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  1. OEM parts found!

    Could be OEM / NOS parts improperly stored. I can't see any indications on most of the parts that they were ever mounted.
  2. What is it

    It's a Flatbed Speedster
  3. As a kid the battery was drained, the tar was melted and the cells were removed and sold for scrape, the cases were just tossed in the dump. Sometimes but not often a good cell was installed in a battery with a bad cell.
  4. 1927 Reo Fender ?

    I think the price is better than the photos.
  5. I don't know if this is correct for your application. 3/8" NPT outside and 1/4" NPT inside, it is the temp.sender from a 1950s Dodge engine.
  6. WWI artillery wheel from a gun pulled by a Packard truck ? (Veterans day Idea)
  7. OEM parts found!

    I am looking for early Maxwell parts, it looks like you only have the common Ford and Chevy parts.
  8. Another "What's Wrong With This Picture?"

    Someone needs to tell him that it is a rare Peirce Arrow Limo and verify by checking the wheel base, it is longer than a Plymouth.
  9. Another What's Wrong With This Picture?

    It is a 1932 Buick coupe and the Model is Pontiac, just like when I looked at a Cadillac that the owner said it was the rare LaSalle Model.
  10. I have 4 extra of the open car door inserts for side curtains. 1924 - 30 ? Just under 2" (50mm) X 0.485" (12.3mm) inside is 0.41 (10.5mm) If you can use them shoot me an offer
  11. I have not seen another gear driven temp gauge like this one.
  12. Vintage Bumper For Ford? GM? Other?

    Not Chrysler The first photo is Chrysler's 1924 -26 type the second started in 1927
  13. What is "Low Mileage"?

    Low mileage at one time meant that the car / truck was below the mileage that would normally require major repairs or a rebuild of major components. 1920s around 49,000 miles, 1940s around 79,000 miles, mid 1950s 99,000 miles, etc. A 1912 un-restored car or truck with only 45,000 miles may not be in the best of shape.
  14. Grill or vent, maybe front of car

    Garage oil heater ?
  15. Mom posing with Dad's car - tag 1938

    Kodak 620 film was popular at that time, big negatives made great photos and enlarged nicely.