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  1. This is on eBay|Make%3ABuick|Model%3ARiviera&hash=item3618f99715:g:WHUAAOSwhcJWPC8e&vxp=mtr
  2. The plastic selector plate was in rough condition. The letters were almost completely gone and it had a lot of fine scratches on the top side. I figured I couldn't make it any worse. First off, I cleaned it, then polished it to remove the scratches. Roxy made a stencil for the letters and after many attempts got it figured out. Now the pattern is saved to the computer should it be needed in the future. I applied the stencil to the victim at hand. Painted the letters with a color that is really close , if not right on. Hard to tell if there is a difference. I allowed the letter color to dry and then added the divider marks. Color for these isn't perfect, but not too bad. I think it turned out well.
  3. Now I understand why the escutcheon plate on ours is above the top of the fender. I guess I will be looking for another part. Imagine that. lol
  4. Could try Bob Wambach in Burlington, WI. Phone is 414-405-8020
  5. Bump
  6. I have always found this style very attractive. Alas, no extra space in the barn or $$ in the account for one.
  7. Having some years of upholstery experience, to recover an existing old pad correctly would require a great deal of labor and time. It can be done, but I'm thinking it is going to be a two or three day process .The condition of the one we have in Roxy's Riviera is rough , to say the least, with deep cracks. The original vinyl will need to be removed completely. Then assess the foam condition. Keep in mind, if the base foam isn't smooth, the finished product won't look much better, kind of like chrome plating or paint. Every imperfection in the base will show in the finished product. Most likely the foam will need to be buffed down to remove splits. Then build back up, carefully shaping with layers of IG3 foam, A final layer of thin foam before installing the vinyl. The vinyl used for the dash pads is different then what most everyone is use to seeing. It is more ridged, doesn't have a fabric backing and is applied after softening the whole piece with heat. So an upholstery final would be the most likely candidate for a one off project. It can be made to look very good, but still won't really come out looking identical to an original. So to do something like this correctly, a shop is going to have some serious time and materials cost.
  8. I came across this on the OPGI web site. Anyone have experience with this item? I understand the rear package tray seems to leave something to be desired.
  9. That is nice to know about the peer judging. We've had our '65 Skylark GS judged a few times at BCA and other events, it is both nerve racking and a real time consumer prepping a car for it. Especially when driven to the meet. lol I have judged at a few BCA meets and in the pre- judging meeting, we were told " Do not kill the car". As it has been stated, people judging a class, may or may not know everything about the cars they are judging. And that kind of irritates me. Oh well.....
  10. For Sale Serviced ,nice working clock from '64 Riviera . $80, plus shipping lower 48 states Thanks,
  11. You're welcome. Happy I could help.
  12. Russ Martin will have what you need.
  13. Mark, Thank you for the lead, I will check with Larry. As I look Roxy's '63 over, I have found some things that are needed. We found a good gas tank the other day and came across some parts at a meet in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. An owner prior to the person we bought this Riviera from , had started a repaint on it. The front end was definitely disassembled and incorrect fasteners used to reassemble it. In some cases, some fasteners were not installed. We will have many questions as time marches on.
  14. Thanks Jan, that is the item.