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  1. Steve9

    Odd little Italian car

    I friggin love this reply. It should be chiseled in granite somewhere!
  2. Steve9

    Portawalls question

    I remember seeing these in the '60s and people called them “Mickey Mouse” whitewalls, so my opinion of them is bad.
  3. Here’s a copy of the build card of my 36 Dodge. 6 WSW.
  4. Steve9

    Trade advice,comments

    Height may be the same, but not girth. Ever shop for surplus WW2 uniforms? Nothing but 36, 38 and 40!
  5. I’m proud of you for staying stock, brother. Once you learn of the quality of Chrysler engineering of the day, it’s gives you confidence in the way it was. These cars need very little to be competent, roadable vehicles today. Learn everything you can about brake adjustment to get your car to stop well. My 36 does great but I had to figure it out by digging though internet and old charts to do a complete job. Keep the faith.
  6. Steve9

    1933 Dodge Cabriolet (DP6)

    That car is looking REAL NICE buddy!
  7. Steve9

    Saw this nice 1968 Camaro again....

    Keiser’s town is small enough to get away with taking the old car everywhere. I’m just north of Seattle and drive my old car to work maybe once a month in summer, there’s too much congestion to deal with to do that more often. I’m envious of that Mayberry thing. That’s a big part of my old car experience, wanting to turn the clock back to a simpler time.
  8. Steve9

    1936 Dodge horn button assembly

    Thanks so much, guys. Sorry for the slow response, I pulled a double shift yesterday. Nothing takes the place of those factory drawings. Much thanks.
  9. Has anyone a photo or diagrahm of the order of assembly of springs and plates in the horn button? I’ve just had the steering wheel restored and am not getting things right. Thanks, Steve.
  10. Sorry, I’m an info junkie. I checked Dodge 4500/5500 specs and total GCWR ratings. The trailer is rated at 25,000 capacity and the trucks weigh around 8,000 lbs. Dodge rates the 4500 at 32,500 GCWR and the 5500 at 37,500 GCWR so if that trailer is maxed out, hopefully the guy has a 5500 to haul it. I agree with the safety question, I drive a tractor trailer combination in my job, and extra heavy makes me hope I don’t get cut off by bad drivers.
  11. Steve9

    Boy, do I want this....

    This may have been the case decades ago, but with the population explosion in the greater Seattle area, Snohomish is now a suburban community.
  12. Steve9

    Boy, do I want this....

    Xander, I figured you’d be all over this! A classic era custom.
  14. Steve9

    supercharged Cord

    I think it’s funny how they call it a “driver”. Probably someone with more money than all the rest of us calls a six figure auto a driver!
  15. Certainly a car worth saving. If you can find other 34 parts cars, that’ll make the going smoother. I would try to contact owners through the Dodge club or WP Chrysler club for the best shot at it.