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  1. shelbyone

    4 radios and visors

    anyone? offers? let me know
  2. shelbyone


    I bought this one I am sure its the correct rotation...
  3. shelbyone


    thanks reaper! I just installed an external thermostat and will test it out later today. it is indeed overheating..
  5. shelbyone


    I drove this TC for 5 years..kept throwing parts at it..everything is new or replaced...even did the valve job, water pump, timing belt 2 weeks sensors all around...put new lower control arms in last week, also 4 new bf goodrich performance tires... the fan runs when hooked up,, temp sensor is new...relay is still does not work...I checked every goddam cable...and today, after driving for 20 minutes ( isolated the broken heater core yesterday) the temp went up was not even 1 minute and I pulled over and let it cool off for 45 min, then drive 1,2 miles home..I figured out everything on this car, and I am not able to find out what the hell is causing the fan not to kick in.. Somebody should buy it ASAP 6600 and its yours. I mean it
  6. shelbyone

    Hard brake issue, 89 vin 231

    accumulator might be out again after 10 years...check relays at front right fender well also
  7. shelbyone

    Radiator Fan does not work

    ac not operable...also, I now have a heater core thats leaking...seems like the more I fix on this car, the more issues appear... will check all connections again.
  8. shelbyone

    Radiator Fan does not work

    any more ideas? fusible link?
  9. shelbyone

    Radiator Fan does not work

    F&^$%!!!!!!!!! I knew it....that means, entire dashboard has to come out....when heat is on, it smells like coolant ...( bought the cooler on rockauto a year ago, just in case...) well, I guess, I got this unwanted case now....that has to wait now... I need the fan to run first.... this car is driving me insane
  10. shelbyone

    Radiator Fan does not work

    Hemi! thanks for your recommendation.. I just attempted another repair...replaced the fan relay, replaced the temperature sensor ( not the small engine temp) checked wires for any ground issues...actually, the connecting cables to the temp sensor were very corroded at 2 inches where they were soldered on. ( maybe thats also why I got a error 22 - coolant voltage low) I checked the fan again and it runs!...I dont think that the gauge is faulty...temp fluctuates constantly. also..coolant is dripping out of this rubber pipe a lot near the power steering pump..... ( see pic)
  11. shelbyone

    Radiator Fan does not work

    any recommendation for a radiator fan motor? ( never replaced one of those) do I need special tools to seperate the motor from the blades? autozone has an offer on the motor..
  12. shelbyone

    Radiator Fan does not work

    thanks ghostymosty! that helps!
  13. After finally changing my worn out valve stem seals, changing timing belt, belt tensioner, radiator, spark plugs, wires, radiator cap ( I hope its the correct one...the original one was falling apart) all gaskets while open, I am having issues; the radiator fan does not come on - I changed the temperature sending unit, no difference..I drove it once 6 miles, and it started to go up almost all the way, pulled over, let it cool down. drove another 5 miles today and the temp fluctuated between half/ and then again almost up all the way; I hope I did not kill it ... the radiator itself spins when directly connected to the battery ( but its not a fast spin...) when looking for the fan relay, the handbook refers to the small black cube relay thats in pair with the act clutch relay. when looking for the radiator fan relay on rockauto or even on autozone, it always shows this guy, which is not the correct one: ( see rockauto screenshot) at this point, I think it could be the relay, the fan motor or whatever you guys come up with...I need to fix this!!!!
  14. shelbyone

    Accumulator source

    Fellas; THIS GUY ( Dave) sells Accumulators that fit our TC - he has been in business for more than 16 years and is absolute reliable - ships lightning fast! bookmark his ebay page!
  15. shelbyone

    Chrysler TC by Maserati VIN Update 1/30/2018

    206416 1990 Arctic White Black Black V6