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  1. autoluke


    McMaster Car fitting arrived yesterday..perfect ! I intend to keep a dedicated gun/fitting with the Speedster to prevent an emotional search later on.
  2. autoluke


    We all have problems remembering the correct numbers when females are involved.
  3. autoluke


    Jeff Many thanks for the on line catalog shows #1091K17 for $43.47, and I assume that this is the one. Would appreciate a double-check. As far as the price: "gotta have it".
  4. autoluke


    My speedster is equipped with male alemite fittings throughout the chassis..where can I find the female end for the grease gun ?
  5. autoluke

    Future of the antique car hobby

    After sleeping for the past six months, my 1929 Packard started after two revolutions. Needless to point out that all systems were in tune, AND the gasoline was not ethanol restricted.
  6. DEI I plan to build something like this to supply fluid to my 1932 Desoto..actually a long pipe with a threaded end will suffice during the procedure.
  7. Jeff Right on target..thanks for bringing a smile . As I remember, my dad's tire shop in West York had a much smaller collection of parts, but a lot of old tubes and valves. Phil
  8. autoluke

    Engine block, head and crank shaft to ship

    Last year I shipped a Cadillac 346 block from Virginia to Massachusetts via Fastenal . Very satisfied with all aspects of the shipping and tracking.
  9. autoluke

    1918 Trailmobile Trailer Semi

    Mike Your Fruehauf would be considered at a higher value than the Trailmobile, recognizing that it represented one of the truly original trailers in America. Go to Singing Wheels for details.
  10. autoluke

    Snubbers of Canadian interest

    I need an axle clamp. Send an email with contact info.
  11. autoluke

    Best Oil & Lubricants for 1920's Cars

    Suggest that everyone go back to Harwood's summary...these are the facts !
  12. autoluke

    Any reputable pot metal restorers out there?

    Also include Paul's Chrome near Pittsburgh, who guarantees their work.
  13. autoluke

    made some metal 3D-printed parts

    Also take a look at Stratasys 3D Printing. They are USA based, and can handle the complete project in a variety of metals.