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  1. George Albright

    Flathead Cadillac engines for sale

    Any other cars or parts in the estate being sold? Thanks George albright 3528431624 weekdays
  2. Price reduction $500. Thanks George
  3. Price reduction to $500. Thanks George
  4. Yes still available. Thanks George
  5. George Albright

    A strange 39 Chevy

    Probably a customizing company’s brochure of one of their creations. I did not google the company . George Albright
  6. Hi Dave. Sorry as is. Came out of a fully restored running car. Will accept $500 for it. We can find a Hauler on uship. Thanks George
  7. Still looking thanks George
  8. George Albright

    WNTD: 1903-05 Orient Buckboard car,parts,engines. Leads?

    Leads? Thanks George
  9. George Albright

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Morning Dave. What is the status of the motor? Thanks George Albright
  10. George Albright

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Great guys at the AACA forum! Thanks George
  11. George Albright

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Its not a Pitenpol engine. Much cruder. Possibly one off. Still needs to be in the Model T Museum in Richmond Indiana,in my opinion. Happy to buy it and donate it straight to the museum from the seller. Cheers,George Albright
  12. George Albright

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Sounds good. My offer still stands regardless. The museum would be a great place for it. Cheers,George
  13. George Albright

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Dave if u will accept my $500 for the engine I will immediately donate it to the Ford Model T Museum in Richmond Indiana. National Model T Club board member and friend Steve Ellis of Ocala said he would assist in making it happen.Steve said it’s a display piece because there are several design flaws he sees that would cause problems with making it operable.i am available today after 11. Thanks George Albright 3528431624
  14. George Albright

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Wonderful. Any weekdays 10-4 EST works for me. Looking forward to it. Sincerely George