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  1. 28 Chrysler

    Need id on oil pans..

    Could be AMC 6 cylinder, Jeep skid plate on the left one.
  2. 28 Chrysler

    Crankshaft Pulley Removal 218CID G70

    Remove the 2 lower bolts where the rear engine mount / cross member and loosen the top 2 to give you the clearance
  3. 28 Chrysler

    A fender?

    It could be an aftermarket spare tire well for a Model A Ford , measure across the inside.
  4. 28 Chrysler

    35 to 41 Cadillac Parts. Too much to list. Priced right.

    It may help in figuring how to get the parts home if we know where to start from.
  5. 28 Chrysler

    38 Buick Parts

    The fender, wheel, luggage rack and top look more like 1930. Post a couple of photos of each part (different threads) for ID-ing them. Toss the tires.
  6. 28 Chrysler

    Sears Allstate tires

    Montgomery Wards tires are being reproduced in limited sizes.
  7. Paint code on your tag "05" is for Alpine Blue. nice color
  8. 28 Chrysler

    29 studebaker erskine steering wheel removal

    Welcome Most cars of this time period the controls run through the steering column and end under the hood. Loosen the screws at the bottom end of the tubes that clamp the switch and lower levers on. The steering wheel controls and the tubes will slide up toward the headliner . They will be greasy. You will find a nut that is hidden by the controls.
  9. 28 Chrysler

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    I read one of the new VWs has a 240 MPH speedometer and has a top end of 127. Your Buick;s marketing team was more accurate or realistic.
  10. If you want a Rod, I would sell the Buick and buy a stalled project with a lot of the all ready work done.
  11. Welcome on board Collage years for me, I knew guys that would use contact cement to glue marine Naugahyde (sometimes in very loud colors) over the original dash and door panels. Fake fur was next, most times covering everything but the glass.
  12. 28 Chrysler

    Mystery Tool

    No the girls version was pink, this is the weekend handyman's blue.
  13. 28 Chrysler

    Help identifying a part

    Looks like a carpenter's tool box in some ways.
  14. 28 Chrysler


    I would start by checking the timing. Timing chain is the most likely but the gear on the distributor could also be a problem. The resister lowers the voltage to the coil in the ignition key's run position, it is bypassed in the start position. 1973 the electronic ing. system is a simple optical pickup, they work or they just quit in most cases.
  15. 28 Chrysler

    Chrysler Airstream 1936 sedan

    Brakes, grill, glass, seats of some kind, have some fun, save the paint and body work for later and the interior for last.