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  1. some parts for sale...

    Hey Trek! your TC looks absolutely great!!! as far as I know, the cluster covers are all interchangeable.Mine has the black bezel which has 4 screws. so either you change the bezel or change out the woodgrain only. ( if possible)
  2. DOUBLE DIN Radio

    mounting the Radio is not a problem, first, I thought of a 3D printing service but the scan alone runs at aprx. $500! which is insane...then the modified reproduction would be another $500 to f$%#^ way...whats left? create a silicone molding and cast it myself ! I will look into this option and report back...
  3. DOUBLE DIN Radio

    I am actually thinking of replacing my perfect SONY Headunit ( with bluetooth and tunetray) with a Double DIN Unit that supports Car Play for iphones.... Anyone ever tried to fit a Double DIN into his TC? I am sure it is possible - modifying the "faceplate"
  4. Balljoint or entire Arm?

    thats what I thought..Thanks Hemi!
  5. soft top installation

    little update here...followed all instructions..was exposed to sunlight for about 10 days and it really made a difference regarding the level of stretch...realigned the bolts..slightly changed sits a little better at the header but still not perfect...
  6. Balljoint or entire Arm?

    When replacing the entire arm, I suppose it is advisable to replace the stub strut bushing as well, correct? Also, I am wondering if I could use either model of these since they differ in design: Looks like an easy job to me and no need to get the wheels aligned again.. any other hints or tips?
  7. some parts for sale...

    sorry, all I have is what is posted....whats your offer for the top?
  8. Hi there fellas! I'd like to sell some of my spare parts - just make me a good offer. Pickup in Los Angeles would be nice! The soft top works great, never had any issues, except for the loose stitching at some places. and the headliner sagging on the driver side rear. ( I already zip tied a couple of loos spots ) it has 1 tiny little hole ( see pics) umbrella looks brand new to me ( I never used it) Instrument Cluster Cover is in real nice shape - no damage or shrinkage.
  9. soft top installation

    hey! long time no see! the "old" roof and the one on my former 89 were perfectly sealing at the header....there must be a way to get it right...still have to give it another try!...
  10. soft top installation

    I suspect, it was never used once! I installed it in the same spots with the shims underneath and before I latched it for the first time, I adjusted the pull down motor height - it was super tight so I tried to find a way to make it a little looser and at the same time, closing without letting a breeze through it...will try to make it fit perfectly!
  11. soft top installation does not seal at touches the header but wind blows through it...I'll loosen the 6 bolts and try to re align...
  12. thats a good AC Delco with the same part number does not have this port...I assume that it will work in the TC!
  13. get it before its gone! I got the same model from amazon while it was still available! ( same part number, fits our TC !!!)
  14. soft top installation we go...removed my old black cloth top and put the new old top exactly where the old one was seated...had to adjust the height of the pulldown motor for about 10mm...everything looks good so far...but, as you can see in the pics, it does not perfectly sit ..played around with the adjustment screws but not sufficient - there is just too much of a gap between the top and the receiving surface. it looks perfect from the outside! any ideas on how to make it fit again?
  15. any pointers on installing the soft top ? ( except for marking the original location to get a better fit)# thaaaaaanks