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  1. any suggestions for any kind of performance muffler that maintains the same look ( 2 pipes) and is still legal?
  2. agreed...found them at americas tire for 120 each...I think they will look good on the stock rims...
  3. it is
  4. just saw this TC, currently on look good!
  5. or this one BF Goodrich Silvertown Radial | Redline | 205/65R15
  6. wondering how this tire would look on the stock rims...
  7. thanks reaper1! I got a nice list of things to do now!
  8. how about replacing the whole thing with this; FIAMM 74100 El Grande
  9. most of the time, my horn works only when activating it for at least 3 to 5 seconds..starts with 1 tone, then 2 then all 3...sounds a little weak due to something I was not able to discover yet... all hoses are replaced and tight, connections look good... what could prevent my horn from beeping right away? anyone?
  10. Thanks Hemi! and yes, I am referring to excessive oil consumption/smoke...that already killed the original kat last year... so far, I came across a couple of decent looking shops that would charge between 12 and 1500 for the job...will make sure that everything you mentioned will also be replaced..thats almost a rebuilt engine
  11. any pointers for a much needed valve job on my 1990 v6 TC? what SHOULD be included? while in the shop, I would also like the AC to be repaired ( has leak) and converted maybe someone even has a recommendation for a shop near west hollywood. as usual; thank you very much for your help!
  12. have to say, it drives like a new car balljoints dont appear to be "wrong" or weird in any way... last thing to do: valve job
  13. Thanks a lot Reaper and Twincamfan! will install today and report back
  14. update...went to certified parts AND autozone and looked at every single ball joint for the TC, Lebaron, Dynasty, New Yorker..they mostly have the same part numbers and are interchangable and they all feature a slighly wider gap..therefore, I will install the one I have and see what happens. Looks like nobody was able to find an exact match!
  15. well...since I am originally from germany, I never had to deal with illogical measurements and can only really live with metrics...(no offense please!) so...It will not work...the "new" balljoint I ordered today will be the same wrong measurement and I have no idea where to get the correct ones... that just made my day... thanks for letting me know - I did not know there would be an you have any idea where to get the correct ones? I despise autozone parts...but if thats the last resort, so be it..