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  1. thorsten

    AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    Hello again , it is the computer in the company that is makin me mad.. As you can see putting pictures in ....... is working from here too.. I nearly thought they don´t fit through the electrik lines from germany over to your Place :-) :-) I put some pictures along so you´re able to see what I have here ... Thanks for any Help getting the car complete again.. As you can see , the Auburn was never touched ... it is still like it came in the 70 ´s from Norway. But now it is the time to change it and make it run again... Cheers Thorsten
  2. thorsten

    AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    allright now, I tryed all of what you wrote... I might be just too blond to do it right.. Anything I tryed until now is getting ..... unbelievebel I think , it is this Computer ( at work ) and not the guy in front of it... :-) :-) When I get home I´will try from my computer ... again..
  3. thorsten

    AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    Hi Curti, I had a look into the car today and found the original Carplate including the Information about our car. It might be able to find out a little more about the history to our car. MODEL 680 BM Serial no 2983407 Engine no 6904 ( my problem is that I´m not able to put a picture into this thread , why not ? Maybe I´m doing something wrong. ? Is there anybody who but tell me what to do ??? ) Pictures tell more than writing writing ... Thorsten
  4. thorsten

    AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    Hello again, Thanks for that nice advice joining the ACD . I tryed in the past to do so, but today it worked out allright for me. Maybe it is a little different because of the languade. I will also try in the ACD- Forum to find the parts for our car.. Thanks to everyone . Cheers Thorsten
  5. thorsten

    AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    Hi Curti, thanks for your Answer. No I´m not in the ACD Club, So I won´t be able to get the list of these People. Is it possible that I could get the list from you ? I talked to someone who ouwned a 8-90 // 4 door sedan , just like our , 4 Door Sedan - a few years ago. He told me that all the Auburn 6 and 8 zyl are the same with the Radiator . Our 6 zyl Auburn is maybe the only remaining in germany. There was 20 years ago, another 6 zyl car left in Norway, sitting in a front yard. We tryed allready to relocate the car , but it is maybe gone. ?? Usually these things won´t disapear in norway, but I tryed hard for more then 2 months with the help of norwegian friends to find it back. So I won´t get any parts from there ..... :-( :-( . My hope is to get at least the parts to our car, to make it complete again - with the help of this Forum. cheers Thorsten PS -I tryed to put one or two pics of our car to this forum. It doesn´t work. Maybe I´m just to stupid....
  6. thorsten

    AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    WANT TO BUY PARTS for Auburn 1929 , Typ 6-80 , Serching for Radiator , Radiator package and Radiator surround plus Radiator Cap, Cowllamps Arms, I´m looking for right and left side Cowllamps-Arms. Hubcabs , old /used , there are 2 missing Hubcabs on the car , Winshield Crank , the whole Winshield crank system ist brokenin peaces , incl. the bracket mounted to the car. I do have pictures of the car . If needed I will send you them so you´re able to see what I have here and what I´m looking for. Hello , the car came in the middle of the 70´s from norway nearly complete and is still standing in our place. Now we need the missing parts to make it complete before restauration . I´m thankful for any parts or even tips who I could ask for them. Auburn 6 zyl, Cars are not very common in Europe. There has been some of them in Norway , but they are nearly all gone or not to find. Thanks Thorsten
  7. thorsten

    Willys-Knight Model 70 parts for sale

    Hi Gerg, I´m living in germany. My dad owns a Modell 70 B, 4 Door sedan. He lost , his Headlights, his cow lamps, and the radiator shell in Poland to a guy who took all that stuff for restauration with him....... No comment. So I´m interested in those things to get back, to complete our car again. It has been sitting in the garage for more than 25 years, nobody is taking really attention but I will do so now. Is there any thing you could help me out with ??? I´m looking forward to here from you. all the best thorsten