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  1. WOW! That's a real MoPar stash!!!!
  2. Awesome nice job! What kind of welding rod? One continuous weld with out stopping? Did you use heat to expand the end joint to remove the end piece? We'd like to see the finished product! At the least...I would!!
  3. 1954 Plymouth front left fender

    WOW !
  4. RARE Barrett Brake Dokter for sale on Craigslist

    I used to use the brake doctor years back in working on cars... was a good tool but very messy in the shop. A old friend still has this tool. Now days I use a Ammco Safe Arc shoe grinder on mine and some friends brake shoes. Shoes must be arc'd on all the old lockheed and fixed anchor type brakes to work properly.
  5. Price is right... it's in Portland Ore.....The owner has had many 1946-52 Mopars too. Choke mount is correct. No counter weight It needs very careful packing for shipping. I had a friend who bought one only to find it broken.... he paid $800.00 for a 47 convert NY'er
  6. Any pictures of the other two T&C's?
  7. Those 1950 T&C's came from the factory with four wheel "Ausco Lambert" disc brakes. Usually they ended up being replaced with NewYorker 12" drum brakes as parts for the disc brakes were very costly to repair and parts were hard to come by.
  8. Does the car still have the disc brakes on it?
  9. Best to get another one. As mentioned no brazing. I have heard of mig.. quick cold one triggers..... cool and lightly peen each tiny weld spot ..i wouldn't do it. Then if the manifold needs to be surfaced!!!! Both the intake and the exhaust need to be surfaced bolted together with the four through bolts @ the heat riser mounting... that heat riser gasket mounting area is also prone to deep pitting and rust. It can leak there too... then that area needs machining. There are a couple different designs of these exhaust manifolds too.. the electric choke mounting pad fore and aft or sideways....1949-50 that oval choke machined pad area is running front to rear...1946-48 the choke is turned sideways. There is an adapter plate that takes care of this issue. Make one or find one if you end up needing one. On and on it goes with one of these manifold jobs on a Chrysler straight "8" !
  10. Ya keep diggin and you find more issues!!!! Oh those manifolds are a costly pain in the you know what! I use a thin universal joint or a extension wobbly with a thin 9/16" socket on the straight "8" Chrysler manifolds to do the tight bolts and nuts.. That's a very common crack spot too. The spot yours cracked can be caused by stress at the 2-1/2" header pipe improperly adjusted with the bracket attached at the bell housing or a poorly replaced muffler stressing on the header pipe. The three manifold sections are supposed to slide in and out of each other but over the years get rusted together and then the ends or end "wings" crack because the block studs prevent fore and aft expansion and contraction.The manifold three sections are fitted together at the three joints with a slight pipe taper so to speak and these joints are meant to move independently of each other. It they don't the manifolds crack at the center or at the end pieces. Trying to heat these tapered joints sometimes works and the two end pieces can be pulled out to be cleaned up at the joint... other times the thin areas at the joints will crack!... Real bad. I have replaced many of these manifolds over the years.
  11. Exhaust flow pressure against the heat riser flap plate... counter weight, size of the Bi-metallic spring, heat calibration of the spring, are just some of the things to take into account of how soon or how late the heat riser plate opens, closes etc. The engineers probably did a lot of testing to get it right. Just sayin........ The stop is a anti-rattle/knock damper and stop. Yes you should be able to make one. These eights are different than the sixes in sizing. AMS used to have the springs for the 8...$$$$$$$ In hot country no need for a heat riser really. But to fix the car right fix it
  12. I had a couple partial kits for the straight eights. These heat riser kits are not reproduced for the 323 "8's"
  13. That kit on ebay is missing critical parts.
  14. No weight/spring and dampers on your Heat riser shaft? I have had to replace repair these 8 cylinder manifolds... proper OE parts are very hard to find...
  15. 1943-54 Chrysler Windsor 6

    What # size is that 265 IND bell housing?