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  1. Best Oil & Lubricants for 1920's Cars

    Suggest that everyone go back to Harwood's summary...these are the facts !
  2. Any reputable pot metal restorers out there?

    Also include Paul's Chrome near Pittsburgh, who guarantees their work.
  3. made some metal 3D-printed parts

    Also take a look at Stratasys 3D Printing. They are USA based, and can handle the complete project in a variety of metals.
  4. WTB Split Rims

    Talk about a "small world". Found out that Cassidy is located 30 minutes from me, and have arranged to see his wheel and rim collection tomorrow. Hubert: Many thanks !
  5. Yet one MORE TV Opportunity

    The home of Hollywood actor Gregory Peck .
  6. WTB Split Rims

    Viv My car is a speedster which was built sometime during the 1020's, so it is difficult to actually identify the chassis. A friend has stated that the wooden spoke wheels appear to be from a Studebaker, but he is not certain. I have replaced two of the old tires with US Royal 6:00/20 which fit well on the surviving rims. Of special note is that the old tires were actually marked as "truck tires", so that your circlip comment would be appropriate to their design. As mentioned earlier, I will be visiting Hershey next week in the hope of finding a pair. Phil
  7. WTB Split Rims

    Thank you both for the information. In readdressing the specifications, it seems that I have a 20" split rim suitable for a 6:00/20 tire. With any luck I can find them in Hershey.
  8. WTB Split Rims

    Looking for two 21 1/2 x 5 1/5 split rims with the double internal ridge , along with the retaining rings. I am attending Hershey if you are selling at the Meet.
  9. 32 DeSoto SC some questions about the motor.

    Hi As I also drive a 1932 SC (roadster ), the consumption of a quart in 150 miles would not seem to be a problem. As suggested, adding Mystery Oil could benefit the operation of the engine , most specifically as a protectant to the valves. At 80# for your engine, you have reached the zip level. Phil
  10. Cars That Made America

    My favorite episode was when they described the "revolutionary Flathead design" as being introduced in 1949.
  11. looking for steel skirts for my '41 with no success to date. Should I be concerned with the fit of fiberglass skirts if I choose that route ?
  12. DYNAFLASH EIGHT Harwood Motors is listing a '41 Buick Limited which may be the car for you. Great people to deal with ! Phil