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  1. JustDave

    Rickenbacker needed for an article

    There one for sale on inland empire calif craigslist cheap money sounds like a good project
  2. JustDave

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Hello Bernie,paint it with a good camel hairbrush and single stage paint,let it set for a week or so sand it with some 500 grit and repaint it save the money for the next project,just my 2 cents
  3. JustDave

    Someone who you didn't acknowledge

    Thanks for the info,word of mouth is the best advertisement
  4. How about a picture of the car and speedo
  5. JustDave

    Need help identifying a chassis

    Tomorrow I’ll get pics of my moon frame and post them looks very similar,can you tell me the size of the wheels,preferably tire size if there is any, Dave
  6. JustDave

    Need help identifying a chassis

    My 1927 moon has external hydraulic brakes,mine is the small 660 series,the larger Diana may have had buffalo wheels,if you can text me some pics from your phone maybe I can post them, dave. 909 980 5766
  7. JustDave

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Hello Bernie. That is looking fabulous glad to see another one coming back to life,and I personally speak for myself.i don’t want to hear this being the last one,I believe it’s people like yourself with that take no prisoner attitude that keeps this hobby alive and brings the dead back to life,good luck hope to be watching in the future, Dave
  8. JustDave

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    About 2 or 3 years after I purchased my first devaux I stopped to look at a 31 Studebaker sedan,I was talking to the old man and I told him I had a 31 Devaux Coupe,he said wait a moment jumped up and went in the house about 2 minutes later came back and handed me an original owners manual,he said here take this I’ll never own another devaux,after that webacame good friends I’d stop and see him every couple of months,one time he told me he was moving to Oregon and while cleaning up he found a 19 inch devaux wheel and hubcap,said he needed 25.00 for them,I couldn’t get the money. Out of my pocket fast enough, Dave
  9. If you have an jempty acetylene bottle you may try rolling it that way
  10. JustDave

    53 pontiac clutch stuck

    First have someone push the pedal and make sure it’s stuck,then remove the lower inspection cover and have someone push the clutch pedal in and take a putty knife and try to push it between the flywheel and the clutch disk, Dave
  11. Hello joe ,are the cylinders finished,I believe your going to make your own rods and pistons,I’m only asking because if you have to deck the cylinders or machine any surfaces will that change the dimensions on the manifold, by the way great work as always,please make a video when it’s time for the first start up, Dave
  12. JustDave

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Hello everyone, in the mid to late 60 s there was a gentleman named charlie zero in Pomona calif,he was a body shop manager at a local Chevy dealer,an older gentleman that was my mentor so to speak, more like a second dad,he was a good friend of charlie’s mr hoe took me to charlie’s one Saturday,in this old garage on an alley they showed me charlie’s cars,he had a cut down 34 Chevy that looked like an m.g, t.d. A black 48 Lincoln Continental with an olds engine,then charlie pulled the cover back an I saw black Duesenberg,this car as I remember was a mid to late 30 s I guess you would call it a town car,I remember charlie saying he payed 2500 for it after World War Two,he said he spent a lot of time putting a hand rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer paint job of about 40 coats,some time early to mid 70 s charlie got sick and mr hoe brokered a deal for 151.000 At that time,if this sounds familiar to anyone I would like to see pics of the car today
  13. JustDave

    Chrome powder coating vs real chrome

    I remember looking at some chrome powder oat about 10 to 15 years ago while doing a Indian motorcycle resto,a friend came by about a month ago with a roll bar for a dune buggy,big difference,he said the powder coating suppliers are working night and day trying to perfect it,give it a couple years and they should have it perfected, Dave
  14. JustDave

    1931 devaux 6-75 custom coupe

    Thanks guys The scammers have already reared there ugly head,I know devaux parts are scarce but there is some out there, I will probably be interested in anything devaux,but do need a fiew parts for certain,watch out guys the scammers are out and about
  15. JustDave

    Scammers again

    I’ll tell ya he almost had me,if it wasn’t for him telling me he had the continental kit instead of the spare tire brkt and the luggage rack off the same car,that started me thinking,then he said he had a double bar frt bumper,devaux had a single bar,then he said he had the list of parts in his truck,well he said he was at his late fathers house where the parts are,I would go out and describe parts while looking at them,then he tells me of a devaux cabriolet in Phoenix,I only know of 2 in the states both in Michigan,just glad I picked up on it and didn’t loose a deal