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  1. Roger Frazee

    What Components Were Used In This Toy Speedster?

    I had not made the connection, but I think you're on target. The car was probably inspired by the Marmon Wasp, although I doubt that the Marmon had a Maytag engine. Looking closer at the photo, it does not appear that the homemade car used a Maytag motor either. Check out the hand crank behind the front wheel. My research shows that the young driver, Hood Westbrook, was born in 1914. He is about ten years old in the picture, so that would date the photo to the early twenties. It appears that the "clutch" was a tension roller that took the slack out of the belt. The brake looks to be a piece of sheet metal that rode against the driven pulley. I would guess that steering was accomplished with a steering gearbox from a car. Pretty good backyard engineering, if you ask me.
  2. This is one of my favorite family snap shots from long ago. I have always been curious what kind of car parts were combined to make this "Speedster." Any one care to speculate?
  3. Roger Frazee

    Just bought a 1958 IH A175 - Need help

    This is a great picture, Nate. Norman Rockwell could not have done better.
  4. Roger Frazee

    Corvair Rampside

    You might want want to post on the Corvair Center Forum. It's very active.
  5. Roger Frazee

    UCT Radiator Emblem (On or Off My Car?)

    It is period-correct and is a great conversation piece. I would keep it on the car.
  6. Yes. It's a 1962 Corvair Rampside. It is absolutely the handiest vehicle I've ever owned. I'd like to restore it someday, but right now I'm too busy using it.
  7. Roger Frazee

    Odd tool

    That makes sense. The tool belonged to my grandfather, who was an oil well driller. If anyone would have a reason to drill holes in pipes, it would have been him. Mystery solved.
  8. Good old Chevy trucks, still earning their keep.
  9. Roger Frazee

    Odd tool

    I don't know what it is, but I may have the other piece to it.
  10. Roger Frazee

    Want to buy car hauler

    I purchased an Anvil trailer a few years ago. It's a 24' trailer with an 8' interior height.
  11. Roger Frazee

    Engine scanner

    Interesting. I've never seen the words inexpensive and Snap On used in the same sentence.
  12. Roger Frazee

    How to make a clickable link?

    1. Type "Click here for more photos." 2. Highlight the word "here." 3. Right-click on the highlighted word "here," and select "hyperlink." 4. A dialog box will pop up with a space at the bottom labeled "Address." Type the full web address in the space. 5. Click "OK." The word "here" will now appear in blue. While you are working in Publisher, you will need to use CTRL-Click on the word "here," in order to go to the web site. Once the document is saved as a PDF, you can move the mouse over the word "here" and click. I hope this is clear. Please let me know if you have difficulty.
  13. Roger Frazee

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Variety of East Tennessee,. a children's charity, holds a cars & coffee fundraiser twice each year in Knoxville. There are no admission fees whatsoever. Sponsors donate nice stuff for a silent auction. Waffle House provides free waffles and coffee to everyone. Donations are welcome and appreciated. There are always 500+ cars and the charity manages to raise a fair amount of money. No pressure, no fees; just fellowship and a chance to help the area's children. That's the way to run a car show.
  14. Roger Frazee

    1903 Columbus electric car. Battery help?

    Catbird, check your private messages on this forum.
  15. Roger Frazee

    This is why you should have spare parts

    <<So I tried a shoe lace since I had nothing in the car. That got another 1/10 mile. I tried some wire I had in the trunk. Another 1/10 mile.>> Back during my mis-spent youth a buddy of mine made a VW fan belt out of his girlfriend's pantyhose. It actually worked.