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  1. Hudsy Wudsy

    Grandfather's 1936 Dodge D2

    I'm sorry that I've never kept any photos of them. They are rare -- probably because they aren't very attractive at all. Tan with brown fenders was one and another was a not very compatible two shades of green. I bought my first '36 Dodge forty eight years ago, so I know these cars pretty well.
  2. Hudsy Wudsy

    Grandfather's 1936 Dodge D2

    While it has had a repaint, the two tone style my have been somewhat close to the original. Solid colors were the norm, but new colors and two tone styles were marketed in the spring to freshen up the line.
  3. Hudsy Wudsy

    Various old MOPAR engine hand cranks

    I have a vague recollection that Chrysler product cranks had a part number stamped onto a flat boss somewhere. Am I making that up?
  4. Hudsy Wudsy


    The last one I saw, a few years ago, was at Porky's Drive In over in St Paul. It had a tube frame and a blown engine.
  5. Hudsy Wudsy

    38 Century Coupe MPLS- Price reduced- NOT MINE

    I think that the restorer got a very good match on this color. Numerous manufacturers offered beiges in the late thiries. I'm thinking of Greg LaR's '38 Plymouth in "sand beige" as I write this. Anyway, the reason I think that this color comes very close to the original is that for as long as I can remember, I've found this GM color a little too "pink" for my tastes.
  6. Hudsy Wudsy

    water Jacket 49 dodge

    Yeah, sometimes it's best to stress proper nomenclature, other times it's pointless. So, the device that you will be inserting into your engine is most often called a water distribution tube. On the other hand, the round things that you will be pounding into the side of your block seem to have different common names in different parts of the country. Technically, and most correctly, they are known as welch plugs. Here in Minnesota, they have most often been called "frost plugs".
  7. Hudsy Wudsy

    locomobiles wanted

    Such an outstanding shade of blue, along with the pinstripe, to mate with all of that nickel. A little cool (as in chilly), but oh so elegant.
  8. Hudsy Wudsy

    1938 DeSoto Cpe $9,500 C/L DesMoines

    While I agree that the headliner is probably shot, even in a show of only pre-war Chrysler products, this coupe might be the only one.
  9. Hudsy Wudsy

    1938 DeSoto Cpe $9,500 C/L DesMoines

    Mouse droppings -- good eyes!
  10. I don't have any idea what old cars are worth anymore, but this one is cute enough that I thought I'd share it anyway. Nice original interior:
  11. Hudsy Wudsy

    1932 Dodge

    My '36 Dodge parts book even lists different front springs for cars with side mounts. I wouldn't worry much about it, though.
  12. Hudsy Wudsy

    Water Pump Plugged in My 49 Dodge Coronet

    Talk about showing one's age -- you spelled "shudder" correctly, while I spelled it "shutter". More and more these days, I find my once fairly good spelling ability letting me down.
  13. Hudsy Wudsy

    Water Pump Plugged in My 49 Dodge Coronet

    I shutter to think what your water distribution tube looks like. See the following,
  14. Here's a link to a C/L ad that I just came across for a '37 Raodmaster for sale in Eau Claire, WI:
  15. Hudsy Wudsy

    Easy entry, for rear seat passengers.

    Ouch, my hip!