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  1. Sounds like the Jag is "a barn find in new condition".
  2. Ron No photo available, but the bracket is 20" high with an adjustable nut on top , and a strap loop on the bottom. The nut tightens a mid point clamp which secures the bracket to an IBeam axle. Snubber is identified as "Gabriel Balloon Snubber ".
  3. Also need the belt material, in addition to the bracket that attaches to the axle.
  4. I have added a visit to the museum during my next trip to York. Any chance that Snyder White Autocar was involved in the restoration ?
  5. Jeff Would enjoy seeing the Autocar in the York area..where is it located ? Phil
  6. Got in touch with Roy, who was extremely helpful. Many thanks.
  7. ply33 I understand your description, but the bulb has an adjacent grooved collar surrounding the tube . My guess would be that a nut interacted with that groove to tighten the unit into the female thread on the engine, and that the nut had deteriorated long ago. Still faced with the question of separating the bulb to reintroduce a gland nut.
  8. Looking for a source to attach a nut to the cable end of the bulb, which will allow me to screw it into the block. I understand that the process will require freezing the ether gas inside the assembly. Any recommendations ?
  9. Good advice from many AACA people. As suggested, I cleaned and/or replaced many of the primary wires, so that a strong current was available to activate the starter. EUREKA !!! She turned over in good form and fired up. Thanks to all. Phil
  10. Jeff As an old York County boy, your description of the delicacies makes me home sick. Phi
  11. Matt Not intending to keep the issue debated to infinity, having the car operating under 6 volts during normal driving conditions, while having a 12 volt stand by for winter starting, seems like perfection.
  12. Spell error: BEST , not BEAST.
  13. Engine now runs fine with the standard 6 volt system, but struggles at start. Would it be possible to have the beast of both worlds by arranging a 12 volt battery for start up, and then switching to a 6 volt operating system ? ( Washburn...are you out there ? ) Phil
  14. Jeff Is this an invitation for all of us to stay at your place ?
  15. EUTREKA !!! Dropped the pan, only to have the oil pump assembly come with it. Seems that the shop forgot to bolt up the pump when they put everything together, so that I have been trying to turn an engine with zero pump pressure. The experts are expected here today..should be an interesting meeting.