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  1. Matthew Sorry for the late response, do you still have the exhaust manifold valve body? Looks like I could also use the exhaust manifold as well. Don
  2. Dig

    Straight 8 Exhaust Leak

    I have a 1950 Special, I've read dozens of exhaust manifold leak topics, and I thought I had everything under control this time. Initially I just changed the old exhaust manifold gasket with a new Felpro gasket.The exhaust leak close to the firewall was still there. Next I took the manifold and the manifold valve body to the machine shop. They were both surfaced and repaired. There were some small cracks around the studs of both. I put everything back together with a set of copper gaskets, everything seemed to seat nice and tight. Started the car and discovered that there was a gap on the bottom of the manifold at the head, and at the bottom of the exhaust manifold valve body. All the surfaces are perfectly flat on the bench, so I'm at a loss why everything does not line up. I don't want to have to buy a reproduction exhaust manifold, and manifold valve body. Without seeing, does anybody have any suggestions? Also, were the components interchangeable back to 1939? I turned a small exhaust leak into a big exhaust leak.
  3. Looking for a exhaust manifold valve body for a 248 CI straight 8
  4. Does anyone know if the exhaust manifold was factory painted on a 1950 Buick Special? A picture would be very helpful.
  5. The 1950 Buick Special only came with a one piece front floor mat. I've searched for a replacement with no luck. Does anyone know if it is being reproduced?
  6. Thanks for the reply
  7. Thanks to everyone that responded to my post on speedometer removal. I successfully removed the speedometer, took it apart, cleaned all the old hardened grease, and reassembled it. I also replaced the cable. The good news is that I now have a functioning speedometer, bad news is the speedometer reads 20 mph, and the speedometer app on my phone says I'm going 32 mph. Since the speedometer wasn't working when I got the car, I have no way of knowing if it was accurate before it stopped working. I was wondering if I did something while I had it apart to cause the problem, or maybe, and I doubt it, the speedo gear in the trans is incorrect. Since I'm now pretty good at removing, and replacing the speedometer, how do I calibrate it? I read somewhere it may have something to do with demagnetizing the magnet when I had it apart. As usual, any and all help is much appreciated.
  8. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Thanks Dave. My suspicions are that it is more than just gummed up, or dry grease. I doubt that it would not turn at all if that were the case. I'm trying to avoid the $300 repair bill, so I'll try and pull the needle and see what's what.
  9. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Thanks for the response. So I removed the speedometer and partially disassembled it. I was hoping to find something very obvious as to why it won't spin by hand when I insert a cable end. The good news is the speedometer has the correct date code, and it looks brand new Inside. The face plate is secured by two small screws and the speedometer needle. I'm not sure how to remove the needle without damaging it. My guess is that it is just pushed on, but I'm reluctant to just try to pull it off. Any suggestions on the needle removal?
  10. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    As I reported to everyone that helped, I was able to gain access to the speedometer from the firewall access panel. Removed the cable from the speedometer head, and sure enough the cable was broke at the trans. I have a new cable, but took the old end, stuck it in the speedometer head, and just tried to spin it by hand. I thought it should spin easy, but that was not the case. Now I'm thinking that there may be an issue with the speedometer, which put too much tension on the cable, and caused it to snap. I have three questions: 1. Should the speedometer spin easily by hand? 2. From the firewall side, which way does the cable spin? 3. Will the trans leak fluid if the speedometer cable is not installed? I'm determined to have a working speedometer.
  11. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Thanks to everyone for their input. I just removed the fibreboard with minimal damage. I'm pretty sure it is the first time it's been removed, so it is understandable it took a little persuading after 66 years. Time to tackle the speedometer, hopefully a cable issue.
  12. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Great post, thanks. I plan on reattaching the panel to the four bolts, and gently try and pull it out. My only concern is that I pull the bolts through the fibreboard. I suppose if I damage it, but get it out mainly in one piece, I can make a replacement.
  13. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Thanks Alan, I'll give it another shot, also will take some pictures and post for others.
  14. Dig

    1950 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Thanks for the repair recommendation. I tried again this morning, and it still does not want to come out. Each time I try, a little more of the edges break off, so I have to be very careful. Something behind the fiber board (if that is in fact what it is) seems to be preventing it from coming out. What are the four bolts attached to behind the fiber board? I'm referring to the bolts that come through the panel, and are secured with a nut and washer? I'll give it another whirl this evening.