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  1. 1962 Corvair Rampside. Still earning its keep.
  2. As the owner of a 100 year-old Overland, I may eventually have a need for new bearings. It's very reassuring to know that re-babbitting services are still available.
  3. Check Those Lug Nuts

    I learned my lesson last week about checking the tightness of the lug nuts on my car hauler. During my return trip from Knoxville to Columbus, I stopped for a bite of lunch. During the stop I did a routine check of the wheel hubs to make sure none of the bearings were getting hot. That's when I noticed that one wheel was so loose, it was about to come off. All of the lug nuts had backed their way off. One nut was gone completely and another lug had sheared off. All six of the lug holes in the wheel were wallowed out to twice their original size. Thank goodness I was near a Tractor Supply store that had a trailer wheel, tire, and lug nuts in stock. After changing the wheel, with the help of a good Samaritan, I checked all of the other lug nuts. Yep. They were all loose. Never again will I pull my car hauler without checking the lug nuts frequently along the way.
  4. 1962 Corvair Monza 900 coupe issues

    Corvairs are great collector cars. They're relatively cheap to purchase, easy to work on, and a hoot to drive. I hope you find one you like. I know you'll enjoy it.
  5. What Name Have You Given Your Car?

    You don't need to name your cars. If you listen to them, they will tell you their names. Here's the names of mine: 1966 Corvair: Junie B 1969 VW: Pearl 1917 Overland: Katy 2013 Escalade: Orca 2008 Solara: Zenyatta 1999 Dodge Ram: Brutus 2004 Chrisler Crossfire: Crissy Others I have owned: 1932 Chevrolet: Chester 1956 VW: Sampson 1947 Pontiac: Lydia 1949 Ford F1 Pickup: Amos
  6. Reproduction Corvair Parts Source?

    Corvairs are a hoot! They are affordable, easy to work on, and fun to drive. As others have said, Clarks is the primary source for parts, followed by California Corvair Parts. The Corvair Ranch in Gettysburg, VA is a great source for used parts. There is also a ton of support on the Corvair Center forum: I have owned many antique cars throughout the years, but none of them receive the love and attention that my '66 Monza gets. For the money, there is not a better car for someone wanting to get into the hobby.
  7. My brother and his buddy pose in front of my Dad's '58 Bel Air. Loved that car.
  8. A new tool to weigh an engine or whatever

    Cool gadget. How much does that straight-eight engine weigh?
  9. eastern spring meet, wv?

    Great meet! Good job, Huntington Region!
  10. Displaying Convertible Top Boot

    What is the proper way to display a convertible top boot for judging? The boot in my car is attached to the back of the back seat and normally lays in the top well when the convertible top is up. Is this acceptable?
  11. eastern spring meet, wv?

    Thanks, Charlier, for the addresses. I will set my GPS accordingly, and will plan to drop the trailer before going to the hotel.
  12. eastern spring meet, wv?

    What is the street address of the trailer parking lot.
  13. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    It is true that 25 year-old cars can be obtained for $5K or even less. But, with a few exceptions, they are not suitable as daily transportation; because a $5K 25 year-old car is generally not dependable enough to get a person to work and to the store day in and day out. A car that is ten years old, however, can easily serve as daily transportation and can double as a vehicle for the automotive hobbyist at the same time. Many young people can't afford two cars. They don't have the luxury of owning one car for daily transportation and another car for pleasure. Some have argued that there are other venues, outside of the AACA, where a young person can enjoy his newer-model car. That's true, but that train of thought does nothing to bring young people into our organization.
  14. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    This has been a lively discussion and I hope it continues for awhile. I won't tilt at windmills. My proposal that the AACA create a Student class and allow more recent car models into that class has little support, so I will withdraw my proposal. Please remember that the opinions I expressed are mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the AACA nor its membership. The last thing I want is for a rumor to circulate, that the AACA is considering altering its car-age policy. Early in this discussion, F&J suggested that I grow a pear. Unfortunately, I am even worse at gardening than I am at turning wrenches, but I do appreciate the advice.