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  1. columbia

    Battery codes for 1923 cars

    Thank you James and Terry for your answers. I have bought an Exide 6 volt 140 Ah hope that would be enough! If more interested in my project your welcome to my website about the Columbia6 project.
  2. columbia

    Battery codes for 1923 cars

    :confused: I am restoring a Columbia6 from 1923.In the Parts list the battery has code "USL Type CDX-311-X":confused:. Anyone that knows whats all these figures means?
  3. columbia

    Continental 7 R engine

    When I use the link to the site .There is a picture and to get to the book I need to buy this application.
  4. columbia

    Continental 7 R engine

    I have an Continental 7R engine for my Columbia6 1923. I am looking for help with the wormgear that is mounted on the water pump axle.That wormgear drives the oilpump. Does anyone knows how it looks like and perhaps some measures?
  5. columbia

    columbia 1923-1924

    to this adress but it returned please send the correct one to my mail thanks
  6. columbia

    columbia 1923-1924

    I have sent a response by mail to you.
  7. columbia

    Wood wheels

    Want to buy wood wheels size 23" with steel rims To fit for 31" x 4" tires.I need four good wheels. Or if there is anyone that have four steel wheels disc wheels in the same size . The measure for the hubcup is aprox 64mm. Can pick them up at Hershey.
  8. columbia


    Thank You, This make it some easer to go further and "Google" it more.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  9. columbia


    That is correct that I asked you.Trying all the ways I can get. Do you know any other makes that had the four-cylinder Herschell-Spillman ?
  10. columbia


    :confused:Adelphia Anyone that have information about the car and carmaker.The engine was a four-cylinder Herschell-Spillman . Photos Ads?
  11. columbia


    Need information about the Red Seal Continental Six engine model R7.
  12. columbia

    Columbia Six

    Do you remember how the the third piont of engine suspension looked like? It is located in the front of the engine. The construcion on the frame work is missing- the pieces that is fastned to the cross member on the frame. Ragnar:)
  13. columbia

    Columbia Six

    I am looking for owners of Columbia Six. I am restoring a touring model from 1923. Look more at my website<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  14. columbia

    columbia 1923-1924

    Thank you for taking interest in my efforts to bring the Columbia back to the road again. The best way to take part in my work is to visit my websiteAbout the Columbia 6 project. I will try the main general forum to see what it brings me.
  15. columbia

    columbia 1923-1924

    Does anyone knows anything about any owners ín the US of the rare Columbia Six?