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  1. The website for the East Tennessee Region just got a face-lift. I'd be very interested in opinions and suggestions from the other AACA webmasters, regarding the new look. Feel free to post your constructive criticism here, or you can PM me. Thanks for looking. Roger
  2. Is there a list that shows the awards of Excellence, Distinction, and Merit for 2016?
  3. I don't understand the drama. Reasonable people arrived at a business decision.
  4. When will registration open for the Founders Tour? What is the registration fee?
  5. Thanks Wayne. Much appreciated.
  6. Will there be seminars for newsletter editors and webmasters at this year's annual meeting in Philly?
  7. Good information. Now one more question. Are electrical outlets available for charging golf carts overnight? I do plan to bring a car hauler and will have the car hauler and the golf cart in the trailer parking area.
  8. Can someone tell me what the policy is regarding golf carts and other vehicles at Hershey? My wife is suffering from a temporary leg injury and will not be able to walk while at Hershey. We do not own a golf cart but we do own a John Deere Gator. Would that be permissible?
  9. You have 40 lug nuts. I have two TCs. The math works. I just bought them.
  10. I had this problem myself. It turned out that I was in the General Discussion sub-forum. If you are in the General Discussion sub-forum, you will not see anything after "Speedsters." To get back to the main forum, scroll to the top of the screen. Just above the advertisement you will see, in fine print, "AACA Forums" then an arrow, then the name of the sub-forum you are currently in. If you click on "AACA Forums," it will take you to the main forum, where you can see all of the sub-forums. Hope that helps.
  11. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on a great Webmaster seminar during the Annual Meeting. The session was very informative and well-planned.
  12. I can't recommend a mechanic in DC, but those gas fumes are cause for concern. You may have gas leaking from one of the two rubber fuel lines under the hood. This is a common problem and has caused many TCs to go up in flames. Other rubber fuel lines are located at the tank and the fuel filter, under the car. Any mechanic can inspect and replace them.
  13. I have seen the problem on several different computers, connected to various networks, with Google Chrome, IE, and Safari. Unfortunately, I do not have a backup to the SQL database. Making such a backup or restoring it is beyond my ability as a novice web mechanic. Also, I have not been able to upgrade the Joomla site. I have opened a ticket with the Higher Information Group. Hopefully they will find the issue and it will be something simple. Once they have finished their work, I will attempt to upgrade to 3.4 again.
  14. I have not installed or updated any extensions and I have not upgraded Joomla recently. Things seemed to go wrong when a linked a menu to a Shutterfly site. I have remove that menu item, but the web site is still unstable. This is the first issue I have had in over two years.
  15. Both. Sometimes the AACA logo will disappear from the header. At other times, every page will be blank.