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  1. DualQuadDave

    1966 Buick Special HT.

    I have a bunch of parts for a 66 Skylark/Special including a complete 300 motor/trans, trim, AC parts, and other misc. If you find a good body, I can do you a deal on the parts lot. Thanks!
  2. Selling some 62-64 Caddy Guidematic parts. I only have what is shown, was from a very nice 63 California CDV and was in the trunk. Not sure of function, I have no way to test. $350 shipped for the lot. Thanks!
  3. DualQuadDave

    buick 1955 parts wanted

    Hi, I am going to be getting a 55 special 2dr complete parts car soon. PM me and I will see what I have that you can use. Thanks!
  4. DualQuadDave

    73 Riv ralley rims

    post over on V8buick. Some guys there have some. I just sold 3 super nice ones 3 weeks ago.
  5. Selling the nicest I have ever seen 1965 Riviera chrome console shifter trim plate. Wood on it is new. Chrome is original and is very, very nice. Sorry, I do not have the indicator insert, just the plate shown. $150 shipped. Email with any questions. Thanks!
  6. DualQuadDave

    1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

    Sorry, dont have. I have only ever seen one. They are very rare.
  7. E, PM me, will help guide you through the lowering. I have slammed about 5-6 Riv's with different heights/springs/wheel-tire combo's and can give you a lot of insight. FYI, dont bother w/ 18in wheels. Go 15's or 20's. Anything else really does not look right.
  8. DualQuadDave

    Fuel injection on 425

    I have a customer w/ FItech on a dual quad roller cam 401 I built. Runs great. I have heard good things about the holley, as well.
  9. DualQuadDave

    1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

    Are you talking about the reverb switch under the dash or the fader knob that goes on the passenger side of the radio?
  10. Ummm, that's my wheel. It does have a few scattered pits, but it's pretty nice. Thanks for the kind words...
  11. It should be possible, epoxy will be your friend when you put it back together, or start searching for simiar rivets to reassemble correctly. It's potmetal, though. Only a handful of guys can restore that and rechrome it and have it come out ok. The machined serrations in the center will be the impossible part. If you do buy one, make sure the serrations are not pitted. In the end, I guarantee you will have $400-500 in chrome money invested.
  12. Selling one of the nicest factory 63-66 Buick Riviera Wildcat Skylark Wood Steering Wheels you will ever find. I have had this for years, saving for a project, but decided to go a different direction. It's complete and nice except the horn bar will need repair(broken, as most are) or just buy one of the new repro horn bars coming out. It's a pretty exceptional wheel, nice bright brushed spokes, wood is amazing and still nice and tight. Hub is complete with all original internals. ,The button is really, really nice. Pics show it pretty good. $SOLD
  13. DualQuadDave

    WTB '65 wheel

    Thar is a nice looking wheel! Just a note, finding a mint plastic black 65 steering wheel is harder than finding a mint wood wheel. I have only seen a few for sale years ago. Another option is having yours wrapped in leather by good shop. I have seen it done on Caddy wheels and it's nice. Just a thought.
  14. DualQuadDave

    1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

    Hi, I got your PM and replied. I have most of what you need, but have a couple questions. I sent my contact info to you, call me whenever you get free. Thanks!