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  1. need leads for turn signal switch on a 92 can not put bright lights on
  2. Just waiting for registration to come online to so we can register early, and would hope all register so plans can be made accordingly. Ted M
  3. 07 HD

    marvel carb 1931 model 8-57

    OK have cover off float and needle removed anything else to look at or check before putting back together ( one thing not very confident about is carbs and trans) ok I guess that is 2 things Thanks Ted
  4. have gas pouring out of vent hole on top cover of carb
  5. 07 HD

    Just what is involved in this move?

    call AAA tell them the situation they can probably steer you to a AAA contractor who will accept credit cards
  6. at this point don't have a specific year or color in mind 1st gen or silver arrow but something that does not need any body work mechanics I can handle
  7. It is with much sorrow I must say the Riviera I thought would be ours for ever has been sold. The 1967 we have owned and been the care taker of and cared for over 15 years is no longer with us, somebody at a BOP show here in Az. said he had to have it And seeing everything is for sale he paid the price. Now the good news is we are looking for another Riviera the ROA is to much fun to not belong to great people, great meets, just all around great organization. Ted Mielke
  8. 07 HD

    2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    ted mielke fountain hills, az
  9. cant find anywhere what the tire pressure should be on a 1931 model 8-5 7
  10. 07 HD

    2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    my name is Ted M. I and my wife have just purchased a 1931 model 57 and would love to attend pwd dinner/ so I guess that means 2
  11. 07 HD

    FOR SALE: 1931 Buick Model 8-57

    No, the i'll buy it Monday man did not.
  12. 07 HD

    NOS Hood Ornament

  13. 07 HD

    NOS Hood Ornament

    for sale NOS Hood ornament number on piece says 01253777 - 1977 Electra,and 01255161 1977-1979 LeSabre., Comes in original box. no numbers on box piece is perfect in every way MAKE OFFER. contact Ted @ 67rivi@gmail, SHIPPING to U.S.5.00
  14. 07 HD

    FOR sale original 1928 buick 120

    Any pictures of this amazing auto. Engine turns. but no start?
  15. WTB Set of hood hinge springs for a 1967 Riviera email Ted @ 67rivi@gmail.com