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  1. Came across this correspondence while sorting through some Auburn books I've had for 40 years. This should answer that often ask question ,when did they change to the new Tenite steering wheel, can I upgrade my car and how much will it cost?
  2. I have an 31 to 33 8 cylinder head and distributor if that will help as I recall the casting is a GU number on the head. John Kelso McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
  3. Have 2 pieces of 31 Buick series 50, one color foldout and one larhge color book approximately 40 pages. Also some early Stanley
  4. JAK

    1967 Jaguar XKE Roadster

    Funny thing Keiser31 I had the same dream about the same time I saw a 1962, got my first E Type in 1970. Never understood the negative publicity, if you can read a manual and own some tools(manual tells you how to make the special ones) it behaves like a proper motor car, or maybe I'm still in that dream world my wife says I retreat to.
  5. JAK

    1924 to 1934 Lincoln

    Hi Linus, Your right I really didn't want another L since I have one that I really like. But I haven't had much luck finding a K Convertible Coupe or Roadster. There are some very pretty L roadsters out there as well as the Lebaron Convertible Coupe so I thought I'd give that a try as well. I could sum it up by saying the placement of the top when down is most important to me. I really like the 31 and thought perhaps a 29 or 30 L was close. I'm looking pretty much for my last project and ideal it would be a K. Have had chances at Packards and some Cadillac but they don't interest me. Perhaps I need to offer a finders fee, any help would be greatly appreciated, could you post something of the Lincoln Page. Thanks, John
  6. JAK

    1924 to 1934 Lincoln

    Still looking for a Lincoln Roadster or Convertible Coupe 29 to 34 Thanks, John
  7. JAK

    Lebaron body information

    Thanks Ed, checking the frame for alignment was one of the first things I did. Attached is a picture of a project I did a couple years ago, 1927 Yellow Coach Fifth Avenue Bus. One of 4 buses I've done. Cars are much easier. Wasn't I with the stuck clutch problem. Thanks, John
  8. I am repairing the wood in a 1936 Lincoln Lebaron body and have come across some issues. The first picture shows the right side with glove box door wood removed. Looking closely you will notice at the front of the horizontal piece the rod for the rumble seat latch passing through, the hole cut through this area took about three quarters of the strength of the wood. There is also a piece of wood passing left to right on the body supporting the wood that supports the top of the frame for the body but does not attach to any wood at the sides. The second picture shows reinforcement plates added to the deck, the one in front is under the upholstery and also under the flat board supporting the seat back.It has been observed that these plates were hand drilled and only countersunk where screwed were placed. There were three screws located under this plate, as shown in picture three. The fourth picture shows the left side with the same added pieces. In the fifth picture, showing the left side, the horizontal piece is sagging somewhat but when in place its bottom lines up with the top of the vertical piece. There is no evidence they were ever attached and to further complicate things from the saw marks it appears there was a cutout in the horizon piece where they should have met. looking to the right side of this picture you will also notice the left side of the piece going left to right that I mentioned earlier. I am no stranger to wood bodies but this is the first Lebaron and the newest I've worked on. This body is #11 so it is midway in the production. I expect to make some alterations to the wood such as making sure its all tied together and structurally sound, at this point it is fairly easy and I think will make a better job in the end. Thoughts? Thanks John Kelso
  9. Two pieces of 1931 Buick literature, one fold out the other a 47 page color book. Many great pictures. $125 for both plus shipping. If more information needed let me know. John Kelso
  10. JAK

    Stuck clutch disc

    Would suggest opening the shed door. Many years ago my Dad tried this with an Auburn 8. Winter time, door down, pipe on exhaust, brake set. He didn't realize the dog was worn on the brake lever and when he got it in gear the car lurched forward, and through the door. Came to a stop across the alley against the neighbors garage with our garage door very nicely resting on top of it. I was about 13 and it was the funniest thing I ever saw, my Dad was not amused.
  11. JAK

    36 brake shoe problems

    19Tom40 thanks for that bit of information, spoke with them yesterday and they can do my 1936 K shoes. Seem to be good folks. John
  12. JAK

    WTB 1931 Buick Front Bumper 50 series

    I have a radiator and shell, 2 rear fenders for a coupe/roadster,set of headlamps with bar and golf club door lock with key and two pieces of literature for the 31 series 50 cars. Extras from a car I restored. John Kelso McConnellsburg, Pa.
  13. JAK

    1936 Lincoln K brake lining

    Been so log since I worked on anything newer than 1915 I hadn't considered this. That probably explains why no body has been interested in my extra brake rivet machine. I'll check them out. Thanks for the help.
  14. Need a set of brake linings for a 1936 Lincoln K, please note not the same as Zephyr Thank you , John Kelso
  15. Looking for a set of brake linings for a 1936 Lincoln K please note they are not the same as Zephyr Thanks, John Kelso