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  1. 1951 Chrysler torque converter oil cooler

    I may have one but it will take me a day or so.
  2. The part number for the axle is the same for all the Model B and G cars
  3. 1927 finer 70 roadster

    Here is the "A1" from an early 1926 Model 70 Notice the crumbling die-cast
  4. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    I had a Sears 2 1/2 ton. The first time I used it on a smooth and level concrete floor it tipped. Something had bent and 1 wheel was up in the air with no load on it. Lifting the rear of 1967 wagon with a set of golf clubs in the back use to much weight for it.
  5. It could definitely be a Chrysler Model B or G axle with the brakes removed. 1924 - 27
  6. 1926 chrysler spark plug wires

    Restoration supply also has the cloth covered wires. restorationstuff.com
  7. Bock Auto Bar

    Back in High School one of the guys had Vodka in the windshield washer bottle with the hose mounted on the bottom of the ash tray.
  8. Pos or Neg ground 26 Chrysler

    Electrolysis or rust prevention , was the basic idea, did it work, --- no A positive charged iron part in a basic solution will remove the oxide not the metal
  9. Chrome wiper motor for?

    The Philips screws would make it a newer one or it was reworked at some time.
  10. Part time collection help, Southern Florida.

    The commute is a bit much for me but the work would be great.
  11. 1928 Chrysler Imperial Sedan C/L WI $12,000

    The dash is the same as my 62. The second photo is from a 72, the big difference is the light switch
  12. Correct G70 Carb ?

    Here is the Ball and Ball
  13. 1926 Chry. Vin. number

    1926 and 1927 the FEDCO plate was on the left side the dash, held on by two peen-ed over zinc alloy studs. The numbers and letters are above and again below the Chrysler ribbon & script. Yours would start with FFF PPP THR In the second photo the small dark rectangle is the FEDCO plate
  14. Cast plate for car or possibly motorcycle

    These were a popular high school metal shop sandcasting project.
  15. 1928 Chrysler Imperial Sedan C/L WI $12,000

    Not a Model 72. The head lights do not have the tube under the for the wires but they have the flexible conduit off the lower rear as on the Model 62.