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  1. Hi All- On a 1949 Buick 76c is the upper grill molding hard to find? ( this is the part that is by the hood and the grill about 1 inch wide Or is it easier to have it re chromed? The molding is in place ,I thought that it might be easier to have it re chromed or get a new one that is all finished. What do you call it and where can I get one if I want one? Thank you for your help Al Storrs
  2. 1953 Buick Special 41D

    Hi- Where is car located? Thank you Al Storrs
  3. Looking for 41 Roadmaster universal joint

    Hi Earl- Did you try Doug Seybold ? He may have it or can tell where to fine one. I hope this helps. Merry Christmas Al Storrs
  4. 1941 Buick Survives Pearl Harbor

    Hi All- The late.Lewis Jenkins did restore the 39 Buick special convertible . And got the car to a AACA 1st Jr and Sr. award . Fyi Al Storrs and Got it to
  5. 1964-1983 Buicks For Sale

    Hi- Can you tell me the location of the cars? (as per guide lines) Thank You Al Storrs
  6. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Brian- Are you going to take some day time photos of the car around the homestead? Very nice car I hope you have fun with the car. Al Storrs
  7. The Passing of Bob Coker

    This is a sad time for the AACA and the BCA family I meet Bob at the Great Race that came to the AACA Museum for a over night stop. Rest in peace Bob Al Storrs
  8. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Brian- The 38 is a nice car. Is the 38 in North Carolina yet? And are you going to show it or is it your tour car? Congrats. Al Storrs
  9. Annie- Great photos thanks for sharing. Al Storrs
  10. Can anyone identify these carburetors?

    Matt- Try Charlie Potts in Reading Pa. He may be able to help you or may know someone that will . ( he has no computer) He also has a 1955 Chevy that is a AACA Grand National winner. Hope this helps Al Storrs
  11. My "new" 1941 Buick Roadmaster 71

    Earl- Congrats. on getting the 41 Buick . Did you get the car at Hershey last week? Al Storrs

    Hi Brian- It was good to see you on Saturday. Congrats. on getting your Sr. award at Hershey. Al Storrs
  13. RM sotheby auctions

    Hi- They have the results from Hershey Auction on there web site .You should go to the result on there web page. Hope this helps Al Storrs
  14. Hi- I think it is on Boathouse Rd follow the signs on Hershey park Drive. You must have checked the box when you register the car. Or Park the trailer at your hotel if there is room. Hope this helps Al Storrs
  15. Hi- Ask that question at the flea market enterance when you come to the flea market. Hope this helps Al Storrs