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  1. Saratoga's aren't all that rare but have the hemi like the N-Yorkers.
  2. Only made a couple hundred NewYorker wagons! There was one I knew of here in the Seattle area that disappeared last time I went to look at it.
  3. Kick down switch parts that are in your Carter carb.....
  4. The factory Chrysler knob has a red crown in the end of it.
  5. That looks like a 1946-48 DeSoto Shift knob.
  6. You will need the 1946-48 Chrysler/ DeSoto M-5 "Hydraulically Operated" transmission diagram. It has a 5 terminal relay box on the drivers side fender panel. 1949-53 cars use M-6 transmission with a different wiring circuit using the resister/circuit breaker box on the air cleaner bracket.
  7. Did you have the shoes arced and matched to each drum and then adjust them as it says in the service manual?
  8. A good old time starter generator re-builder would know very quickly whats up with your starter. You need really good heavy battery cables and an Excellent ground to the body and the engine. Do you hear both a click and a heavier clunk ( solenoid pulling the drive gear into the flywheel) ? Those solenoids of that style can be taken apart to quickly see whats the issue. Could possibly be the large diameter copper contact washer to Motor and Battery cable stud wear issue. Meaning No power to the starter windings or a pinion gear adjustment. That solenoid if found will cost dearly....they are hard to find... I think a # SS4206 Autolite.... not even saying that's the problem More diagnostics required!
  9. In front of the radiator on the slash pan behind the grille.
  10. Don't forget the M5 transmission wiring circuit if it's still even in the car.
  11. Pictures needed!
  12. 1949-52 Mopar cars...
  13. More and more of the M-5 and M-6 transmissions are needing internal repairs now days... I sure have done enough of them... parts are too hard to get now.. blocker ring and sleeve packages, 12 tooth input shafts. oil pumps ect...
  14. I have also seen FTD Hemi cars with bad Torque Converters that couldn't get out of their way just like Plymouths HyDrive cars that were a sure loser with the Hy-Drive torque converter..
  15. How about a liquimatic transmission?!!!