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  1. Don't forget the M5 transmission wiring circuit if it's still even in the car.
  2. Pictures needed!
  3. 1949-52 Mopar cars...
  4. More and more of the M-5 and M-6 transmissions are needing internal repairs now days... I sure have done enough of them... parts are too hard to get now.. blocker ring and sleeve packages, 12 tooth input shafts. oil pumps ect...
  5. I have also seen FTD Hemi cars with bad Torque Converters that couldn't get out of their way just like Plymouths HyDrive cars that were a sure loser with the Hy-Drive torque converter..
  6. How about a liquimatic transmission?!!!
  7. People seem to never fully understand these Fluid Drive/ Hy-Drive/ Fluid-Torque Drive/ Tip-Toe Shift/ Presto-Matic/ Hydraulically Operated Transmission/ Vaca-Matic / Simpli-Matic / M-4/ M-5 / UnderDrive and on and on.....Why don't people understand these transmissions?
  8. M-6 Hi-Lo 4 speed ransmissions are all direct in high range... no OD at all. The optional Fluid Torque Drive of course is a typical Non Lockup torque converter and does have a typical clutch assembly connected to the rear of it so you can shift into High or Low range and also reverse at stops and while driving (High/Low) range shifts.. For the auto upshifts or downshifts with the M-6 transmission no clutch pedal operation is required. Six cylinder cars and Dodge V8 cars with the optional Torque Converters are engine fed using up to 12 Quarts of engine oil. Most all Chrysler and DeSoto's with FTD have their own torque converter sump and are filled through a access cover at the top of the extended bell housing if ever needed. Simple to service and not often.. The six cylinder cars just to change the oil you have to drain the engine and the separate Torque converter.... a major pain in the you know what and 12 quarts of oil too!
  9. A picture to show the cooler lines on a Fluid Torque Drive Hemi Chrysler with the M-6 Transmission.....The standard Hemi with the Fluid Drive Coupling will have no cooler lines or a oil pan under the coupling...
  10. M6 Trans coupled to Fluid Torque Drive... isn't there a small cooler at the drivers side front of the engine with the two cooler lines connected to it? Should be...Typical Chrysler 1951-53 Hemi with FTD option.
  11. 39Desoto on the P15-D24 forum rents his 1750 out...
  12. EGGE or "Then and Now Automotive"..... AKA...... Antique Parts Cellar" 781-335-8860
  13. DOT 5 When agitated rapidly (such as the on/off cycling of ABS valves) silicone-based brake fluid foams excessively. Foaming causes the same behavior as if there were air in the lines...so once ABS engages, you're suddenly not stopping. Up to 4-5 Times as expensive as DOT 3 or 4!
  14. Because it does not work well with ABS braking systems. Also 5.1 is the highest temperature rated Glycol Ether brake fluid...higher than DOT 3 or 4 fluids. All 3 absorb water quickly. DOT 5 is a silicone based fluid not associated at all with DOT 3, 4 or 5.1 The military uses DOT 5 silicone fluids.