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  1. mikesbrunn

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    need your phone so I can text you a pic of my fenders Mike
  2. mikesbrunn

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    al- send me your phone number again so I can text you a few pix of the fenders, which I will do tonite or tomorrow afternoon Mike
  3. mikesbrunn

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    Al - I am bringing my repro rear fender to Hershey, if you are going to be around Mike
  4. mikesbrunn

    powder coat vs sandblasting and paint

    I have used powder coating on wire wheels - they sandblasted them and powder coated for $75 per wheel and a couple day turn around. also had a big frame done- $400. complete. I think it's great clean quick and fairly inexpensive
  5. I purchased a 1914 Locomobile and I am trying to find the original purchaser of the car. I have got back to 1920. it was purchased by a wealth family in NYC , in 1920 it was given to the chauffeur as a wedding present. I have found the chauffeurs name , but I am figuring that if you needed a license it may have an owner on the info. I have tried the ny city dmv , and they don't seem to have any info pre 1980 thanks- Mike
  6. mikesbrunn

    1936 packard running board rubber

    I am trying to find someone that makes correct running board rubber for a 1936 Packard conv sedan with a 148 wheel base. I had bought them years ago and I need a new set. thanks- Mike
  7. mikesbrunn

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    Al - saw you are looking for a rear fender, I may have what you need. I have a 1914 Limo that I had some one from the car club make me a set of rear fenders. He is in Ohio and I am in NJ , he copied them off a car in Ohio but it was the wrong year. I can send you pictures and dimensions if you want- it is a pair I believe the car he used was a 1912 Mike
  8. mikesbrunn

    dupont spectra master paint chips

    I am looking to buy a DuPont spectra master solid color fan. these are like a paint fan that you get from a house paint co, but only for autos. I am looking for the solid non metallic version thanks- mike
  9. mikesbrunn

    1914 Locomobile spark plugs

  10. mikesbrunn

    1914 Locomobile spark plugs

    I am in the process of restoring a 1914 Locomobile, I need to get new spark plugs and need to know the correct ones to get. anyone help? Mike
  11. We have a set of rear fenders for a 1912 Locomobile. These were just reproduced. Came out perfect . Located in eastern Ohio. they can be shipped for an additional fee. Price is $4500. contact Mike at 908-202-7182 or email
  12. mikesbrunn

    Wiring for 1914 Locomobile

    I have a library of pre 1920 manuals and books, I have diagrams but they do not mention the gauge or color Mike
  13. mikesbrunn

    Wiring for 1914 Locomobile

    I am in the process of making a wiring harness for my 1914 Locomobile Limo. I have several very early manuals that show a diagram, but questions are as follows 1) color of the wire? All the same ? 2) where do I use 14 gauge and where do I use 12 gauge? 3) were there any kind of fittings on the end of the wire? From the pieces that I was able to salvage, I can not determine a color. Also it appears that the ends do not have any type of fitting but just a stripped wire that is wrapped around the stud. I am not sure if all or any of the wires I have are original. Thanks- Mike
  14. mikesbrunn

    1939 Graham tie rod wanted

    rare parts didn't have anything