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  1. Kindig 1934 Dodge

    I hope I’m not sounding like a Nazi. I’m completely good with everyone doing their own thing. I might have gone down the hot rod trail if my car hadn’t been so nice and original. My peeve is people getting an attitude about their hot rod love on here. I enjoy the HAMB and all their shtick a lot. Their stuff there, our stuff here. Peace.
  2. Kindig 1934 Dodge

    Holiness aside Jack M, what people need to understand is the reason this forum exists is to talk stock factory built automobiles. I’m on board with hot rod action, just not here.
  3. Kindig 1934 Dodge

    Sacto, Take your hot rod action to the HAMB. You will find kindred hearts there. This forum is all about stock antique cars. PERIOD.
  4. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    You rock Zeke!
  5. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    What a sweet coupe, Zeke. Fortunately it hasn’t been rat-rodded.
  6. 36 Plymouth P2 Transmission Issue

    Rebuilt the trans on my 36 Dodge last year, everything is identical in your photo except for the two little balls. If these balls fall down into the tranny, things lock up when you move the shifter. (I found this out the hard way)
  7. RIP Dan Gurney

    When he drove for Ferrari, Enzo called him “My big Marine”.
  8. Do good pictures help a sale?

    Original owner, the creature from the black lagoon.
  9. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    I’ve been thinking about the OPs ideas on modification to his car, again, your car do what you want, but since your dad picked it and you bought it, I wonder if this isn’t Dad’s dream? (Good taste indeed) Most of the 30’s-40’s car guys here are probably his age with his tastes. I belong to the WPChrysler club and with my 36, I’m blown off the road by many fellow members who own “Fin cars”, the Bigger, faster cars of the 50’s. I wonder if the 50-60’s cars wouldn’t be a better fit, the only modification I see are front disc brakes. Kits and readily available there. Those later hemis are legendary, speed is no sweat. You can clean up the ‘33 , sell it at a profit and buy the later model road rocket. Whaddayathink? Steve
  10. 1933 Dodge DP Six windshield wippers

    Googling everything is a habit I started when, as a computer rookie I typed in Led Zeppelin but misspelled it and wound up on a beastiality site. Definitely now, I google EVERYTHING.
  11. 1933 Dodge DP Six windshield wippers

    Look up ply33 on google. His info is awesome and works for Dodge also.
  12. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    I wonder how old those Penny tires were?
  13. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    I like the 6.50 x 16 idea but, I don’t think the bigger tires would fit into the side mount covers. I’ve eliminated radials from thought for that reason too.
  14. Looking for things to do after work..

    Just saw The Nethercutt Collection in October, cannot recommend it highly enough. I’m the car guy in our group, but the others in tow were over the moon about the experience. The tour guide who is also the music machine mechanic really makes it great.
  15. help/hurt the sale?

    It’s no different than somebody’s “tribute” car. Counterfeit.