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  1. 1957buickjim

    Yet another '57 wheel color question

    Lance - I measured it this weekend. It measured 2.25 inches on the whitewall from rim to edge. FYI.
  2. 1957buickjim

    1957 Buick Front Bumper Guards

    Lance, Dang!!! Auburncoupe- PM Sent.
  3. My pleasure Doug! Glad I could help get your baby looking good again! 🙂
  4. 1957buickjim

    1957 Buick Front Bumper Guards

    Looking for a pair of good replate-able front bumper guards. Preferably with no dents, or heavy rust. Thanks.
  5. 1957buickjim

    Yet another '57 wheel color question

    Lance, I'll measure it for you and let you know.
  6. 1957buickjim

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Gary, About time! Glad to hear it and can't wait for pictures.
  7. 1957buickjim

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Timing did not change. Had no issue with that. The significant issues were making sure the Petronix system was getting 12 volts (now does from primary wire at ballast); Generator and voltage regulator change as well as ballast resistor (all had issues), and making sure grounds were checked and cleaned. Since then (+2 weeks) no issue starting or stalling while driving and stopping. Thanks to everybody for the assistance!
  8. 1957buickjim

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Willie, the Delco stock coil I had on the car was 3.3 Ohms. I had a replacement one that I had purchased a few years ago (NORS) and that was the one that was 2.1 Ohms.
  9. 1957buickjim

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Thanks Ben..I appreciate it. I'm just glad its fixed!
  10. 1957buickjim

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    To set the record straight - I installed the Pertronix system on the car because I was having some starting problems and it was recommended by a fellow BCA member in SE Michigan. He installed one on his 57 and it helped tremendously. Instructions on the Pertronix are more general than specific. I imagine, if all your parts were new as well as the wiring etc, following the installation instructions as shown would be perfect. However, there are subtleties that you need to research and be aware of when you install one on a 57 Buick. 1. Coil resistance should be as close to 1.6 ohms as possible (I checked 2 that I had, one was 3.3 ohms and the other 2.1 - I used the 2.1 ohms) 2. Take the positive (red) lead from the Pertronix and make a jumper from it to the primary (pink) wire on the ballast resistor. I used a 16 ga wire with a F connector to connect to the Pertronix. 3. Make sure your charging system can provide 13.5 - 13.8 volts to the system (coming from the gen to the voltage regulator). 4. Make sure that your ballast resistor contacts are clean and provide excellent contact surfaces. 5. Clean up all contact surfaces and grounds. That always helps. The reply by Rztrike perfectly expressed why I came to put the question out there. I needed some help figuring this problem out, as it has been a constant thorn in my side regarding driving my car with any kind of confidence for any longer than a 5 mile radius around my house. I learned to compensate for it by increasing idle speed, shifting into neutral when coming to a stop, revving the engine when turning on the lights. But what I have learned with the replies has been very helpful, as well as the help from my Buick friends locally. I'm sorry Pete has had so many issues with the system. I think for my application, it is now working as advertised and the car starts immediately and runs very smooth with very good power. Thanks again for all the help and advice on this. I think I will put together a Pertronix instruction thread, per Buick Man's advice, for anyone who may be interested in making the switch.
  11. Same from me Doug...gonna be on Woodward tomorrow?
  12. 1957buickjim

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Hi Guys...So today, I went to start the car to take for a longer test drive. Car wouldn't turn over. I was totally irritated and baffled. Checked jumper and found that it was suspect. Changed jumper wire to ballast, and car started right up, still had minimal voltage to coil, so I replaced the ballast resistor and re-configured the jumper wire and Bingo!! Got consistent voltage to coil, with key on, not running of 7.4 -7.5 volts. Hit the starter switch, and it immediately started. Ran at idle speed very well, and took the car for a test drive. Had no issues with hard stop stalling, or any stalling. Car idled great and pick-up and power to car was the best it's ever been! Since it is Dream Cruise here (for you not familiar with it, pretty big event in Detroit area), I decided to try the car out on a drive on Woodward Avenue for a few mile in stop and go traffic (2-10 mph). Again, no issues. Me thinks the problem is pretty much solved. For Willie: I have resistor plugs and resistor wires on the car. At this point, I am not going to change back to points and condenser yet. I seem to have solved the problem thus far. Hopefully for the future as well, but you never know. Thanks to everyone who provided me insight into this. If you need to know how to hook a Pertronix to your Buick, I know have the knowledge and can help. Cheers, Jim
  13. 1957buickjim

    My 57 Buick special project

    I've used Rhode Island Wiring for my harnesses. Exact fit. Correct Colors for wiring diagram in shop manual for trouble shooting.
  14. 1957buickjim

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Jon, The carb was a NOS 2 Barrel Carter. I used a correct, new gasket between the carb and the intake. Here is the vacuum reading at idle. Looks quite good. The other factor that I forgot to mention is that I installed a Pertronix Ignitor ignition system in my distributor and that's about the same time that the problem started. Latest updates: Tuesday, installed a new voltage regulator, just to make sure I was getting good voltage from the generator to the battery (13.78v cold; 13.65v hot). Still idle at 1050rpm to keep systems running when braking or lights on. Yesterday with 95Cardinal (Joe Tonietto) and Larry Schram on the speaker phone, we did a deep dive on the ignition system voltage (like Willie and Lance) said. We checked all the voltages with a load on across the coil, and they maintained a consistent 7.5-7.6 when idling at 1050rpm. When the car was put into gear (drive, low and reverse) did not stall. Tested with loads in park - lights on, brake depressed, blower on high, still had same reading. When the car was put into drive and low, with brakes depressed and headlamps turned on, car would stall. Had a reading of 4.1v across the coil. At that point, we searched for any details that a Pertronix Ignition change might induce. Found out that the petronix needs 12 volts at start to keep ignition going and a coil that is 1.6 ohms or greater for best operation. We checked voltage across the coil when running and we were getting consistently 7.5 -7.6 volts, which is good, past the ballast resistor to the coil. However, the coil itself was a 3.5 ohm coil. We swapped it out for a 2.1 ohm coil, and also ran a jumper from the hot wire (pink) on the ballast resistor to the positive wire from the Pertronix system from the distributor to give it 12 volts at start. We did not change the idle speed, but wanted to find out if the lower ohm coil and jumper to 12V would help. Started the car, and fired immediately. Performed electrical load test, and no issues from any of the systems in park at idle, or with a load. Voltage from the gen to the battery was 13.6-13.7v, which is normal. We decided to try our luck in lowering the idle rpm to see if we could get it to the factory 485 level. Backed off idle to 485 and performed load test. In park at idle, no issues. When shifting to reverse (seems to be the most load for engine), and turn on lights - car stalls. Increased idle speed to 520, performed same test (reverse / brakes / lights) - no stall. Turned on blower motor - stalled immediately. Moved idle up to 560, performed same test (reverse / brakes / lights) and now blower at high - no stall. Voltage at gen was 14.1 with load for peak, leveled off at 13.62, voltage a coil was at 7.3-7.4 with all load on. Took a small test drive at midnight (when we finished) and car did not stall under driving / stopping conditions. It was only a short drive. Longer drive will come tomorrow. So far, the adjustment on the voltage to the Pertronix Ignitor Ignition with the jumper seems to work and the idle is near where it should be. The headlights and interior lights flicker, so my next issue is to look at replacing the light switch and go back and test more ground in the light circuit. The only other unusual thing is that the ammeter needle barely moves during any of the load tests (When the car is running and I turn on my headlamps, the needle doesn't move. Any suggestions? Could this be tied to the pertronix? Thanks.. Jim