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  1. I can not believe there are two of these. This is in a salvage yard in western Nebraska.
  2. Congratulations Brian! Sweet looking '38.
  3. Bill, I have a few of the purse hooks and now some directions too. Not sure I'd install one though.
  4. Got it today. Looks great and thank you MrEarl.
  5. Thank you very much MrEarl!
  6. To me , it sounds like you are describing the lip where the outer tub and quarter panel are spot welded together. This would be the same edge that wheel opening molding would be screwed to. As long as the spot welds are left intact, there should be no problem.
  7. MrEarl, I got your email. I will take it , please let me know how you would like payment. Thanks,
  8. MrEarl, Interested What are the dimensions of the pages? This may make a nice piece for my wife to keep pictures in of the Riviera I got for her.
  9. X2 , I'm with Tom on that. Really a neat idea MrEarl.
  10. I think I can't un-see that. lol
  11. X2 Repair looks like he is a real craftsman.
  12. It is taking a little longer to reach the delivery date then first projected. That said, latest communication from the company is delivery this month. Thanks to those that came on board to make this happen.
  13. Still in search for a fellow Gran Sport owner so we can get his restoration done.
  14. Got my vote in.
  15. Bump to the top. These are very nice reproduction lenses.