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  1. This looks pretty far gone, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at least point it out to you nice gentlemen: Ad copy: This is your next STREET ROD!! 1938 Buick Limited, 24k miles on the body, original 3spd on the floor, suicide doors, sitting on the original wheels! Needs a little TLC in the body department but a straight body other then that. Priced to sell $1100. NO TITLE. WILL NOT LAST LONG, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, CASH AND CARRY!!! Call Adam 612-250-5813
  2. Hudsy Wudsy

    1948 Chrysler Windsor problems

    I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again, Chrysler always made a beautiful gray paint. I love the looks of your car!
  3. Hudsy Wudsy

    Dodge family history in England.

    Well, I, for one, can see why the image of a woman's dripping "dugg"" might have been seen as immodest.
  4. Hudsy Wudsy

    Can anyone help me?

    If you simply Google "pedal car clubs", you'll find numerous sites. I think that may be the best way to communicate with knowledgeable folks. There's even a museum in WI listed.
  5. Hudsy Wudsy

    RARE 1946-1947 Clinton Engine for a doodle bug

    Carl, when I first searched Google, I used "doodlebug". After that I went on to search using "doodle bug" (two words). I actually found more scooters with the two word search.
  6. Hudsy Wudsy

    RARE 1946-1947 Clinton Engine for a doodle bug

    If you go to Google, click on "Images", and type in "doodle bug", you'll see a whole lot of pictures of different things that folks call doodle bug, including the scooters that this engine may have come with.
  7. If you Google "Nissan Figaro colors", you'll see numerous photos of the factory colors and a few that I assume were repaints in other colors. They are truly cute cars.
  8. Hudsy Wudsy

    Overdrive Trans C/L, Sioux Falls, SD

    I see a gas heater in the heap of parts. Gas heaters are plentiful, but worthless without the block under the carburetor to supply the fuel. This is something that is always missing. I'm pretty sure that I see that piece under the carb on the engine. I might also see a rebuildable dual action fuel pump on the engine, as well.
  9. I came across this ad on C/L for Sioux Falls, SD. It's not cheap:
  10. Hudsy Wudsy

    1936 Dodge parts

    I could use a left (driver's side) interior sunvisor.
  11. Hudsy Wudsy

    Missing Parts

    Rick, I might be wrong on this, but I can't think of any stainless items that interchange between '36 Ply and Dodge.
  12. Hudsy Wudsy

    DPCD Coupe 1938 Era

    I think that they had a vinyl like cover over the spare a couple years earlier.
  13. Hudsy Wudsy

    Seen one of these Bernie?

    I had a '50 Hudson that had quite vintage looking seat belts, plus many other options.
  14. Hudsy Wudsy

    1935 Pontiac delivery reads "No. 2" on the door, so presumably one other might have been built.
  15. Hudsy Wudsy

    How does one clean wool upholstery?

    I just remembered a product that I used once in a while long ago. It was sort of an unusual cream in a tube called Texsize K2R. I don't recall the details of the instructions, but, you applied the cream to a spot and then applied steam, like from a steam iron, to the spot. The interesting thing about it is that after you applied the steam, you could smell turpentine. I think that the cream had turpentine encapsulated in it. The force of the steam would expel the cleaner, and hopefully the stain, through the fabric and out the other side. It worked differently from other methods because instead of extracting the cleaner and stain, you blew it through the fabric. Remember, these are just things that have worked for me in the past, and they don't come with any guarantees. Over the years, we had to write off plenty of stock and donate it to charity. It hurt, but it was just a cost of doing business.