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  1. 4 bolt 2-1/2" pipe exhaust dump outs are 1946 on up to 1950.
  2. You should check out the complete system...or at least someone with good mechanical ability. Probably wheel cylinders and master cylinder need disassembly /cleaning etc. Then porper adjustment of shoes.
  3. No... that the tall pipes were needed for possibly hauling a tall trailer. I have seen kids and their diesel PU's with an amazing array of goofy looking pipes..... I guess I'm over the hill and out of touch with a lot of things!
  4. Nice pipes on the COE ....till he forgets about them!
  5. The 1951 6 cyl Windsor has no FTD. The engine is a 251 not a 265... the radiator is different as is the rear end( 10 spline axles versus 16 spline), Dash board is redesigned slightly. Driveshaft and gas tank are different...rear springs are different .All the body parts are different. The 1953-54 chrysler models had a lot of major changes from 1951 models. ..........and more and more just cannot remember!
  6. I stated to do a compression test just to see if you have a real low reading cylinder and maybe that was the cause IE a stuck valve? I would just do a quick and simple with out adding oil. I never do. If you have a low one you have enough trouble.... adding oil and raising the compression reading usually means bad rings .... meaning engine rebuild time.
  7. You need to do a compression test.... throttle held wide open.
  8. Geez... To turn the engine over with the fan... Make sure the belt is tightened properly....push down on the belt with your right thumb firmly.....pull top fan blade towards you... I do it all the time on all sizes of the MoPar flatheads...
  9. Eight cars have a 11" OD of cap.
  10. Eight cylinder cars have a bigger inside diameter than 6 cylinder cars except the C38 T&C as I recall. As I recall.............7-1/2" for Six and 7-3/4" ID for eight cylinder cars. That diameter should be checked to be checked to be sure
  11. Simple way.... set the anchor bolts to factory original setting.....have the shoes ACCURATELY arced to fit each drum.. .install shoes....... adjust shoes using only the upper adjusting cam. Done
  12. Junk the truck and clean the site up!