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    I own a '29 Ford Roadster, a 1934 Ford Phaeton and a 1935 Ford Cabriolet. I buy and sell antique car parts as a hobby.

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  1. mikeburch

    Brass headlights wanted

    Photos, are a great asset, when looking for parts on here ! We all have extra parts, that we don't know anything about. mikeburch
  2. mikeburch

    Model A Ford?

    This is a 1930 Model "A" Tudor, for sure. The brightwork on the roof line is something that someone dressed the "A" up with. It is not factory. mikeburch
  3. mikeburch


    This nice set of hood sides is listed on the "FORDBARN" Forums. They are not 1933-34 Ford. Do you know what they fit ? Thank you, mikeburch
  4. mikeburch


    These seemingly good hood sides are listed in the "FORDBARN" Forums. They are not 1933-34 Ford. Does anyone know, for sure, what they are ? Thank you, mikeburch
  5. Also fits SAFARI, maybe others. mikeburch
  6. mikeburch

    American lafrance parts wanted

    I have a mirror matching pair (R&L) of solid brass, large carburetors that were originally on a American LaFrance fire truck. They are, probably not for your four cylinder model, but you might know of someone, who needs them. I can not photograph them, at this time. Thank you, mikeburch
  7. mikeburch

    1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL *SOLD*

    What a beauty ! Nicely detailed, too ! mikeburch
  8. mikeburch

    HELP BRACKETS --What car--What are they?

    plk .................... Be patient. Maybe you will get enough clues to come up with an answer. mikeburch
  9. I have this 1936 Chevrolet Speedometer with the "AC" marking on it. mikeburch
  10. mikeburch

    i need an I.D. on these two horns

    I am guessing that the chrome ones are after-market for a car or a boat, like "28 Chrysler" stated. mikeburch
  11. mikeburch

    HELP BRACKETS --What car--What are they?

    If it is automotive, I would guess a door pillar post, as "roysboystoys" suggested. mikeburch
  12. mikeburch

    Todays $2 Box Lot.... The Treasures

    On the round FORD clutch and brake pedals, they look like they are all iron, without any rubber pads. If so, I understand that they are for trucks. mikeburch
  13. mikeburch

    WTB: '40 Pontiac window regulator

    You will do much better in finding a regulator if you can post a picture of your matching regulator. mikeburch
  14. mikeburch

    Todays $2 Box Lot.... Brass & Ancient Spark Plug

    The bottom item is a touring car top hold-down. mikeburch
  15. mikeburch

    Early 1920s Essex headlight lens for sale

    STEVE, or anyone ........................ Headlight lens details are really not difficult to photograph. You just need to back-light them. mikeburch