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  1. JAK

    Greyhound Radiator Cap Identity Sought

    Looks like 31 to 34 Lincoln to me but hard to tell with out the base, 31 has different threads.
  2. Lincoln parts manual for 1933/34 wanted. Thanks John Kelso
  3. 1933 /34 Parts book wanted. Thanks John Kelso
  4. 1932 Cadillac V12 Convertible Coupe cowl band, good condition, may fit others. Also set of head lamp lenses. Lenses $80 for set. Cowl band $225. Can deliver to Hershey if anyone is interested. John Kelso McConnellsburg, Penna.
  5. Left over, 1932 Cadillac V12 convertible coupe cowl band and a set of headlamp lenses. $80 for set of lenses and $225 for cowl band. Will bring to Hershey if anyone is interested. John Kelso McConnellsburg, Penna
  6. JAK

    Delco-Remy shocks Stutz?

    Sold, Thanks
  7. Turtle deck ready for paint , did not use it put a pickup bed on,can deliver to Hershey space C4S 28 pictures available, $500 John Kelso McConnellsburg, Pa.
  8. JAK

    1926/27/28 Stutz gravel guard

    Stutz AA or BB gravel guard, was removed from a 1927 AA. One small ding at the top. $125, will deliver to Hershey space C4S 28 John Kelso
  9. Removed from a 1927 Stutz . Overall pretty nice condition, one small ding near the top. $125 delivery to Hershey space C4S 28
  10. JAK

    Steam Powered Packard

    Stanley condensing car engine(post 15) most likely boiler from same car. Entry fee would be the cheapest part of this project
  11. JAK

    1931 Gardner Sport Roadster - Restored

    The colors were a strictly a Jacobwitz choice, I know that because I applied them in the early 80's
  12. JAK

    1931 Buick Literature 2 pieces

    Still available can deliver to Hershey space C4S 28 if interested. John Kelso