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  1. '63 glove box question

    Got the piece yesterday, looks great. It still has the Buick part label on it. Thanks to Mr. Curran for confirming the identity for me, Red Riviera Bob for the great pictures that will come in very handy and also RivNut for the post that reminded me to make sure I got my bid in on time. I've still got a long , long way to go with this Riviera for Roxy. Loren
  2. 401 crankshaft but 40-under bearings?

    Pete, Message sent. Loren
  3. '63 glove box question

    RivNut, Thanks for the post. Found it earlier, almost forgot to watch the time. Got it ! Thanks again to everyone for the help and RivNut for the wake up . Loren
  4. '63 glove box question

    Thank you Red Riviera Bob. Pictures sure help to show how it fits in place. I also have the same glove box lens. Mine was laying in the console box with some other small parts. Many thanks again, Loren
  5. '63 glove box question

    Thanks Red River Bob ! Loren
  6. 1966 Buick Skylark Parts or Project - $900

    Sold , June 7, 2016 Link to the sold post : http://65gs.com/board/index.php?topic=2758.msg17985#msg17985 Loren
  7. '63 glove box question

    Thank you very much Pat ! Now I know what to look for. Loren
  8. '63 glove box question

    I appreciate all the good information here, thanks Pat. Is this the piece you are referring to ? Loren
  9. '63 glove box question

    We're not really interested in points. Roxy most likely will never have the car judged. I on the other hand hope to keep it as close to correct as I can . There are others, like myself, that have such limited knowledge of the first generation Riviera , I wish not to present something totally incorrect and muddy the waters. I know '65 Skylarks and the Skylark GS well enough that I can be confident in my knowledge of them, but still learn some details. Thanks for the insight Tom. I now have a better understanding of which one to go with. The one that was in place was not tall or wide enough to be the one that was suppose to be there. I also found a round plastic glove box light lens in amongst the many loose parts . Thanks, Loren
  10. A couple of questions. What is correct color of the inside of the glove box ? I have seen replacement in both gray and black. Also is it a flocked or plain finish ? Pictures would be great. Thanks, Loren
  11. 65-66 Gransport pass ex manifold

    Not sure what your idea of restrictions is. Certain guide lines are asked to try and insure a transaction that goes well for all interested parties. From 65GS.com: Some guidelines regarding " For Sale" posts. 1.Post a price for the item being offered. 2.Post a location of the item. 3.Work with the interested parties in the order that they showed interest in your item. This interest must be shown with a public reply to your thread, Personal Messages (PM's) or emails are not acceptable communication requirements for "getting in line". We suggest 48 hours as an acceptable time period to allow interested parties to contact you privately. 4.If the first user who responds to your ad does not complete the sale, you move onto the second person who responded. 5.You need to post in the thread that you are sending a PM, before sending the PM. I would think these are not too difficult to deal with. Loren@65GS.com [ Senior Administrator 65GS.com]
  12. 26-27 buick parts

    Not mine, on Lincoln CL. 26-27 Buick parts Radiator,dashes lights, wheel hubs cowl lights hoods call or e-mail for prices will wrap units for shipping these are poor pic's if interested can get better ones and full description https://omaha.craigslist.org/pts/d/26-27-buick-parts/6368498747.html Loren@65GS.com
  13. I Recently installed the 194 LED's in the dash on our '65 Skylark GS. Much brighter! When purchasing the 194 LED's , make sure the ones you buy are not polarity sensitive. Some of the inexpensive ones will not light if installed 180 degrees from correct current flow. Loren@65GS.com
  14. '64 Riviera Clock

    Yes, it is still available. Loren@65GS.com
  15. Wiring Harness Kit?

    I rebuild the harnesses used in '65 and '66 Skylark Gran Sports. Some of the things that seem to be a consistent issue have been melted plastic connectors for the blower switch , ignition switch and headlight switch connectors. Along with the melted plastic , I've noticed that the metal terminals are very tarnished. The terminals being tarnished causes a higher draw through these connections. The higher draw then causes the excessive heat. End result, melting and damaged wires, switches and plastic connectors. I replace all the wiring and terminals, forward of the firewall, with new. When I repair the main dash harness, I replace all the metal terminals and any necessary wires. The tail lights on the Skylarks are notorious for loosing ground. I install a ground wire into new socket assemblies, along with the new wiring, to eliminate that issue. Weak or missing grounds can cause a lot of problems, not to mention frustration when lights and other items don't work correctly. The teacher I had for my automotive electrical class, more then a couple of years ago, boasted on his good deals on his winter beaters. He would find a vehicle that wouldn't start come cold weather , back in Minnesota, buy it cheap, drag it home , clean up all the electrical issues and drive it all winter. My suggestion is to replace or service as much of the wiring as you can. It isn't always necessary to completely replace everything, but keep in mind, there are a lot of years on that plastic insulation. Just an opinion, but if the wire insulation is cracked, brittle or really hard, replace it. Just my $.02, Loren@65GS.com