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  1. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Thanks Jeff, Some fellow LOC members made me aware of this car. Certainly has the look but too many issues.
  2. 1936 Lincoln K

    Looking for 1936 Lincoln K, sedan, parts car, engine ,gauges. What have you. Thanks John
  3. Wooden wheels

    Have had Calimer's do wheels for me for several years. The attention to detail and quality is beyond reproach. Never had an issue with shrinkage and after years of running the paint was a good as the day it was applied. Bought a set made by Stutzman's and although the price was good the quality was not that of Calimers.
  4. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Thanks John, I saw his touring on the Vintage Tour, nice car but too similar to my 24 to be of interest.
  5. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Thanks Carl. I think the development of the Leland Lincoln engine has been well covered by the Lincoln Owners Club in the Fork and Blade over the past years. So far as a comparing it to a Cadillac V8 I doubt it. I will probably incur the wrath of Cadillac disciples here but in my humble opinion a pre war Lincoln is a much better built car than a Cadillac. I can say this with a bit of knowledge because a couple of years ago I bought a 1929 Cadillac, and own a 1924 Lincoln still do . The Cadillac was appealing because of the transmission and four wheel brakes. The Lincoln had set the standard for me and the build quality of the Cadillac was very disappointing, so much so it was soon sold. Just my opinion.
  6. 1936 Lincoln K wanted any condition. 1935 considered Thanks John Kelso
  7. 1936 Lincoln K

    1936 Lincoln K wanted, older restoration ,unrestored, what have you. Anything considered. Thanks
  8. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Thanks Ed, Since I do most of my own work it takes some of the bite out of it, I like to work and really enjoy the challenge and learning experience. Seems a mystery where Mr. Passy's cars went.
  9. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Hi Mike, Yes those locks came from me, I was pretty heavy into those 31 to 33 Auburns and made quite a few parts. I regret having that part get away although I retained a few things. Thanks for the offer of the Franklin, fine cars, but I have a 24 Lincoln and its such a great car I think I'll stick with looking for a K.
  10. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Ed, I guess technical Pennsylvania is under Mass. so yes, if you mean way down under, an Aussie I'm not.
  11. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Hi Mike , never knew being able to swing a hammer would do that. Thanks , have a great Holiday season. John
  12. Lincoln Model K

    John, I must say I shared that same sentiment until I had a long talk with my son and discovered the advantage. He made a valid point that there are many people out there like me who aren't computer oriented and would never visit a forum of any kind but do facebook on their phone. In addition you do not have to share anything. Since my time is getting shorter and my quest has not been successful thus far I'm willing to give it a try The Lincoln Owners facebook page is much more active than the forum so perhaps my son was right. I can't help but think there are projects out there and I'd like to find one. So I'm giving it a try. I'll say who ever is running that page is doing a great job.
  13. Lincoln Model K

    Thank you for the offer but I've never done facebook
  14. Lincoln Model K

    Thank you, have known Tom for quite a while, one of good guys in my humble opinion.
  15. Lincoln model K

    Lincoln Model K any open body style any condition considered