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  1. RIP Dan Gurney

    In my opinion Dan Gurney's American Racing Team produced one of the most beautiful looking and sounding Formula 1 cars of all time, the 1967 Eagle Mk1 powered by the Gurney-Weslake V12.
  2. Adjusting Huck Mechanical brakes

    I printed a copy to add to my 1933 Master maintenance notebook of extraneous repair materials. Thanks
  3. I am not sure of the correct colors for a 1937 Chevrolet, but for a 1933 Master 5 window coupe the window frames are wood grained and some wood grained sections in the dash. If you don't get an answer here you can post this question on the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) forum and I guarantee you will get a quick response. The other option is to contact the VCCA technical advisor for 1937 Chevrolets. His name is Tom Burtch and you can contact him by phone at 727-203-5179 (Eastern time) or email at
  4. Yes restraint is good, but sometimes I don't have it. I nearly got booted from a British sports car forum for telling a guy that if he could afford to buy the car then he should have enough money to buy a used $50 factory repair manual on Ebay that would answer all his questions since it took to long to explain. I did receive warning points that identified me as a criminal to everyone on the forum.
  5. 1936 Roadmaster firewall color

    You may want to post this question in the Pre-war Buick section of the forum. I am sure you will get the answer there since that is a very active section of the forum.
  6. Did anyone get any snow.. ??

    No pictures, but I do have an issue. I'll take the cold winter's over areas with extreme summer heat any time. I am not sure if my body needs a new water pump or radiator, but it runs hot and wants to boil over in the heat of the summer. Tends to run fine in the fall, winter, and spring, Any ideas on how to fix my summer over heating issue? Should I look at my radiator or water pump first? My neighbor told me I need a new Head. Seriously, 3 inches of snow.
  7. Does selling on eBay give you heartburn? ;)

    I have never had a problem buying or selling on ebay. When I buy I alway pay within several hours and when I sell I have always been payed within a day. My only issue is with the sellers that group numerous item together to unload a bunch of stuff with one sale. Lazy, lazy, lazy. To get what you want you need to buy a bunch of crap you don't want, so I avoid those sales. Who needs 3 or 4 of the same item grouped together when they only need one, but that is a seller issue not ebay. On the other hand I would never buy from Craig's List.
  8. 1933 Chevrolet paint reference

    It looks like the photo of your 1933 Chevrolet is at the Carlisle, PA fairgrounds. I live approximately 10 miles from there. I believe the blue touring car in the back ground is an 1922 Oakland Model 34D and I have seen that car at numerous local car shows.
  9. Sleeving wheel cylinder

    VW4X4. Did you tell them the pistons were aluminum before having the SS sleeving done or did you just tell them to sleeve them with stainless steel with no other input.
  10. Paint

    Here is what I have done with many part that were original bare steel or cast iron. If the bare metal cleans up and looks good, I have used Valspar clear lacquer after wiping down with acetone. If it doesn't look great after cleaning, then I have used Eastwood cast iron gray. Agree with using Dot 5 brake fluid.
  11. This is an answer to a question posted on the VCCA forum and since it is impossible to post pictures on that site without having the Secret decoder ring I have posted my answer here. Here is the starter solenoid part number SK2 made by PREFERRED that can be used to replace the original Starterator switch. The wire mounted to the side of the solenoid runs directly to the pushbutton switch mounted on the dash and only acts as a ground which activates the solenoid.

    If the car looks as good as seen in the photo I would show it in class and yes changing the tires will save you some points. If it was me, I would show it in class. My 1984 BMW 633 is all original, except tires and exhaust system, with 130,000 miles and I have received awards up to 1st Senior in class judging at Hershey and a Grand National at Williamport PA in 2016. That said, don't let the class judging scare you away from showing your all original Corvair in class. I show my 1933 Chevrolet in HPOF and do not like the fact that HPOF cars are separated from similar cars like when you show your car in class. As you know, AACA groups all other HPOF vehicles independent of make or year. For that reason, I very rarely show this car at AACA meets.
  13. Have you asked anyone on a motorcycle forum if they have ever experienced this and how they got it off. There are a lot of good people on this forum, but you may find people on those forums with more experience with Suzuki motorcycle maintenance quirks.
  14. Best Oil & Lubricants for 1920's Cars

    I agree with Stude Light and Grimy. Just my opinion here. When I buy an antique car the first thing I do is drop the pan and remove the valve and pushrod cover, if it has one, to clean all the old gunk out. I prefer modern synthetic racing oil and use it in both my 1933 Chevrolet and 1962 TR4. I use racing oil (specifically Valvoline) since it has a higher level of zinc than normal modern oil, with no VooDoo chemistry to mix ZDDP. From everything I have read, zinc was not found in early engine oil and at a reduced level in most modern oil after it it was found to kill catalytic converters. It is supposed to reduce wear, especially with flat tappets. Have also heard Brad Penn is a good oil for early cars, but I never tried it.