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  1. 28 Chrysler

    Heater Fan Blades

    8 1/2" is a bit big for car heaters. They may be for a refrigeration unit, beer cooler, ice cream freezer etc.
  2. 28 Chrysler

    Pierce Arrow Lamps

    Some place in a box, I think I have a hubcap from the same car. The hubcap hung on a nail in a garage that was rotting in on itself.
  3. Having owned all 1960 Falcon, Corvair and Rambler, the Valiant was an automatic and 4 doors. I would have to say the Valiant was the best followed by the Rambler. The Falcon was under powered, the Corvair was fun to drive only in warm dry weather and was better than a "63 bug. (side note) The Valiant was a stand alone brand for 1960, it became a Plymouth model in 1961.
  4. 28 Chrysler

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Like the Fords the "57 De Soto had "eyebrow" issues. You could get a sleek car with 345 HP from a 345 cid engine without any fancy fuel injection.
  5. 28 Chrysler

    Ignition switch ... Can anybody help on this one?

    Power, accessories and ignition terminals. It could be a universal replacement switch for any thing that had a separate starter petal or dash mounted push button.
  6. 28 Chrysler

    need help identify 1920's Headlights

    1926 Chrysler, only the 4 cylinder cars.
  7. 28 Chrysler

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    The 57 Chrysler products can't be compared to the GM or Ford products. Spies looking through a fence put GM in panic mode to come up with new models for 1959 & Ford in1960.
  8. 28 Chrysler

    1931-32 Chevrolet Cabriolet parts?

    Headlight to radiator lower brace ?
  9. 28 Chrysler


    There was a guy here in Vegas that had a new engine for sale still in the factory shipping crate. Something tells me he still has it.
  10. 28 Chrysler

    Chrysler 75

    The cylinder head is the same for models 72 and, 75 (J & R)
  11. 28 Chrysler

    Chrysler 75

    The speed rating was for the sedans, the roasters and touring cars were faster. The Imperial touring cars 90ish MPH, roadsters could do near 100.
  12. 28 Chrysler

    '27 sedan roof replacement

    I have used a combination of both Ash and Poplar for roof inserts. Poplar is a softer hard wood easy to shape, dimensionaly stable, it is often used for upholstered furniture frames.
  13. With me at about ten years old it was not cars I started with but yard tucks : cab over Chevy flat bed, International boom truck welding trucks, what ever. During the summers on weekends until I was 18 I would help my father with repairs on tow boats, barges and the small work boats.
  14. 28 Chrysler

    Front Window Designs??

    Chrysler had a one piece in 1925
  15. 28 Chrysler

    Helpful graphic for car peeps. 🚗

    There was a guy in the 70s with a VW bug, the wipers were labeled "DRIZZLE FLOPINS"