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  1. RiKi5156B

    Alternator Regultor Schematic

    Why not go to a one wire alternator? I’ve got one on my 40 Special and 52 Ford F1. 90 amps at idle, 12v neg ground, 150 amp max.
  2. RiKi5156B

    248 spark plug cover

  3. RiKi5156B

    New Classic Buick Owner

    I’d have no qualms about trailering or driving to HAN.Done both been there7 times. Last 3 times we took the motorhome and trailer and stayed in an RV park at Sparks. I like the convenience of being able to have your own “base” so to speak. I do what I want and make no apologies to the drivem or trailerem camp.
  4. RiKi5156B

    1937 Special Hot Differential/Rear Wheels

    Wow, I didn’t think there was that big a difference in metallurgy to cause that.
  5. RiKi5156B

    Looks Like It's Radiator Time - '39 Special

    Never tried this but I’ve heard of people using ammonia,letting it soak for a few days then clear water flush. I might try that on a “test”vehicle around here just to see what happens.
  6. RiKi5156B

    1937 Special Hot Differential/Rear Wheels

    Decades ago when I bought my 90 Dodge diesel pickup (still got it 550,000 miles now) I was pulling a 26 ft travel trailer at 6000 lbs or my 26 ft Haulmark race car trailer at 11,000 lbs. On my way to Madras dragstrip at the top of a long climb, Mt Hood, pulled into the rest area and checked things over. The rear end housing was too hot to touch. I decided to change to Amsoil synthetic. At that time $25 a gallon. After the races and before leaving to go back over that mountain I changed the lube in the pits. Stopping at the same rest area I checked and found the rearend to be only warm to the touch,completely comfortable. Completely sold on synthetics for rear axles after that.
  7. RiKi5156B

    Type of Paint for Trim and Hubcaps?

    For recessed areas I’ve always used spray and wiped the surrounding surfaces carefully with a rag wrapped around my finger dipped in lacquer thinner. Comes out looking good as factory applied. No gloppy brush marks that way.
  8. RiKi5156B

    Free 248+other parts

    Have a 40 248 short block that is cracked,has good crank,rods,bellhousing,pp,disc,flywheel,some accessories. Pan still on.Come and get it, no shipping,I’m 15 miles North of Portland Oregon. Have lots of misc 40 pieces for sale. Could do a trade for good 51 to 53 steering wheel.
  9. RiKi5156B

    248 spark plug cover

    Title says it. Pretty good needs blasted and painted. Looks like the one on my 40 Special. $25 + shipping
  10. RiKi5156B

    40 hood release

    Rechromed 40 Special passenger side hood release. $100 +ship.
  11. RiKi5156B

    Battery Ground

    OHMs law folks.
  12. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one main project car and at least two backup projects.That way if you have to wait for something on one you can fall back to working on two. Years ago I bought a high point 55 T bird from a guy in Washington state that was restoring 11(yes eleven) 5,6,7 birds all at the same time. One of the best T bird restorers around. He was mid 80s then. Plus he had 2 more national award winners that he toured with. Most of the 11 were near done. Mine and a turquoise 56 were finished. And to top it all off he had asbestosis from working in brakes and clutches. I figure if he could do all that given his deteriorating health I can do at least 2 or 3 at a time.😋
  13. RiKi5156B

    1938 Buick Century Timing Marks...

    I looked at that timing mark when I was building my 248 twin carb and said to myself,heck with that. I got #1 TDC marked and graduated on the balancer and marked TDC on the timing chain cover. Just like a MODERN car!🙂
  14. Sounds like a throwout bearing with one ball missing.
  15. RiKi5156B

    1941-49 Spec/Cent sedanettes

    Thanks, I’m looking for a 51to53 wheel for my 40.