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  1. Need Jim Finn's email address

    NCReatta is correct. I appears the blue piece should have stayed in the compressor. Dang! The other part is damaged too so it will need replaced. I'll send a pic to Jim Finn and see what he has, thanks.
  2. I need to replace the connector to the air compressor that activates the clutch. I have a 1991 with the white oval port that is flat on one side and oval on the other on the comp. Nothing I find in the auto parts store match this. I bet Jim has one in his collection.
  3. '91 AC intermittent problem

    Well, after checking everything it was the simplest failure. The electrical connection at the compressor is loose. I'll cut off the plug-in and replace it today. Thanks for the help Forum.
  4. '91 AC intermittent problem

    As additional information, I have no problem lights on the instrument panel telling me to "service Ac soon" or even that I have a problem. Would there be a problem code in the system if I have it scanned at AutoZone?
  5. '91 AC intermittent problem

    This switch is for 88-90 only. Did '91 change something so it isn't needed? I can't find one listed at various Auto Retail sites.
  6. '91 AC intermittent problem

    I had my AC system replaced last year but kept everything R12. A few weeks ago the Compressor didn't appear to be working for a few days then for whatever reason everything was good again. Yesterday same thing happened. All the buttons and lights are functioning on the dash control system so I think that is OK. Any ideas where to tell my mechanic to check next. I do have the factory manual to help him. Thanks.
  7. Barrett Jackson

    I went to Mecum Kissimee last week and saw the Red/Tan '91 convertible with 99 miles that sold for $20,500. It was of perfect of course. I would drive the wheels off it at that price instead of keeping it a dust collector. Just me probably.
  8. 1988 Steering Wheel Removal Help

    I have 2 replacement horn buttons for my '91. To remove and replace them I just have to pull on them, disconnect the wire and then reverse the procedure? I hope it's that easy. I was thinking I had to remove the air bag pod and some other tricky things. Thanks for any help in clearing this up for me.
  9. Clutch is gone on the air conditioning comp. and I have a little play in the water pump shaft in the in and out direction. I.m wondering if it would be worth the extra work to pull the radiator or is it required to do this anyway to replace these parts. I ordered an AC Delco 1522130 compressor and I'm concerned that it ships with mineral oil in it as I'm still a R12 system and will stay that way. I'm hoping it has no orange and white label on it. If not I guess I can flush it well. My car is a 1991 by the way.I will be replacing the by-pass hose at this time also as was suggested in earlier posts about this subject. Anything else I should consider except switching to a different refrigerant will be appreciated.
  10. Need '91 Light Gray horn button set. Can contact at Thanks, Labrat
  11. Aftermarket Radio Rebuild

    Have you checked Ebay? Might find the same rario in a working condition. Cheaper than a rebuild.

    Same thing going on at my Corvette Forum.
  13. Blower won't shut off

    Would this be the it. Thanks, Rick
  14. Blower won't shut off

    I believe what I need is in Ronnie's store. Not the dash unit but in the engine compartment.
  15. Blower won't shut off

    Is that different than the dash assembly that controls everything from defrost to air conditioning?