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  1. Clarification is it Bust or Burst of Mercury

  2. Clarification is it Bust or Burst of Mercury

    Mercury was the Roman god know as the "Winged Messenger". So he probably flew, rather then ran or swam.
  3. 1934 Parts Car on C/L Omaha $4,000

    Yes, of course it's not a '34. I've done this before. That's one thing about C/L, you can't take anything at face value.
  4. Window Vents

    Depending on condition and completeness, these are a value for someone. C/L Denver:
  5. For what it's worth, I found this on C/L for Omaha:
  6. Here's a link to a C/L ad for a '28 Chrysler Imperial. It's pricey, but uncommon:
  7. 1938 Ply Convt C/L MN $45,000

    It's my guess that welding in the dash gave some additional needed strength to that part of the body where the doors were mounted.
  8. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Rocket's plenty cute!
  9. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    That's great fun, Matt. That tailgate display is adorable. The pink and brown cake takes me back many years. Pink and brown was a popular color combination in home décor. I'm a little surprised that it never became a thing with cars. I occasionally drive past a fifties house around here that is pink with brown shutters. Tell her for us that we all think that she has great taste and we wish her many years of fun with her new toy. How does she feel about toy poodles?
  10. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Matt, depending on her tastes, perhaps your wife would enjoy accessorizing her new wagon by doing a little antiquing. Vintage picnic baskets and various totes, overnight cases and luggage, as well as blankets are cool little things to have in the spacious rear.
  11. Window Install?

    Greg, I think Rusty's grasp of the task is spot on. Do have someone else there with you to help. The rubber gasket doesn't just easily pop into place. Having someone on the outside pressing against the windshield while you are in the inside finessing the cord is the way to go. Also, Rusty is right about starting with the bottom first. Lastly, with that beautiful new paint job, use lots of caution handling the glass. If you were to somehow fumble the thing a rough or jagged edge on the glass could scrape fresh paint pretty quickly. Maybe you should protect the cowl with some old blankets. Good luck with the job.
  12. Please ID this relic

    Mercury, the winged messenger was a Roman god.
  13. 1938 Ply Convt C/L MN $45,000

    You're welcome, Greg. So you say that the open cars had body-colored dashes. I didn't know that. Interesting.
  14. This one is plenty pricey, but you don't see '38 convertibles all that often and I thought that Greg LaR and a few of you might enjoy seeing it. Nicely equipped, including skirts (no emblem) and vent windows. However, it doesn't have a clock. (Sorry, Greg):
  15. HELP With 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom

    Just to be clear, the "54 Hudson was still built by Hudson. It was Hudson's desperate attempt to update the distinctive, but by that point, dated "Step Down" body. My older brother owned bath tub Nashes when were teens. He was voted "Wolf of the Year" in high school and perhaps he thought that these traveling beds were in keeping with his image. I can recall riding with him many times in any one of his several Nashes. We lived on a corner lot and I recall like it was yesterday getting in the passenger side of his car, his riding thirty, or so, feet and turning right onto the street in front of our house.. A person doesn't pick up much speed traveling that short distance, but it always amazed and amused me that his Nashes rolled so much in that slow speed turn that I, in the right hand seat, ended up sitting way above him for a brief moment in the middle of the turn. I would have loved to see Tom Mc Cahill race a Nash. Rusty, I doubt if the sway bar has been invented that would keep one of those cars where the driver wanted it to be. I have to think that the other drivers would have seen the Nashes as liabilities out on the track. On the other hand, the Pininfarina styling touches were sort of neat. I've always liked the two-toning on the Ambassador Custom models like the OP has.