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  1. c49er

    Ring Gear RIvets

    Fine thread grade 8 bolts as shown above... not course.
  2. c49er

    1949 Chrysler stalling

    How long have you owned the car? Did the car use to down shift OK before? Is the transmission wiring all original and in good condition? Does the engine idle really smooth in nuetral?
  3. c49er

    Piston question

    Pretty soon no one will know what the word "manpower" means.
  4. c49er

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    Bud Meadows was also on 128th and Aurora Ave N. The early 60's building is still there. I watched it being built on my way to school.
  5. c49er

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    A couple Pontiac dealers until I can remember more.. Central Pontiac.. Downtown Bud Meadows Pontiac.. N. Seattle Totem Pontiac..
  6. c49er

    collector cars in California fire

    I very well remember that gas station just off Aurora Ave. Gus Cooper's. It always remided me to be careful with drop/shop lights and gas tanks...the station is still there too.
  7. It's the matching Timken # 2736 race that's the expensive part of c39 rear axle bearing replacement. It ought to cost $6500.00 by this high $ E-bay hoser. Cheapest race I could find was $76.00 I have bougt several of these eight cylinder rear axle bearing cones and races but never spent over $40.00 a side.
  8. c49er

    1949 Chrysler windsor

    Get the factory shop manual for the 1949 and 50 Chrysler...easy to find online and use it to repair fix your car. There are four different adjustment procedures on your external E-brake band and cable. Check your cable at the bell housing @ the cross member for fraying damage separation too.
  9. I hope that straight eight has enough omph to pull the load🙂
  10. I late 1947 the Chrysler New Yorker, T&C's etc went to the 8.20 Super Cushion Good Year tires. This also required a new part# rear wider rear fender and 6.00" wide wheels. The shop manual and Factory "Data book only show the 7.50 tires. I have this data if you really need it.
  11. c49er

    39 Chrysler Brakes all new, NO PEDAL?? and Short car history!!

    Drive it and wear in the shoes to the drums. As they shoes wear the pedal will drop.. Re-adjust the 8 brake shoes and the brake pedal will get higher and firmer as the shoes wear and fit to the drums 100%. Slow mans way of arc fitting the shoes to the drums.
  12. c49er

    1948 Dodge Transmission Question

    It was just a slightly modified gear ratio 3 speed with a air cooled torque converter fed with engine oil that wasn't the most reliable invention MoPar put out! 1953-54