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  1. DualQuadDave

    WTB: 63 HVAC Panel

    I have several 64/65 switch panels. PM me, you can have one to do whatever you like. A 65 one has no factory labels on it, the switches were labeled separate(I have those also). You might put the extra switches in the console. I made a flush plate for one a long time ago. Came out pretty good, everything ran under the console and came up into the bucket insert which has a step pattern on it which lends itself to a perfect flat recess.
  2. DualQuadDave

    1955 Buick Steering Column or parts of

    10-4, sounds good. Let me know. I have a picture of his part, so can send to you to compare. PM me your email. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I am in need of a 1955 Century steering column. They are all probably the same, this a Dynaflow manual steering car. My buddy broke the potmetal collar where the shifter passes through. Trying to help him get back on the road.
  4. DualQuadDave

    69 Riv Cowl Screen?

    Got it, thank you! Are the clips and seal available repro?
  5. Hi all, question. What holds in the cowl screens on a 69 Riv? Does it clip in lioke a Skylark or does it a trim panel goes over it? Thanks!
  6. DualQuadDave

    1969 Riviera Stainless COWL Trim Panel

    Auburncoupe, sent you a PM. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I need a 1969 Riviera Stainless Cowl Trim Panel, the one that goes across the wiper area. Needs to be in decent shape and I need the screws for it if you have them. Thanks!
  8. Yes, I misunderstood what he was looking for. I have a couple of expansion valves also, but need to check for condition.
  9. I might have one. What condition is your vacuum diaphragm in(the flying saucer on top). I know I have a few good rebuildable bases, but some of the diaphragms are shot. Let me know what you need.
  10. $3400 is not bad considering what you get. The days of cheap $99 Summit wheels have long gone. FYI, some Fikse wheels are $3500 each and I have seen a set of 15k custom billet wheels in person. Nice stuff = expensive
  11. DualQuadDave

    Center link for a '63

    I have a couple cores, one might be good. PM me and will see what I can dig up.
  12. If you need them, I have some sets of window parts-regulators, tracks, pivots, windows themselves, for front and rear. The rollers last pretty good unless it just wasn't aligned properly and just had the crap ran out of it with no grease. They can be greased, I like a good heavy lithium, but use spray can if you are not taking the assembly apart. Very few people know how intricate the rear quarter window operation is. The big downside is the rear window quarter glass and mount are one piece, so repairing them is tricky. Aligning is tricky and really time consuming to do right. I have done about 6-7 rear window Alignments and each one is a little different. Feel free to PM me, I can give you phone directions on how to align and other areas too check for damage(like the slotted pin on the regulator and the coil spring that goes in it). Happy Easter!
  13. Car looks fantastic! I doubt the reverse wheels will fit. I am sure your turning radius is not good and the reverse will rub even more. It looks great, I'd leave it as is.
  14. DualQuadDave

    1963 Buick Wildcat

    Hi, I have a "JW" 1963 425 motor core. It's at machine shop getting tanked and magnafluxed. It's std bore, but will need to go .040-.060. Do you want a done turn-key motor or do you just need a core? I build them, mild to wild and have built for members on the Riv board and on the HAMB. PM me your info and we'll get in touch. Thanks!
  15. DualQuadDave

    Plugs and wires

    if you want the best, go with a "Dave's small body HEI". You send him your stock distributor and he converts it to all American made HEI parts and retains the detached coil. Looks totally stock, but lots of power and super reliable. Don's do the MSD, you'll regret it on a stock car. The best wires on the market are the MSD Super Conductor's. Zero measured resistance and you'll actually feel the difference when you put them on. Buy the universal set and cut to length for clean install. Good luck!