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  1. Loren@65GS.com

    Buick 7k Tachometer

  2. Loren@65GS.com

    Seat Belt Retractor Covers

    Part Place shows application for '65 through '72. Loren
  3. Loren@65GS.com

    Buick 7k Tachometer

    Buick tachometer , 7000 RPM. Nice color , cup has no pits , tested and works. $390 plus shipping lower 48 states only. Cross listed to other forums. Thanks for looking. Loren
  4. Loren@65GS.com

    65 Special Convertible For Sale in OK - not mine

    Joel, I know you are just forwarding a CL add. No offense intended. But for the record , it is not a Skylark, it is a Special with deluxe trim. A '65 Skylark would have full tail lights across the back. The Model # will read 43367 on the cowl tag of this vehicle. A Skylark Model # would read 44X67. The "X" would be a 3 if the engine is a v6 and if the engine was a v8, the "X" would be a 4. Loren
  5. Loren@65GS.com

    Need help. 1964 Buick Tachometer 7000 rpm

    Here is one that I have available. It has been tested and works good. Loren
  6. Loren@65GS.com

    Fuel injection on 425

    Dave, one of our members has installed the Holley system on his nailhead. Here is a link to a thread on 65GS.com : http://65gs.com/board/index.php/topic,3936.0.html Loren
  7. Loren@65GS.com

    Meet photos from Denver

    X 2 Loren
  8. Looks like a nice turn out. We had planed to be there and the BCA Nationals, but health issue put a damper to both. Thank you for taking time to post the pictures. Loren
  9. The company I worked with to remanufacture the dash pads for '65 Skylarks is in need of cores. Dash pad manufacturer looking to buy dash pad cores for '65 Skylark . Will pay $25 each and cover shipping. Cores must have no major rust, vinyl condition unimportant. Contact Alan at bourqet01@hotmail.com Loren@65GS.com
  10. Loren@65GS.com

    First Generation Dash Pad

    I ordered one of the dash pads from OPGI on February 14, 2018. Haven't received it yet and now been told possible delivery of mid July. They didn't wait to get payment though. Loren
  11. Loren@65GS.com

    '65 Skylark Hubcap

    Roberta, What condition are you looking for ? I should have some around here. If not, I have a friend out on the east coast that wanted to donate some to 65GS.com to sell as donation funds to the site. Loren
  12. Loren@65GS.com

    trans pan torque

    According to the '65 FSM, 10 - 13 foot pounds for the ST 400 . Loren
  13. Loren@65GS.com

    1963 Wildcat valve cover oddity?

    Pete, You are correct in that the aluminum covers were not a '63 item. They were '64 to '66.with small differences year to year. The pictured cover is a '66. The '66 covers had the indent in the driver side cover . This was necessary for an air pump application. The Tri-shield emblem looks to be an owner enhancement. Normally there would have been a solid rubber plug or an o ring for a breather that connected to the air cleaner. Loren
  14. Loren@65GS.com

    Nailhead bolt info

    Yes the one on the far right is an intake bolt. It goes in the front passenger side and also holds the bracket for the heater control valve. Loren
  15. Link to their automobile silvering information. http://historicinteriors.com/mirror-resilvering/antique-auto-mirrors/ Loren