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  1. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    I did notice the numbers on the connector, and I recall seeing the numbers on the wiring schematic in my manual. I doubt I can remove these terminals from the ends of these wires as they are crimped on. I have purchased the semi-spherical ones, but haven't located the flat ones.
  2. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    well, I managed to find some beat up headlight buckets on ebay that had the connectors still in place. I bought it them for under 60 bucks. I pulled the connectors out and gave them a bit of cleaning. Got some headlight bucket wiring from Mac's as suggested, Now that I have all the parts needed for this, I can start restore of the headlight buckets, harness, and reflectors. I bought some lenses that are in great shape too. Ever so slow progression.
  3. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    Thanks all...
  4. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    Question: Does anyone have a source or an alternative for the headlight bucket to wire harness connectors? I found a picture of what they probably look like that I have included. Thanks, Dennis
  5. dmgoulet

    1935 KC gauges

    Thanks Dave. I couldn't find that picture that you posted
  6. dmgoulet

    1935 KC gauges

    It will be hard to make out, but on the driver side of the frame between the rear shackle of the front spring and the running board front bracket you will/should find the frame serial number stamped. numbers are about 3/4" tall and (for me) very hard to spot.. I've attached pictures of my gauges.
  7. dmgoulet

    1933-34-35 Dodge truck dash boards

    My 35 truck (series 2) dash is different. glove box door and faux door on driver side is rounded ends
  8. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    I have been getting some things completed. Clutch fork boot: Made a snap in ring from some thick sheet metal and found a pattern online to make the boot using g black leather. Welded holes and mating surfaces on clutch and brake pedal linkages and re-drilled/machined to operate smoothly. My dad machined a new shaft for the pedals and machined pedal bushings to solid-up the pedals. I fabricated some new front cab wood mounts from 7/8" ash board. Using two on each side (stacked) gave me a 1/4" space between the top of the frame and the lower lip of the cab. Using 1/4" oak shims at the rear cab mounts squared things up. It does look like my rear crossmember is holding the trans up too high into the cab... I will need to lower it... which means my clutch torque shaft pivot bracket will need to be modified. The joy of it all!!! I did crank the engine over via the foot starter pedal... good to see that I got that right. cranking without plugs in to circulate oil has revealed a couple oil leaks... I think it is the front and rear oil pan gaskets that are not sealing well. I'm still fitting body parts and learning how to do body work. There are some things I will need to get a professional to do... the lower cab sheet metal is rusted away... I know patch panels are available... Finances are holding me back for now. 20160605_133430.mp4
  9. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    I have the lacing on the cab surface, but not on the radiator shell. I have a few screws spun in at a couple locations to account for it though
  10. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    A bit of progress on the alignment. The original metal shims (as seen on bolts in previous post) is about 1/4". I kept that in-between the crossbar and the fram. I added another 1/4" shim betwen the radiator mount bracket and the crossbar (where the radiator mount 'studs' go thru the crossbar. I'll re-install a fender tomorrow and see if it looks like it will align better. Dennis
  11. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    Thx... I'll try fitting with thicker shim between crossbar and frame... and see where that puts the alignment of the hood sides. Original factory parts diagrams would make this much easier. scanning thru a large list of parts and determining they are for my truck model is grueling.
  12. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    Hey all, I have started aligning body panels/parts now that I believe I have my cab sitting correctly on the frame. Using two 7/8" ash boards on each front side of the cab (4 boards total) and one 1/4" oak board at the rear cab mount pads, I have about 1/4" space between the top of the frame and the bottom sill of the cab. According to the parts manual, the Front Fender Crossbar (613995) is mounted to the front crossmember with bolts (600553) and shims (604741). What I have for the shims are flat metal stock about 1/8" thick and have no number on them. When the radiator assembly is put in place and the front fenders are bolted in place, I am running into some fitting problems. The lower 1/2 distance of the hood side panels rubs against (and nearly overlap) the lip where it meets the cab. The top panels fit fine, and since the radiator has some position adjustment, the hood panels mate up fine. It appears the whole front assembly needs to come up about another 1/8", but Im not sure 'where' the space needs to be added. 1. Since the holes in the fenders for the bumper mounts is nearly spot-on, raising the Crossbar would affect that. 2. If I add shims in-between the Crossbar and the Radiator mount, that may affect how the fenders meed up with the Grill housing. Does anyone have information on what is supposed to be installed for aligning this? Are the shims for the Crossbar just 1/8" flat stock like I have? Is there supposed to be shims between the Radiator mounting bracket and the Crossbar? Has anyone else resolved this issue and care to elaborate? Thanks Much Dennis. Ive attached some photos to show the parts.
  13. dmgoulet

    37 generator

    I have a 35 KC. it has one oiler...the other is a plug covering the felt wick (to remove/replace it) Dennis
  14. dmgoulet

    crankshaft pulley for 230 engine

    You are welcome
  15. dmgoulet

    crankshaft pulley for 230 engine

    I bought an NOS one from Vintage Power Wagons