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  1. Vila

    1932 Confederate transmission question??

    If you don't get an answer to this question on the AACA forum, you may want to address this topic in the 1933 - 36 Chevrolet section of the VCCA forum at:
  2. Vila

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    Sounds like some of you are buying the wrong brand of modern cars for doing your own oil changes. I just lift up the hood and undo the oil filter on top of the engine on both my modern cars. One has the oil filter just behind the radiator and the other just behind the valve cover, but both are at the top of the engine.
  3. Vila

    Paint color

    Depends on how original you want to go. Here is a link to some more info that provides a bit more detail and which models came in which color although the color chips themselves are nearly useless. It it provides the color names and which general parts of the car were painted which colors . The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) forum is also a good source for this information.
  4. The Carburetor Shop LLC website shows the 574S first appeared on the 1946 Chevrolet Master and was also used on Chevys in 1947 and 48.
  5. Vila


    Two things, how does a car company that is only 15 years old get consumer confidence? I don't really believe it is consumer confidence was much as it it the people buying their cars THINK they are no polluting. From what I have read, long will a car company stay in business when they are getting approximately $30,000 in federal and state subsidies per vehicle they see? Until the subsidies run out.
  6. Vila

    Spare Tire Cover - precise Year & Model

    I have a 1933 Master and am not familiar with the exact info on the later covers, but your cover may have been correct for the guy you sold it to. Some of the new tires are larger then older tires marked the same size. This tire cover vs tire issue has been discussed in the 1933 - 36 Chevrolet section of the VCCA forum. Comparing the 525/550-18 tire made in the 1970s for my 1933, most of the tires marked as the same size made today are significant difference in the tire cross section. When I replace my tires I went with a Lucas Olympic black wall since the data showed they were slightly smaller in both outer diameter and cross section and the spare fit under my tire cover.
  7. Yes, 72 was the last year of the flatter windshield and the 73 was the first with the curved windshield. My favorite year was also the 1967, in my opinion it had the best looking rear deck lid combined with the newer headlight style.
  8. Looks like a 1972 Super Beetle. I bought a new Green with Tan interior 72 Super Beetle from Mountain State Motors in Denver, CO when I first when into the Air Force and in training at Lowry AFB. I believe the 72 was the only year to have both that style tail lights and a rear deck lid with 4 rows of vents at the top. 71 had that style tail lights and two rows of longer vents in the rear deck lid while1973 had round tail lights and the 4 rows of vents in the rear deck lid. I also had a 36 HP 1960 VW when I was in college. As I recall that was the last year of the 36 HP engine in a Beetle. Top speed was 55 mph unless I was drafting behind a semi, then I could do 70 mph. I drove the 72 Beetle from coast to coast several times and never had to do anything to it other than change the oil and a new set of tires.
  9. Vila

    Can anyone help identify this old car frame

    I am not say it is Chevrolet, but it is not a 1924 Chevrolets since they had quarter elliptical springs. Also look for numbers on the tie rod ends, axle, etc.
  10. LiBrandi's is near the the Airport in Harrisburg, PA. I have used them many times with outstanding results and have never heard of any complains from others either in person or postings on this website. If they are small parts you should have no problems shipping the parts. From what I have heard Paul's Chrome is also good. Neither one is cheap, but then again you get what you pay for.
  11. Vila

    Knock-off wheel removal

    Here is a very recent posting on what the Triumph Experience website had to say about knock off direction, "Think Opposite". Meaning LH threads on Right and RH threads on the Left. I would read the following posting:,1540079
  12. Vila

    ZDDP issues

    There are a few brands in alphabetical order that make oil with high Zinc levels for vintage cars Amsoil ZRod: Brad Penn: Hemmings: Lucas Oil: Valvoline VR-1 Racing: Valvoline VR-1 Synthetic Racing:
  13. Vila

    Frame Originally painted

    If you can't find people to help then you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. People who restore old cars or trucks to original condition generally don't want to hang out with those modifying them. You need to find a group that is into modifying cars or trucks. No where in your original post did you mention modifying, and I would never recommend going to any car forum with the words Vintage or Antique in the sites name for someone modifying them. You will generally run into the same issues you experienced with any forum for Antique or Vintage cars. I am surprised someone hasn't chimed in and hammered you on modifying a vintage vehicle on this forum.
  14. Vila

    What Oil and What Coolant?

    Amsoil Z-Rod is good. Also consider Valvoline 10W30 VR-1 Synthetic Racing Oil or Valvoline Non-Synthetic racing oil. All have higher Zinc levels for older engines. This has been discussed numerous times in older postings. The Zinc level has been reduced in most modern oil to extend the life of catalytic converters, but the modern engines have also been redesigned to handle oil with lower zinc levels.
  15. Vila

    Biggest new car per peaves

    Touch screens in cars should be illegal. They are just as bad if not worse than texting on a cell phone. The only way to control anything is by looking at the screen. My daily driver is a 2002 BMW Z3 with all manual control knobs and switches. I can control everything in the car without taking my eyes off the road, just by reaching and feeling the knobs. I would bet you cannot do that with a touch screen and layer upon layer of menus. I am 68 and in 15 years plan on being one of those old geezers driving around sunken down in the seat of my old car, ticking everyone off while I'm driving slow and holding up traffic.