. jonahboo

    Speakers and Radio

    awesome do they (or anyone) make a dual cone 6x9? thank you!
  9. Good Morning case subject: '68 Riviera I NEED TUNES - I commute about 1 hour a day (each way) - plan on driving it 1-2x a week I am looking at the RetroSound stereo conversion radio (Bluetooth yadda yadda).....was wondering if anyone went down this path? - results? also can someone please tell me what size speaker is in the front dash and the rear seat? my interior is also - I don't want to hack anything.....just want some music.... thank you yes, I considered getting a rebuilt am/fm.....but they are in the $300 range and I need a new power ant. too (another $100+).....might as well move into the 21st century!
  10. Good morning back story - fuel filled up my 68 Riv last night (car is recent purchase) got to where I was going....smelled gas took a peak under gas tank - and saw this: single rubber hose from top of tank was leaking gas (assume from when I was braking and tank was "sloshing around") is not connected to anything! in near proximity are (2) metal (fuel - assumed) lines entering up onto frame....and beyond (both different diameters) is this a rubber tube a breather tube? can I merely cap it off? or do I connect to metal line? currently neither metal line is connected to anything if I connect to metal line....what happens with the other line? thank you
  11. thanks I did.....was hoping for some other avenues as well to search! cheers New Jersey
  12. Good afternoon! welp, acquired a '68 Rivi...... I do not want to get carried away in the build, just want a driver looking for: front bumper maybe passenger door passenger rear 1/4 moulding it needs a lot of stuff, but just gonna enjoy it as a driver - any leads are much appreciated
  13. hey guys I replaced my master cylinder on my 55 Special naturally the old line going to master tore at nut so i installed a new PARTIAL line to a UNION - and now it leaks there i might just install new line from the master to the "T" coupling a am having a hard time seeing where that T is (somewhere by driver side wheel there an EZ way to get to it? thanks
  14. that said are we still thinking "rebuild the master"? or how to correct this? thank you
  15. was there fluid visible / leaking on ground?