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  1. Bijur Filters

    Have you looked on the Bijur site?
  2. Lincoln L series question

    We have a 1924 L touring car and love it. Early Lincolns are amazing cars, good luck
  3. Having been on tour last summer in our Lincoln Touring and getting caught in the rain, I can tell you David is right, makes the job so much easier and quicker.
  4. Rotisserie wanted

    I'm in McConnellsburg, I'll PM you.
  5. Rotisserie wanted

    Shipping cost was calculated to me at $711 I did consider making one but after figuring the cost of raw material to build what I want it simply didn't make sense. I've found with the limited time I have left I'd rater spend it on the car instead of building a rotisserie, 30 years ago I probably would have built it But thanks for the suggestion
  6. Rotisserie wanted

    Thank you, Certainly what I'm looking for but Cincinnati is a bit far for me.
  7. Rotisserie wanted

    Thanks,yes I've been checking.
  8. Rotisserie wanted

    Anyone have or know of a rotisserie for sale within 150 miles of South Central Pennsylvania? Thanks
  9. Rotisserie wanted

    Thank you, will do
  10. Rotisserie wanted

    Anybody know of a rotisserie for sale in or near South Central Pennsylvania. If I'm in the wrong section let me know. Thanks
  11. Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    Looks like it has a rear bumper from an Auburn using a rear trunk? Shouldn't speedster have a closer rear bumper bar? Just asking?
  12. K8096 it is a 36 not exactly the year I was looking for but its growing on me a lot. I knew a Lincoln guy would recognize it!
  13. I don't necessarily agree with a lot of these comments. I grew up in a time when there weren't many restoration shops You restored a car because you wanted to do it, same as building model airplanes or fishing, saving a piece of history was more the reward than profit. Have always bought projects and love the challenge, fortunately I enjoy doing my own work. I did have to chuckle at some of the pictured project cars, I just bought this project and am looking forward to working on it. By far not the worst I ever bought and restored, am sure I'll need some parts help
  14. 1929 lincoln parts wanted

    Try Joe Rogers in Barto, Pennsylvania he is listed in the LOC