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  1. Given the cars age and the time its been sitting, I would be concerned about sludge in the sump and oil pump operation. These days, at a minimum, I have a look inside the sump with a camera, if there’s sludge I drop the sump, clean it and check the oil pump operation before using the car. Good luck with your project.
  2. Matt, I find this thread quite confusing. You decide to restore a very rusty Series 61, even the chassis is very pitted and then buy what looks to be a nice and quite restorable series 41 and pull it apart to put on the rusty old Series 61 chassis. The logic of all this escapes me.... John
  3. Yellowriv

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks Martin, great thread, you are doing a wonderful job, thanks for sharing. Those trim pieces are interesting. Unless its a trick of placement or the camera, they dont look identical, left to right. Cheers John
  4. Yellowriv

    1963 VW Convertible Restoration

    F&J, I am concerned for your health. Your posts are becoming increasingly incomprehensible. Please either seek medical assistance or at least contact a relative, I think you need assistance. All the best.
  5. Yellowriv

    My Dodgy 49

    I had the four speed Fluid Drive version of this in my '47 Windsor Highlander Coupe. Lovely car spolied by the gearbox, it didn't always change down as you came to a stop either. To my mind it lacked the control of a manual without the convenience of an automatic. It made the car ponderous and slow. I had a 48 Cadillac 60 Special at the same time with the 4 speed Hydramatic and there was no comparison, the Hydramatic was far superior. If the Chrysler had been a manual I would have kept it. John
  6. Yellowriv

    Our 53 Barn find

    Unimogjohn is spot on, his is wise council. The only thing I would add, also from bitter experience, is drop the sump and clean out the sludge BEFORE you start it. Also check the oil pump for wear while you're there. Enjoy! John
  7. Yellowriv

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Chris, I'm going to call a spade a spade here, as unpopular as it may be. Unfortunately, rust in the rockers/sills is serious and structural. The car is very rusty and all credit to you for taking it on. I've been where you are more than once. You need to ascertain whether the chassis is rusty (likely) and you will need to separate the body from the chassis to repair both. These things are always rustier than they appear. I think you are at the tipping point that occurs in most restorations, either commit to a full on resto or cut your losses and move on. All the best John
  8. Yellowriv

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    John, thanks for this thread, its terrific. Can you tell me what the purple/pink phaeton with the ohv 6 cylinder engine is? Thanks John
  9. Yellowriv

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    Thank goodness we won't have to squabble, because I just want the 8C 2900 Alfa.....
  10. All, I can add to the excellent advice here is to hasten slowly and DON'T pull it apart, that has been death to so many old cars, as Unimogjohn says. My advice? Dont paint it. Neutralise the door rust, fix the floor, replace the rear bar with one that isnt rechromed so it looks consistent with the rest of the car. Clean it up, put some tyres on it and get it driving nicely. Then, stand back and think about where to next. At least this way, if you change your mind, you will have something to sell and you won't have over capitalised, much..... John
  11. Yellowriv

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    John, thanks for your continued efforts with your blog. I'm intrigued with the Taurus, she certainly isn't pretty, but mechanically very interesting, great respect for keeping her this long. What is the plan now? Would love an update on the W8. Thanks John
  12. Yellowriv

    1952 Pontiac Catalina

    Hi, I've been following your thread since the beginning. That is a very pretty, very original car you have in excellent condition. My 53 Buick in Osage Cream was one of the colours you were contemplating for your car. This is your car and your choice but I cant understand why you would want to do a colour change. Its not as if its an ugly combination. The factory colour scheme on your car is very attractive and it matches the data plate. Not only that you're not even planning to use YOM or same make colours. I've been through this with my cars. These early 50s old girls are hard to find in any decent condition and aren't, and probably never will be, worth much. When you do decide to move it on, and despite what you think now, you will, whatever its worth it will be worth more in the original colours. In most circumstances, I wont buy a colour changed car. On the issue of two pack vs enamel. I've heard all of that stuff about originality too. Fact is, two pack is more durable and can be touched up easier. The original paint on your car was a nitrocellulose lacquer which is now unobtainable and didn't last anyway. Acrylic lacquer or enamel is not correct for the car so why go for second best when both are non original? Keep it as it left the factory, its a lovely colour combination and use two pack paint. You won't regret both decisions and it will also look after your pocket in the long term. My apologies, rant over! John
  13. Maybe, or that your car was converted sometime later?
  14. Very nice original car. Job No 31557 indicates a Standard Coupe so I would assume that means no rumble seat as 31572 is the five passenger Coupe, ie with a rumble seat. The Body number prefix is J, so assembled in Janesville Wisconsin, not California. Paint code is 72, which is Serge Blue fenders with black uppers with black wheels, Trim code 7 indicates cloth everywhere, but is not specific as to colour. Your car is more original than was indicated! John
  15. Yellowriv

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    Hi John, I too have been following your thread with great enjoyment since you purchased the Avanti. The variety of material in is great. Reading about your XK 120 has prompted me to put up a couple of pictures of my 1950 XK 120 OTS that I purchased recently. It is an early - No 195 - RHD Australian delivered car. I've wanted one of these for about 30 years. Its Pastel Blue with Duo Blue trim. Fully restored in the mid 90s and only travelled 320 miles since! I've spent the past 3 months slowly recommissioning it. Nearly there now except for replacing the unused flat spotted tyres. It lives with my Buicks, Alfas, Cadillac and Fiat. Some more and better photos are in my profile.Hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread.... Regards John