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  1. 39BuickEight

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    I dont think that happened because it is evident no effort was made to avoid anything, based on the tracks. They are straight and uninterrupted. When someone is sideswiped, it is usually evident afterwards if they attempted to regain control. I don’t see that in these photos. (Of course we aren’t getting the whole story). I investigate auto accidents daily, so this is fun to me, figuring it out, with whatever evidence we might have.
  2. 39BuickEight

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    Well, except MA then lol. In every other state I have handled claims in, the owner always gets first dibs (less salvage value of course) I can’t imagine any insurance company that wouldn’t sell it back to the owner if they paid a fair salvage value.
  3. 39BuickEight

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    looks like the brakes (likely) or steering (less likely) failed, long straight line off the roadway until object struck, that or medical emergency (seizure/heart attack/etc) likely caused the accident sideswiped something else first of course anything can be repaired, but any insurance company estimate would total it, anything can also be bought back by the owner
  4. What Randy said! 🙌
  5. 39BuickEight

    1939-49 opera 1/4 window weatherstripping

    Thanks. My car is a Special, so it does not have chrome around the windows.
  6. Do all of you handles use the same size (thickness) escutcheons? Mine are 2 different sizes. A thicker one would have the handle just a little farther out. Just tossing out ideas.
  7. Fantastic! I’ll be doing this soon. Do any of your handles have springs behind them?
  8. 39BuickEight

    !937 Buick 40 coupe running board trim

    I am using a combination of the hood and one door to make mine for my 1939. Should look great from 10 ft away, and nobody will know it’s wrong except people like us. The belt line trim pieces are plentiful, so I’m doing some homemade fab ideas to make it work.
  9. 39BuickEight

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    No fender skirts for me. I’ve never been a fan of them on any car.
  10. 39BuickEight

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    Insurance laws vary by state, and are usually misunderstood until an accident happens.
  11. 39BuickEight

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    Thanks for sharing your car! My doors are almost ready and the fenders are next. I ended up using fenders without holes as the ones on my parts car were in much better condition.
  12. 39BuickEight


    A Camry full of passengers weighs the same. Trucks weigh even more. I can’t even imagine being on the road with anything that heavy. 🤪
  13. 39BuickEight


    Would those other companies have pursued this marketplace had not Tesla existed? Successful regards money and long term success only if you work or invest with Tesla. It means very different things to the rest of the world.
  14. 39BuickEight

    powder coat vs sandblasting and paint

    Like anything, some parts were worse than others. If I need to blast parts more often than once every few years, I would have something better, but for one restoration project, it worked great. I don't understand the point of minimizing my work, but hey, it's the internet. Sorry to have gotten this thread off course. In my opinion, powdercoating is great, but not worth the expense on a car that stays in the garage 99% of the time and only driven a couple thousand miles per year at most.