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  1. Step 1, this sounds like voltage is dying at the coil. Get volt meter, turn ign on and check voltage at coil(should be 12v or close to it). If not, check your coil wire under dash. Probably cooked. PM me, will guide you through repair. FYI, it's probably your switch that caused it. More to it.
  2. I would recommend not using regular steel wool or a razor blade on glass. I can't tell you how many times I have tried and ended up with fine scratches in the glass. Try synthetic steel wool(abrasive platic) or a blue Scotchbrite pad and different levels of cleaner. The less abrasive you use, the better.
  3. DualQuadDave

    Now she’s smoking!!!!

    How long did car run? Sometimes it's just condensation in the exhaust. Needs to run for more than 10-15min usually to clear out. Try it and report back.
  4. DualQuadDave

    Now she’s smoking!!!!

    What color smoke? How much? How long was car off the road while doing the repairs?
  5. DualQuadDave

    Dual quad intake manifold

    There is no plug on the bottom of the dual quad manifolds. Only the single quad ones had them.
  6. DualQuadDave

    1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

    Hi, sorry for the late reply, I just saw your response. I am in west Broward, near Pembroke Pines. If you are coming across the alley, you'll be right near me as you come across. Will PM you contact info, call me and will see what you need.
  7. DualQuadDave

    65 Riviera front drums

    66 still had 45 fin. The 65/66 are unique. Like Tom said, the early ones can be machined, but cheaper/easier to buy the right ones.
  8. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Buick-nailhead-NEW-59-60-61-1962-1963-1964-1966-401-425-balancer-damper/362132826788?fits=Make%3ABuick&hash=item5450cc6aa4:g:ScUAAOSwIX1Z46Ao
  9. I spent $3500 rechroming the front upper/lower bumpers and the rear bumper. That was the "cheap" guy in town. Quality came out ok. Chrome is highly dependent on location.
  10. Love your ride! You did really good with the whole combo. Somehow, the 63 with the 64 drivetrain is near perfect. You're doing great! Keep going!
  11. Trim is the same for all three years. I have a couple sets, let me know if you need some.
  12. DualQuadDave

    1964 1965 Riviera Nailhead Carbs 401 425

    Hi Larry, I am out of dual quad carbs at the moment, but trying to buy a couple setups. Will let you know.
  13. DualQuadDave

    1964 1965 Riviera Nailhead Carbs 401 425

    3921s is most correct, but there a few #'s that will function the same w/ same kickdown linkage. PM me, will guide you through it.
  14. I have several wire covers and some parts ones. Have been meaning to get them all together and sell some. PM me your email and will try to dig out this weekend.
  15. DualQuadDave

    WTB: 63 or 64 Riviera speedo head

    Sent you a PM