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  1. Good morning back story - fuel filled up my 68 Riv last night (car is recent purchase) got to where I was going....smelled gas took a peak under gas tank - and saw this: single rubber hose from top of tank was leaking gas (assume from when I was braking and tank was "sloshing around") is not connected to anything! in near proximity are (2) metal (fuel - assumed) lines entering up onto frame....and beyond (both different diameters) is this a rubber tube a breather tube? can I merely cap it off? or do I connect to metal line? currently neither metal line is connected to anything if I connect to metal line....what happens with the other line? thank you
  2. thanks I did.....was hoping for some other avenues as well to search! cheers New Jersey
  3. Good afternoon! welp, acquired a '68 Rivi...... I do not want to get carried away in the build, just want a driver looking for: front bumper maybe passenger door passenger rear 1/4 moulding it needs a lot of stuff, but just gonna enjoy it as a driver - any leads are much appreciated
  4. hey guys I replaced my master cylinder on my 55 Special naturally the old line going to master tore at nut so i installed a new PARTIAL line to a UNION - and now it leaks there i might just install new line from the master to the "T" coupling a am having a hard time seeing where that T is (somewhere by driver side wheel there an EZ way to get to it? thanks
  5. that said are we still thinking "rebuild the master"? or how to correct this? thank you
  6. was there fluid visible / leaking on ground?
  7. food for thought I had the car parked nose down on an inclined driveway for a day - you you think this caused the master to possibly fail - ie - fluid leaking past the diaphram???
  8. thanks John Manual brakes can local auto store hone?? is there an ez sorce for rebuild kit? thank you
  9. hey guys - so i brought the car outta winter hibernation - went for a nice ride 2 days ago (no issues). Went to drive it today and the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor - pumps up and holds - then when re-applied drops all the way again. Master had good fluid level no visible fluid leaks by wheels all stock brakes my first thought is master cylinder - thoughts easy rebuild? - or buy from Kanter $$$$? thank you Jess
  10. my 1955 Buick Special story

    how about a guitar to match? Fender MIM Telecaster Custom – Re-model I had the MIM RI – quite honestly – the existing WRHB lacked Personality – however – I really liked the style and feel of the guitar At the same time I was looking for a regular pick up tele config. So I decided to re-do the guitar I already had I am more of a ‘stained’ guitar guy – but I had gotten this on trade a year ago and it was black – so doing a re-paint was not a big deal (scuff exiting finish – not down to bare wood) I already had some paint left over from my 55 Buick I painted last summer (I painted it in mom’s garage ) I am a sucker for Bigsby’s – so I added a B5 “F” logo one So here are the modds: Bigsby GFS pick ups: Pure Vintage" Neovin Noiseless Tele Pair H96 Mini Birds- Covered Mini Humbuckers- Warmoth Pickguard in white – without any pick up routs – ‘cuz deluxes come 1 of 3 ways (none, Gibson HB, and WRHB) – I chose none (btw – the screw holes do not align with existing MIM screw pattern – no biggie New DZMarzio pots Lottsa Routing and more routing to accommodate new lower switch, added 5th pot and new mini HB After paint it is key to rub out finish with wet sand (800 for runs, 1000, 1500 and 2000) – then Compound, Swirl remover, Glaze etc Gold and white to match the Buick THIS PLUS THIS EQUALS – THIS Before After routing
  11. my 1955 Buick Special story

    yes my car had the full cover - i do not like them - so i acquired the other rims and clips and then the caps (which are near perfect) they used the same full covers i believe from 55-6 - i also got a clean set of '54's i toyed with installing those as well couple more pics:
  12. my 1955 Buick Special story

    254 N/H 2 bbl - all stock for now the red wheels have the built in Dog Dish clips, the black do not - it needs tires so - i might repaint the red rims either black or gold and re-shoe.....also considering just plain ol' chrome reverse.....i can't make up my mind can't wait for spring thanks for the love
  13. 56 special good deal?

    ....Car was running when parked but has been sitting a few years = love that line honestly - I f you are not looking for a 4 door Sedan - I'd hold off until I found something i really wanted I am not a huge fan of the tourback 4 door cars - unless they are un-molested survivors my .02
  14. nope - I don't think so - but - I love hearin it!! PT Cruiser/Prowler Inca Gold and Ermine White........sprayer her myself in Mom's Garage!
  15. easy removal? - I assume from interior - or from engine compartment