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  1. 1906 Holsman preserved original cond. high wheel car

    The other car is a highwheeler with a grille in the front - shouldn't be too hard to puzzle out, but I don't know these that well.
  2. 1933 Packard Eight 1001 5 Passenger Sedan

    I don't usually like browns, but this one really works.
  3. Walt Meyer Auto Museum?

    I'd like to make contact with anyone who has old photos taken at Bridgewater, or has a list of cars that were there. I've been working for several years to learn more about the two Stanleys that were in the collection - so far I haven't found anyone who remembers them. Someone who took a number of cars after the museum closed in '89 has said he doesn't recall seeing either car, so presumably they left earlier. The existing photos of the two cars appear to be from the '50s. If I can get an idea how much later they were still in the collection, it complete the picture just a little bit further. Feel free to PM me if you wish. Thanks, Kelly
  4. For Sale 1922 Paige 6-66 7 passenger sedan

    I'm guessing that the main reason to study comparables is if you want to sell it in a hurry. In an estate situation like this, the car will clearly sell. That will be because the seller has adjusted the asking price until it is correct. It may just take longer to learn what that correct price is, if it turns out that the starting ask was pretty far away. This is why I like the reverse auction. Start high and subtract $1,000 per week, or so, until somebody can't stand it any more and has to grab it. This approach does require a lot of visibility, though.
  5. Touring Model T wanted

    Thanks Terry.
  6. Touring Model T wanted

    Looking for a tour-proven, pre-'16 T, with a strong engine and good brakes, and a Warford. Kelly Southeast PA
  7. 1907-08 transmission?

    Fantastic photo, by the way. And I have to agree - no suspension, toothpick frame, spoon brakes - some people must have been a bit more cavalier about their personal well-being, way back then. PS. Forgot one attachment... Was there some rudimentary rack-and-pinion going on for the steering?
  8. 1907-08 transmission?

    That would probably have been Harroun getting ready for the 1907 meet at Ormond. 120 mph in that puppy! You've got some real excitement coming... "Freak" was a word that was in general use for cars that were prepared specifically for speed attempts, and not intended to be roadworthy. This car ended up being nicknamed the "Sneezer", and apparently that wasn't meant to be flattering.
  9. Can anyone identify this steam engine

    At first I wondered if this really was a car engine. it seemed to have 4 heavy mounting lugs on one side, and 4 more, at a different orientation, on the other side. Now I think they may have been for stiffening cross-rods. There's a chain sprocket, but no mounts for auxiliaries like pumps. It certain differs in many ways from the typically-found Mason & Locomobile engines.
  10. 1926,1927,1928,etc Dodge brothers DB Parts

    If you can let me know how to contact you, I'll send a list of all the specific parts I need.
  11. 1926,1927,1928,etc Dodge brothers DB Parts

    Anything still available from the Dodge? I'm looking for springs and steering parts.
  12. Hi Bob, Here are some photos of Flohr with the car in 1970. chalmers Kelly
  13. Searching for my dad's '31 sedan

    Hi all, My dad had a '31 Buick Model 57, serial number 2580817, since the mid-50s, before he was married. My sisters and I grew up in this car. He sold it in 1982, and ever since then he's been hoping he could visit it one more time. Can anyone help me find out where it is now? It was purchased in Aug. 1982 by J Walter Pratt of Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Bob Whitaker, the dealer who bought it from Dad and sold it to Pratt, says that Pratt really liked Buicks, but he didn't keep them too long. He suspects that Pratt sold it in another 5 years or so. Pratt passed away in 2012, so I can't follow up with him. Below is Dad's description - photos from 1982 are attached. Thanks for your help, Kelly Williams Mount Joy, PA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The serial number is 2580817 and the plate is located on the outside of the car's frame just to the rear of the right front wheel. It is not an engine number. Some identifying features: The car model is a series 8-57, the smallest of the four series for the 1931 model year (50, 60, 80, 90), but a later 8-57. It has an 8 cylinder engine, 1931 being the first year for the Buick 8s. It was fitted at the factory with a series 60 transmission and full floating differential, ie, flexible shackles at both ends of the rear springs. The solid bar bumpers are also 60 or later series, the earlier 50 series having split-bar bumpers. I added the turn signals and the spare tire cover. The car is authentic and original in every respect (except the paint) and it had all its original accessories (with the exception of the spare tire lock cylinder and gas cap), including the original set of keys and bumper jack and lug wrench. All of the door locks worked and the windshield raising mechanism was operational. The windshield could be raised an inch for full width behind-the-dash to floor ventilation, or it could be raised the full about 3" to allow air flow to the entire interior. The interior upholstery was original. The car was originally titled as a 1930 Buick, but this is incorrect since all the 1930 Buicks had 6 cylinder engines. I'm guessing that if the car was bought late 1930, when the new models were coming out, it could conceivably have been titled as a 1930.
  14. WTB: 24-27 Dodge front end parts

    Thanks Ron. This is a project car that was built up around 1970 on a Dodge frame & front end. The serial # on the frame is A 815-579. It looked like that put it between Oct 29 and Nov 3 of 1926. Interestingly, the small leaf of the front spring has "11 26" stamped in one half. The other half shows DB 22041, which looks like a '24-'27 part #, according to another page I found online. I was kind of hoping that meant that other parts would interchange in those years, and improve the odds of finding stuff. I couldn't find any numbers on the tie rod, but the axle has E22644F DB266 cast into it.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for front springs, a tie rod, the small springs that go in the drag link, and the ball on the steering arm. Thanks, Kelly Williams Mount Joy, PA