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  1. It is true that 25 year-old cars can be obtained for $5K or even less. But, with a few exceptions, they are not suitable as daily transportation; because a $5K 25 year-old car is generally not dependable enough to get a person to work and to the store day in and day out. A car that is ten years old, however, can easily serve as daily transportation and can double as a vehicle for the automotive hobbyist at the same time. Many young people can't afford two cars. They don't have the luxury of owning one car for daily transportation and another car for pleasure. Some have argued that there are other venues, outside of the AACA, where a young person can enjoy his newer-model car. That's true, but that train of thought does nothing to bring young people into our organization.
  2. This has been a lively discussion and I hope it continues for awhile. I won't tilt at windmills. My proposal that the AACA create a Student class and allow more recent car models into that class has little support, so I will withdraw my proposal. Please remember that the opinions I expressed are mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the AACA nor its membership. The last thing I want is for a rumor to circulate, that the AACA is considering altering its car-age policy. Early in this discussion, F&J suggested that I grow a pear. Unfortunately, I am even worse at gardening than I am at turning wrenches, but I do appreciate the advice.
  3. We all seem to be in agreement that the best way to get young people interested in old cars is to let them see them, touch them, hear them, smell them and drive them. But, first we have to get the old cars and the young people in the same parking lot. My point about creating a student class that would allow young people to show cars that are ten years old, is that it might bring young people out to AACA meets; where they can see, and fall in love with, the vintage cars. Whether this a is a good idea or a bad idea is of secondary imprtance. What is of primary importance is the fact that our club must reinvent itself from time to time in order to remain strong and vibrant.
  4. Matthew, you make a good point about your daughter's 2004 Impala, being her daily transportation. Most young people I know only have one car and it is their transportation, However, many young gear-heads take great pride in their daily ride and work to make their cars show-worthy. If they could incorporate their 10-year old car into the preservation hobby, they would have an entry point into the AACA. It would also help disspell the image that the AACA is an exclusive club.
  5. It might be that one reason more youth don't participate in the antique car hobby is that owning, maintaining, and restoring cars that are twenty five years old and older is too expensive for many young people. That said, maybe it would be a good idea to lower this barrier of entry into the hobby. Perhaps a "student" class could be established that would allow young people, below the age of 25, to enter and display cars that are ten years old or older. The same AACA originality stipulations would apply to these vehicles; and once a member turned twenty five years old, that member could no longer show vehicles that are less than twenty five years old. Younger cars are typically more affordable, and are more interesting to young people than older vehicles. If we recognize young people's automotive interests and budgets, we have a better chance of recruiting them as life-long members.
  6. Thanks for the information. I'll take the deduction in points and keep my peace of mind. After all, my car has already been deemed unsafe at any speed. The least I can do is make sure it will stop.
  7. Having experienced a brake failure once, and not wanting to repeat the experience, I recently converted my Corvair to a dual master cylinder brake system. Would this conversion cause points to be deducted, or would it be allowable as a safety item?
  8. I had a car at Charlotte in the HPOF class. Evan though the car was not being point-judged, the team captain took the time to point out some details that needed to be corrected. I really appreciate his helpfulness.
  9. The website for the East Tennessee Region just got a face-lift. I'd be very interested in opinions and suggestions from the other AACA webmasters, regarding the new look. Feel free to post your constructive criticism here, or you can PM me. Thanks for looking. Roger
  10. Is there a list that shows the awards of Excellence, Distinction, and Merit for 2016?
  11. I don't understand the drama. Reasonable people arrived at a business decision.
  12. When will registration open for the Founders Tour? What is the registration fee?
  13. Thanks Wayne. Much appreciated.
  14. Will there be seminars for newsletter editors and webmasters at this year's annual meeting in Philly?
  15. Good information. Now one more question. Are electrical outlets available for charging golf carts overnight? I do plan to bring a car hauler and will have the car hauler and the golf cart in the trailer parking area.