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  1. autoluke

    Anyone got one?

    The overcoat would indicate winter weather. Unique method to warm the radiator...more fun than shutters.
  2. autoluke


    Looking for a source for engine turned brass flat stock. Plenty of aluminum to fit the need, but brass for my speedster firewall would seem to compliment the design.
  3. autoluke


    Attempted to open your web site with no success. When do you expect to be ready ?
  4. autoluke

    1932-1933 DeSoto wanted.

    Unless sold in the meantime, I will be posting photos at the upcoming Hershey Meet.
  5. autoluke

    1932-1933 DeSoto wanted.

    Marc I am sending an email to your address describing my completely restored 1932 Desoto Roadster. Phil
  6. autoluke

    Ignition coil gets hot

    Many aftermarket replacement coils advertise "internal resistor". Not sure if using these along with a resistor built into the circuit would be overkill. Input ?
  7. autoluke


    Well appreciate your efforts in constructing the blog. Will you include custom creations, ie those speedsters which have been built using various components from many donor cars ?
  8. autoluke

    40 Plymouth sedan delivery street rod

    Spilled my coffee when I first thought this was from Jeff in York County..thought that he might have had a n epiphany.
  9. autoluke


    Repeating Dave's question.. Details on the Cadillac engine ?
  10. autoluke

    1929 Desoto 6 For Sale or trade .

    Can you provide a phone or email contact ?
  11. autoluke


    Want to install a filter in the pre-pump gas line, but need to be certain about the design. The most practical design is available from Moeller , and allows visual inspection, along with a replaceable filter. Anyone have experiences with that type of construction ?
  12. autoluke

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Matt Rather than become upset when dealing with this kind of "buyer", pretend that you are speaking with George on The Seinfeld Show, and have a good laugh.
  13. autoluke

    1920-30s hood lifter? tool?

    Wives old bathrobes are also used in various colors.
  14. autoluke

    Water pump packing

    Matt Your mention of thermostatically controlled hood vents has caught my attention. Exactly what are you working on ? Phil
  15. autoluke

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Why indeed a 1929 roadster. ? Take a look at Harwood's 1931 Chrysler Roadster..a more attractive design, with superb engineering.