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  1. RiKi5156B

    51 Special oil pump.

    The end of the tube where it goes into the pump is not sealed and looks like it could suck air.
  2. RiKi5156B

    ID this steering wheel?

    I have the same one on a 53 Super,51 Special and a wall hanger to go on my 40 Special. Is it for sale?
  3. RiKi5156B

    51 Special oil pump.

    Does anyone know if an oil pump pickup tube for the 51 Special has a rubber O ring between it and the pump? Looks like it should but I don’t have one on mine.
  4. RiKi5156B

    53 Super not mine

    Here’s my 53 Super
  5. RiKi5156B

    1955 buick special convertible body shell spokane WA craigslist

    That’ll buff right out🤑
  6. RiKi5156B

    Craigslist scam or score??

    No title
  7. Consignment, listed as sell your sport car .net
  8. 1 post from what sounds like a dealer.
  9. RiKi5156B

    51 Special radiator needed

    Mine also need a new top tank which drove the price out of sight. I’m on the list for a new one from classic radiator, about 550 + ship. Guess I’ll wait it out.
  10. RiKi5156B

    First fireup

    Finally got my 1940 “SSE” fired up yesterday. After a lot of backfire and screwing up the firing order twice, I got it to run barely. Realizing the distributor was way advanced I backed it off and it fired right away. Settled to a reasonable idle. Good oil pressure, loose alternator belt was only issue. Further timing and carbs adjustment will bring it into line.
  11. RiKi5156B

    Purchase a 1947 Buick 56-C!!

    They’re ALL fun projects to start with. Steady nerves and a stiff upper lip will carry you through.😋
  12. RiKi5156B

    51 Special radiator needed

    I took it to a good old car radiator shop that has done lots for me in the past and they told me $850. Classic has repro but there is a long waiting list.
  13. RiKi5156B

    51 Special radiator needed

    Still need a good not needing repair radiator. Does any one know if there is a place besides cap a radiator or classic that does repro?
  14. RiKi5156B

    1962 Invicta wagon, project, loaded, MA.

    Very expensive restoration project.
  15. RiKi5156B

    Gas Pedal options for 53 Buick Super

    I tried the floor mount billet specialities pedal on a 40 Special and it just did not have enough throw to open the carbs. I went to Upullit to get a hanging pedal from a 90s GMC astrovan. Also used it on my 52 Ford F1. I used lokar stainless pull cables instead of the black plastic. They work great. Three bolt holes and one for the cable.