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  1. I like the look also. I tried a trim ring from a 15X8 Chevy Rally wheel the other day. Definitely won't work. Loren@65GS.com
  2. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    Unfortunately, they don't come wearing warning lights or a sign. LOL I once had a fellow BCA person walk up to our car and place his foot up on the front bumper. I refrained from hurting him. Loren@65GS.com
  3. Curling tool

    I had the same thought and it would be much quicker then manually operated.. LOL Loren@65GS.com
  4. Buick Tachometer

    I think it was '61 to '67. It is in what is referred to as "knee knocker " housing. They were usually suspended from the bottom of the dash. The one pictured is the lower RPM . There was also one that went to 7000 RPM. Loren@65GS.com
  5. One dozen Roadmaster wagons for sale. Not mine

    Not a bad thing at all. In fact I am in need of a driver door arm rest. Unfortunately, the '96 parts car I have is missing that. Loren@65GS.com
  6. One dozen Roadmaster wagons for sale. Not mine

    There was a delete option for the wood grain. My '94 does not have wood grain and that was one of the things that attracted me to it. Sadly , Imperial62, may be somewhat correct . Having to purchase as a lot makes them more likely to become parts cars in a salvage yard. Just my opinion on that. Loren@65GS.com
  7. One dozen Roadmaster wagons for sale. Not mine

    Here is the link: https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/buick-roadmaster-wagons/6250765151.html Loren@65GS.com
  8. Pretty car Rivdrivn ! Loren@65GS.com
  9. Volunteers Needed!!! Driven Class Judging-Brookfield

    I will post this over on 65GS.com. There are some of us that are doing display only this year. Loren@65GS.com
  10. Volunteers Needed!!! Driven Class Judging-Brookfield

    Brian, I would be able to help. It has been a few years since I have done that, should be fun. Loren @65GS.com
  11. 1965 Skylark Dash Pad project

    I will have one of the re-manufactured dash pads at the BCA Nationals in Brookfield. Loren@65GS.com
  12. This is on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/63-64-Buick-LeSabre-Wildcat-Electra-63-64-65-Riviera-Wiper-Switch-Washer-Button-/232347244309?fits=Year%3A1963|Make%3ABuick|Model%3ARiviera&hash=item3618f99715:g:WHUAAOSwhcJWPC8e&vxp=mtr Loren@65GS.com
  13. The plastic selector plate was in rough condition. The letters were almost completely gone and it had a lot of fine scratches on the top side. I figured I couldn't make it any worse. First off, I cleaned it, then polished it to remove the scratches. Roxy made a stencil for the letters and after many attempts got it figured out. Now the pattern is saved to the computer should it be needed in the future. I applied the stencil to the victim at hand. Painted the letters with a color that is really close , if not right on. Hard to tell if there is a difference. I allowed the letter color to dry and then added the divider marks. Color for these isn't perfect, but not too bad. I think it turned out well. Loren@65GS.com
  14. Now I understand why the escutcheon plate on ours is above the top of the fender. I guess I will be looking for another part. Imagine that. lol Loren@65GS.com
  15. Could try Bob Wambach in Burlington, WI. Phone is 414-405-8020 Loren@65GS.com