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  1. Gump159

    1931 REO Royale Victoria 4 Sale

    I should have posted it here too....but up in the CCA Forum under for sale is the car and info. It will also go on later on
  2. Where does the wire from the generator go to? I have it going up to the back of the amp meter, but which side does it land? Thanks for your help...
  3. Gump159

    1931 REO Royale Victoria 8-35

    Nice looking door handle, but it is not for a Royale. Royales have a 180 degree swept back curve. Thanks for thinking of me.....
  4. Gump159

    Need info on 1931 Flying Cloud

    The flat grill, louvre pattern and wood spokes make me think it may be a 29 or 30. The serial number is for the body...most likely by "Murray". The serial number for the car can be found on the top left frame rail, just inside the engine compartment.
  5. OK, Here is the story.... In 1982 I bought a 1931 REO Royale Victoria 8-35 in Argentina and had it shipped to Seattle. It took a little fresh gas and a new battery and the car fired right up. I drove it around for a while then started a frame up restoration. This car was originally purchased and shipped to Argentina by an ESSO executive and remained in his possession until WWII, then owned and driven daily by the same gent until I bought it. The good news and the bad news: The soft top was replaced and welded in solid The original trunk was replaced with a lid The spokes on the wire wheels were tacked in place on the rim There were some rust out spots in the fenders and battery box Most of the body wood was replaced in Seattle, the original wood is still intact and available There were a number of small dents here and there (running boards) All of the paint has been stripped and primered gray The seats have been re-upholstered twice (3 layers of covering) Extra: Engine and transmission Running boards (Amateur restoration) Headlights (originals were converted to sealed beam) Taillights & stantions (complete with the correct lenses both clear and red) An assortment of literature, including a copy/copy of a shop manual Missing: Title and Registration One exterior door handle One fender light Clock Some of the Detroit Lubricator fittings Trunk box Hub caps and wheel covers (I have one "Lyon" cover) This car is in my garage in Seattle and I have now lived in Dallas for several years, my interests have changed and I am considering selling this car. I have no recent pictures of any of the restoration/disassembly, I can only tell you what I remember of it. The car was taken apart and the nuts & bolts were put in labeled boxes and pieces preserved as best we could. I may be able to get someone in the shop to take some pictures of the body/parts and In twenty five years I have seen only one Victoria in restorable condition come up for sale, Hemmings could find records of no other Victoria since this one (Sept/Aug 82). The current Old Car price guide (June 09) lists the value of this car as described between a #6 at $1280 to #5 at $3840. Gents, let me be real frank here, I won't even consider letting go of this fine car at these prices. Particularly when I see a fender light sell on E Bay for $410. I have no intention of "Parting Out" this car, I'd leave it in the garage for another 25 years first. It will not be practical and I have no interest in flying to Seattle and show this fine car to a bunch of "Looky Leweys" but I will make the trip with a substantial deposit on hand. I realize this is right up there with “Buying a Pig in the Polk”, but maybe something can be worked out. If you are interested or need to learn more info, please start a dialog via this posting or e-mail me at What I propose is this, if you are interested in owning and completing the restoration of this car to it's full potential, make me an offer based on these points: This is a restorable & extremely rare (5 to 7 known to exist), Classic Automobile as listed by The CCCA. I will certainly consider all offers that are reasonable based on the preceding information. Thank you for your interest and understanding.
  6. Gump159

    1932 REO Royale convertiable coupe

    If I recall correctly, the Serial number is stamped on the top frame rail, left side of the engine compartment. 6S1 to 1509 is 1932 It is possible this car is a Royale 6...serial number will be 7S-100 and up, I don't think very much has been published about it. If it is a Royale 8 the serial number will be 35N 2712 to 35N 2875. Always glad to talk REO Royale.
  7. How do I arrive at a fair price for a 1931 REO Royale Victoria???? This car has been driven but now in pieces with a long restoration in progress. Many extra parts (2 engine & trans, running boards, lights, etc) but missing some small pieces (door handle, hubcaps, one fender light). I'm not looking to get greedy but the price guide seams a little low for a car I've only seen one for sale in over 25 years. All help and comments appreciated.....Thanks Gump
  8. Gump159

    Rarity of restorable 1930 Reo Flying cloud

    Does it have to be a 1930 Flying Cloud? Just curious to see if there are other cars you would consider....