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  1. White metal bearings

    Measure the clearances carefully and accurately...if good and in spec and the bearings look good.. use them. Cleanliness is a absolute must! Grey is OK.... copper.? pitting and voids..... no no
  2. 14,000 Spark Plugs For Sale -- Inexpensive!!!!!!

    What's the price?
  3. Great pictures....Thanks!!!
  4. I do live in the "Great Northwest"...lota bears here too! We have to know all about bears. and mountain lions too. Oh and cougars.
  5. Not a Dodge but!!

    I betcha if it runs it will have brakes! That's as long as the unloader isn't stuck or a broken copper line. Cool truck!
  6. You are making this too difficult in the way you play. No need for you to comment. A picture and part# is the way to sell parts on a website IMO. I have purchased many many parts fast that way. No BS to go through.
  7. I like the grille's in 49's! Not the turn signal lever so much... always seem to come loose
  8. That's great! Whats it in..... a 49 Chrysler Windsor?
  9. 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Fuel supply problem

    Does the gas tank filler tube have the smell of old gas? An old low mileage car like that sat a lot to have only that mileage. There is a "Oilite" fuel filter in the tank... non serviceable. Could be plugging up. Also the flex hose at the fuel pump could be cracked and sucking air. Also a bad fuel pump as mentioned. Your car could have been one sold from a Texas dealership owner years ago that never sold a bunch of 1952-55 Mopar cars...all extremely low mileage back in the mid to late 70's as I remember. Good luck with your car!
  10. The Single terminal interrupter switch is correct for 1946-48 chrysler M-5 transmissions. I assure you this is correct!!!!!! I have worked many many of the 1946-48 Chryslers and own several of these cars from Royals to Town and Country's.
  11. 1929 timing chain

    Then and Now Auto Parts/ Antique Parts Cellar...... http://www.then-no...,,w-auto.com/ is another good place for old engine parts.
  12. 1929 timing chain

    Time to go to O' Reilly's for a new timing chain set!
  13. Factory Options in 40s & 50s

    I have never seen a continental kit on a 1946-49 or 1950 Chrysler T&C... ever. I would like to see a picture of one.
  14. The free wheeling section pics!.... The free wheeling gear, roller brass retainer and ramps on the countershaft gear all need to have minimal wear as I'm sure you are aware of. This will help prevent wrap up in the drive train!
  15. I've had some late 50's/early 60's Chrysler Imperials and a 35 CW Airflow that the drums come loose with a sudden dangerous bang and would have landed on the shop floor. I usually just grab the drum and backing plate with my left hand to prevent the drum from popping off the tapered axles as I have done this so many times over the years. If you have one pop off onto the floor you will never forget it.