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  1. Roger Frazee

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    I remember riding with my parents when we came up on an Edsel. At first glance, I thought it was going backwards.
  2. Roger Frazee

    HPOF Rules on Interior and Dent Repair?

    Although not as functional as west coast mirrors, the small black round rear view mirrors are correct for the Rampside. If you are going for your HPOF, you should not replace the mirrors.
  3. Roger Frazee

    hard starting

    If it tries to start but doesn't I'd suspect a fuel problem. Is your fuel pump delivering enough gas to keep the engine running?
  4. 1960 was the year of the American compact. Who built the best? Who built the worst?
  5. Roger Frazee

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    1957 was an iconic year for automobile designs. I wonder why the '57 styling clicked so well for the big three?
  6. Roger Frazee

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Speaking of haggling, I'm curious to know how many new car dealers have adopted the "take it or leave it" philosophy that has been established by Carmax (and previously by Saturn). Personally, I like that style of selling. If I agree with the price, I'll take it. If I don't agree with the price, I'll keep looking. A good deal is a state of mind.
  7. Roger Frazee


    Ralph who???
  8. Roger Frazee


    There is a gentleman in East Tennessee who has three that are daily drivers for himself and his family. He has four parts cars to keep them running. He loves them. I don't know why.
  9. Roger Frazee

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    >>Me. You can use this car right away. It's beautiful and it drives great. >>Him: But it needs to be restored to be perfect. You just said... In the immortal words of Struther Martin, "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
  10. Roger Frazee

    Got an old photo of you as a kid next to a car?

    Standing behind the door of our family's '58 Chevrolet, at Block Island, RI
  11. Roger Frazee

    Question to ask when buying old cars?!

    The Buick appears to be a much nicer car than the Mercury. Valve cover and transmission pan gaskets are easy do-it-yourself repairs. The exhaust leak could be cheap or expensive, depending on where the leak is. If those are the only problems, $500 seems like a good price.
  12. Roger Frazee

    What Components Were Used In This Toy Speedster?

    I had not made the connection, but I think you're on target. The car was probably inspired by the Marmon Wasp, although I doubt that the Marmon had a Maytag engine. Looking closer at the photo, it does not appear that the homemade car used a Maytag motor either. Check out the hand crank behind the front wheel. My research shows that the young driver, Hood Westbrook, was born in 1914. He is about ten years old in the picture, so that would date the photo to the early twenties. It appears that the "clutch" was a tension roller that took the slack out of the belt. The brake looks to be a piece of sheet metal that rode against the driven pulley. I would guess that steering was accomplished with a steering gearbox from a car. Pretty good backyard engineering, if you ask me.
  13. This is one of my favorite family snap shots from long ago. I have always been curious what kind of car parts were combined to make this "Speedster." Any one care to speculate?
  14. Roger Frazee

    Just bought a 1958 IH A175 - Need help

    This is a great picture, Nate. Norman Rockwell could not have done better.
  15. Roger Frazee

    Corvair Rampside

    You might want want to post on the Corvair Center Forum. It's very active.