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  1. LINCOLN ???

    It definitely is not a floor section from an H series Lincoln Zephyr or Continental. Look at the "Lincoln Owners Club" website.--
  2. Need parts

    I have some spare '46-'48 Lincoln/ Continental grille sections I'll sell . Good used, need replateing--- Larry 1-410-756-5310
  3. V12 pcv systems

    Back in Oct. 1970 I bought a very used 1940 LZ 4 dr. in Beetle Green for $275. After getting it to run, it was quite obvious the V12 was well worn , it smoked like a "tar kiln". When I drove it down the road and stopped at a stoplight, the blueish ,white ex- haust came back into the car and coated the windshield! Something had to be done. At my local Sears/ Roebuck I purchased a wash- ing machine discharge pipe. This was a black rubber stiff pipe with a "J" hook on one end. Removed the oil fill/breather cap and placed the "J" hook in the stand pipe . I used 1'' vinyl tape and taped it well. The long portion of the pipe ran down next to the bellhousing. All the smoke and fumes pumped down on the road. Drove it until the following Spring , sold it for $450; had a little fun!

    Good reading and great info!!!! I will make copies of this and add to my parts book/tech tips. If you find anymore ,please post! Thanks , Larry
  5. 1942 Continental oil bath air cleaner

    Find a large plastic bucket, perhaps a drywall "mud bucket"( drywall compound). Place the air cleaner canister in the bucket. Fill the bucket with #1 Kerosene . Cover over the top of the canister. Leave for a week, remove ,drain for a week Repaint if needed, Re-oil the fiber mesh , fill the lower section up to line with #30 motor oil. Install back on car.--- Good Luck
  6. 1940 Continental at auction

    This could be a real 1940 LC cabriolet, one of 350 made. The grilles are an easy swap out to '41 LC. One of the pull out controls could be overdrive( installed with that overhead valve engine). "Cargo- King" can be detected on the valve covers. Perhaps a truck engine, looks like the rare center stoplight is missing. The real check is reading the vin # on the frame. This car is not that bad, you should see what the '48 LC Coupe that I'am working on looked like after I towed it home.
  7. V12 Crankshaft Pulley

    it should read lower radiator hoses
  8. V12 Crankshaft Pulley

    I have never heard of this before either but have heard of fan blades flying apart and becoming "airbourne" thru the lower rad.hoes or right thru the hood.
  9. Convertible top replacement- vendor recommendations?

    The tops for the 1941- 1948 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet are unique, the 1940 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet top is really unique- Tom can attest to that. The biggest thing is DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It sounds as if your top is a rough original top--- GOOD!. These are 3 pc. tops, one center panel and 2 side panels. No tack rails over the rear window and no tack rail over front windshield header. As Tom , mentioned , the rear window is a framed glass . The support traps should be still in you car. Do you still have the top boot? Don't let a trim man try to talk you into something you really don't want. Are you restoring the car or just putting together a good runner? Do it right the 1st time--- it is less expensive in the long run. Post some pictures, a lot of people would like to see your car---Larry Butcher
  10. Technical section

    Tom, Good idea! I'ave been in the Zephyr Club coming up on 50 years and can tell when a new person has obtained a Zephyr or Continental and is trying to restore, get it running or whatever . I answer some of these questions thanks to almost years of TWOZ mags. and bloody knuckles, ripped clothes and totally wiped out after 6-8 hrs working on my cars. Keep the questions and PICs coming and new members don't be afraid to ask questions!---Larry Butcher
  11. 47 Continental steering column

    Dennis, parts are being shipped Monday--9/ 18-17-- Larry
  12. 47 Continental steering column

    Dennis, I'am restoring a '48 LC Coupe and today while out in the garage, I checked out this 5EH-3682-B in m,y car. There is a difference in my car and the parts book. The cast bracket you mentioned is 1 pc. and split for the steering shaft column .I found the 2 bolts, 1 was crossed threaded and 1 was missing the lock washer. A previous owner was messing with this. The rubber shim( perhaps 3/16-"1/4 " was crushed from age. I will replace this next week. I have heavy ,high quality rubber stock that I can cut out. Would you want 1 or 2 ? I'll cut and punch holes-- $3 bucks postage paid. I have to make one for my car anyway- Glad to help Larry Butcher# 86 ,224 Clubside Dr. Taneytown Md 21987
  13. help with vin decoding my 46 lincoln

    Allan, Nice looking Car! It looks to be a good car to start with. I did some research and came up with this--- 1946 H series Lincoln Vin # started with H-136255 up to 152839, 1947 H series Lincoln Vin started with #152840 up to H174289; and last 1948 started with 174290 up to 182129. As often happens parts get changed. I noticed your hood ornament is '47-'48, the hubcaps are '46. Somewhere I read that a customer could order door buttons on the exterior for early '46( perhaps to use up stock from prewar '42's. The actuating plate inside of the door is the same. On the '42 , the word "ZEPHYR appeared on the side of the hood, '46 this was "LINCOLN" . I owned , what I thought was a '47 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet , turned out to an "updated '42 ! ) The whole front "clip" was changed out. Doing research as you are doing , I discovered what I really had! If your not a member, please join "The Lincoln Zephyrs Owners Club" Good Luck----- Larry
  14. V12 Cam Lobe Wear?

    Dave, The smoking issue could be the rings are not "seated" in yet. The V12 blocks were said to be a harder cast iron than the Ford/ Merc flat heads. A new valve lifter body has about.005 crown to help it rotate. It also meets the cam lobe off center , this helps also. Under sources above , some of these vendors can reface these lifters. On the V12 rebuilds I have done , the only adjust I did was a .050- .070 gap between a DRY lifter and the valve stem. Adjust was a slight grind on stem. This was after the valve itself was grounded in. The hydraulic design took up any slack with O gap. Quiet-- no click. The cams I used were hyd. stock grinds , no chips or discolored lobe faces. On these V12 rebuilds, there are no short cuts! Good Luck! Larry
  15. lincoln zephyr v12 1939

    Is this your 1st restoration? Are you in the U.S. ? The reason I ask this question is, it is easier and less expensive to obtain parts. Does it have a V12 and the correct transmission? I'am don't mean to "knock" your car but it looks very rough. Is there sentimental attachment to this car. ? How solid is the frame? If you really like the Zephyrs, perhaps check out another car. It is a 4 dr. sedan and not a Conv. coupe or a Conv.sedan. All of your time and money put into this project , and you will never get it back. But, sometimes this does not matter. There are sources for books and manuals available on this Club website Good luck--- Larry