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  1. want to buy

    Also looking for any Duesenberg II parts, especially bumper bars-I have brackets Thank-you
  2. want to buy

    I would also consider a Duesenberg II speedster body and fenders, or what do you have available. Also looking for a Duesenberg II grill shell with louvers, any help will be appreciated, Thank-you
  3. want to buy

    This was a actual Duesenberg sold from an estate deal if I remember correctly, Thank-you for the pictures and information
  4. want to buy

    I heard of one a couple of years ago in a body shop all apart, does anyone re-call seeing that speedster? Thank-you
  5. want to buy

    Looking for a Duesenberg II Speedster, any condition Please send information to antiquejoseph@comcast.net Thank-you
  6. Looking for a Duesenberg II Speedster, any condition Does anyone know of the one in a east coast bump shop needing restoration? Believe I heard of this one a few years back, but could never trace it. Thank-You Please send information to antiquejoseph@comcast.net Thank-you
  7. This Packard is beautiful, it would be the pinnacle of anyone's collection!!!
  8. Still looking for bumpers, replica grill shell with shutters Thank-you
  9. Firestone or Universal Blackwall ribbed tires, tubes or flaps, what you have to offer Thank-you
  10. Hi: For spare tires, need 2 Firestone or Universal 35x5 tires, tubes and flaps. Send me a P.M. Thank-you, Joe
  11. I seen the Pierce arrow when it was owned and restored by Ed Oberhaus in Ohio in his museum. He was a avid collector, and liked Pierce Arrow's, when he restored that limo no expense was spared--top notch--- restoration, and a beautiful example of a prestigious limo in the day!!!!!!!
  12. Hi: Need help locating Duesenberg II bumper bars, I have the brackets, e-mail to antiquejoseph@comcast.net Thank-you, Joe
  13. Hi: Just finished watching the Walt Disney movie Pollyana and curious who owns the car from that movie? the movie was fimed in the 1960s. anyone know?