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  1. larry butcher

    Lincolns used in the Movies

    Just watched parts of the movie - "Whatever happened to Baby Jane" , staring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford for the 10th or 12 time. I only watch the scenes with the '47- '48 LC Cabriolet. I keep hopeing Bette Davis's right hand will go thru the winshield when she "bangs" 2nd gear flying out of her driveway. Does anyone know if that car is owned by a club member? It looks good but a few things I picked up. Does not have correct outside mirror on driver's side , but the car does have a spotlight. Also the top looks to be a later replacment (vinyl?) with a larger rear window. Also I know I'am picking on the studio reserch , but why do they have the 2 police officers mentioning the discription of the car as a '40- '41 Covertible? Sounds like I should spend more time out in the garage!!!
  2. larry butcher

    Transmission or shift linkage

    1st thing! always do the simplest thing first! Mssr. Bwatoe covers this problem right on. In the early 60's I had a 1953 Plymouth Conv. which if I would put it in reverse and back up a slight incline ,such as a driveway ; it would lockup. The fix each time was , turn off engine, lift the hood , line up the 2 short horizontal arm assy. In your car (06H-7302,06H-7303. ) This may be temporary fix.
  3. larry butcher

    1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe for Sale

    Your '48 LC looks great! I'am restoring a '48 LC Coupe now and really like your dark blue paint. What is the name of the color and is it an original Lincoln color ? Larry
  4. larry butcher

    Lincoln medallion 47 Continental

    Dennis, The base to the medallion on my '48 LC Coupe checked out to be brass. It was polished, colored areas looked to be enameled or painted. My medallion was chipped and dull. I sent it out to Karla Mya Maxwell (www.MAXWELL phone # 760-941-1966 . She gold plated it and refired with vitreous glass. It may have been enamed with paint from the factory. I wanted it done once and not have to polish it- just wax. Turned out beautiful. By going between the chassis book and the body parts book I came up with 2 types and maybe 3 fasteners for the lower SS trim . No pictures the main wire type # is ( I think) is 358111-S8 .They measure 25/32" x1-9/32" . I have several old ones and this checks out. Also a square steel fastener was also used 1-9/32" w/1/4" x20 stud welded and a (marsden ) nut. They seem to mix the count. I count the holes in the body. The wire type seem to be used at the rocker boxed area( closed). The others(mixed ) on open areas- skirts , fenders. Confused?? "E" mail me at zephyr38@verizon
  5. larry butcher

    Paint / Orig colors

    Thanks for the info--Larry
  6. larry butcher

    Remove Body off Chassis

    DITTO!!! to what Tom said above! What a mess you will have! Keep the body intact.
  7. larry butcher

    Paint / Orig colors

    What a mystery painting an Antique car is today. Back in the late 50's when I got into this hobby, we all shot lacquer, lacquer primer sand, wipe down, lets go---shoot! And it really looked like it!!! Many '49-'51 "shoebox" Fords and Mercs never got pass the primer stage. Now that we are serious about these cars , things have really changed. Paint now is "liquid Gold" . I have paid more for just the paint than I have for my early cars. Types of paint are changing fast--- water base now. I have found the best way to match an original color is find an un-exposed area- perhaps under gas fill cap lid, inside glove box door and take to good automotive paint supplier and have him match it. Early paint #'s can't always be crossed referenced. I can almost say without an exception all new cars painted today have a metallic pigment added in---makes it POP!!!! I have been to V8 Ford hows where there were 3 Fords from the 30's painted "Washington Blue"------all a different shade. I'am painting my '48 LC Coupe a dark,dark, blue, so dark it will look black in the wrong light.They did not offer(according to my research ) a dark blue for '48 LCs. For Ford cars , a "Barcelona Blue" was offered, I have to check this out. If not , drive around and pick out a modern color and see if I can have it mixed in Acrylic enamal w/ hardner. No clear coats, no trick paint, only have to satisfy me------long winded!
  8. larry butcher

    '40 Cabriolet Electrical Problem

    Ron, I'am having trouble attaching a scanned wiring schematic (47-48 LC/LZ) wiring schematic to this post, so send to me your "E" mail address. I'am Larry Butcher, "E" zephyr38@verizon .net
  9. larry butcher

    fuel pump for 36 Lincoln K

    "E" mail Ray Theriault . He knows K Lincolns
  10. larry butcher

    Any tips for V-12 Installation??

    I'ave been where you are several times. Does the engine turn over by hand ? I used a homemade adapter that bolts up to the end of the crankshaft where the fan bolts up. This saved time later trying to turn over a newly rebuilt /tight engine in the car. I used a very heavy electric drill ( 2 man 3/4 "). Pulled the plugs and pumped oil down the cylinders and turned it over and over. If you are doing this by yourself, pad the the engine compartment with old blankets , all around to prevent paint chips. I always installed the trans. in the car 1st. Once in the car, hook up to engine, slide back ,put the "clam" shell together. Use both gaskets and align grease fitting toward bottom . Front engine mounts can be installed on the engine before,BUT BE CAREFUL not to scrape the paint on the front cross member. You could install the mounts after engine is set in but set up a little , if you don't mind climbing under. Hardest part may be juggling trans to align the splines. Really clean the paint off of starter and pan surface before installing starter. Don't forget the alignment clip installed between starter and pan rail. Piece of cake! Have fun!
  11. larry butcher

    V-12 conversion from hydrolic to solid tappets

    Somewhere in 50 years of reading "Continental Comments " and the same years of "The Way of The Zephyr", I thought I read somewhere that the '36 LZ - '37LZ solid lifter cam was a different "profile grind" then the later hyd. lifter cam. The part #s in the parts book is different. I think you need the correct cam for the type of lifters your going to use. Check back with the machine shop that did the engine over and see if they can tell you what cam was in the engine. An older speed shop that can regrind flathead cams, perhaps can regrind your cam.
  12. larry butcher

    LINCOLN ???

    It definitely is not a floor section from an H series Lincoln Zephyr or Continental. Look at the "Lincoln Owners Club" website.--
  13. larry butcher

    Need parts

    I have some spare '46-'48 Lincoln/ Continental grille sections I'll sell . Good used, need replateing--- Larry 1-410-756-5310
  14. larry butcher

    V12 pcv systems

    Back in Oct. 1970 I bought a very used 1940 LZ 4 dr. in Beetle Green for $275. After getting it to run, it was quite obvious the V12 was well worn , it smoked like a "tar kiln". When I drove it down the road and stopped at a stoplight, the blueish ,white ex- haust came back into the car and coated the windshield! Something had to be done. At my local Sears/ Roebuck I purchased a wash- ing machine discharge pipe. This was a black rubber stiff pipe with a "J" hook on one end. Removed the oil fill/breather cap and placed the "J" hook in the stand pipe . I used 1'' vinyl tape and taped it well. The long portion of the pipe ran down next to the bellhousing. All the smoke and fumes pumped down on the road. Drove it until the following Spring , sold it for $450; had a little fun!
  15. larry butcher


    Good reading and great info!!!! I will make copies of this and add to my parts book/tech tips. If you find anymore ,please post! Thanks , Larry