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  1. '39 Plastic colour

    Not bad at all for a quick fix, a little dark, but not awful, works for me!
  2. 1939 buick 248 fuel pump gasket

    You could call Bob's and see if they know, they sell it as part of the rebuild kit. I'm not sure if you can purchase it separately.
  3. If you are in and out of body shops like I am every day, you will see there has been little to no improvement in rust proofing over the last 100 years. Routinely, I see 5-6 year old vehicle with rust issues. Trucks, Jeeps, cars, everything. Shock mounts gone, trunk pans you can see through after lifting the carpet, etc. 10-12 year old vehicles are often totaled because of rust-they become non-repairable to reputable shops. Some specific examples are a 1 year old Tundra with half of the bumper clips missing (Tundras don't use galvanized fasteners), a 4 year old Ram with holes in the fender and bumpers, a 6 year old Impala with a rear strut mount barely attached anymore, and a 5 year old Cherokee with the rear axle shaking in reverse because it is barely attached to the suspension. These are just a few. Often the rust on newer vehicles is more hidden, but also way more dangerous.
  4. I am “only” 40, but I can also be considered a grumpy old soul. I believe people are 100% responsible for themselves and, if they want to be in the old car hobby, they can find a way to do so. If the economy gets a person down, either adjust your job, budget, or both. If you want a car that’s too expensive, find a cheaper one or make more money. My way of involvement started being raised in it via my father, and buying a rusty prewar car with cash on Craigslist that I knew I couldn’t drive for many years. I figured there is no better way to learn how to fix a car than by rebuilding one from the ground up. I paid for it as I went, and when I am done I will have less than $10,000 in a pretty nice car that I tightened every fastener on myself. To me, the reason fewer young people are involved in the “classic” car hobby is because of the throw away society we live in. People don’t fix washers and dryers anymore, much less cars. They replace them. They don’t learn or care to learn, because it’s more difficult. The overall quality of life is “better” now than it ever has been. Not having internet access has become a “problem.” Not having green enough grass is a “problem.” If a person wanted to afford a classic car, they could start by repairing their own washer and spraying their own weed killer (if at all.). That’s what I do. Every single person I meet loves old cars whether they have one or not. People think old cars are neat. The interest is there, until they are sidetracked and distracted by the next text message.
  5. Classic Car Auto Insurance

    It may be difficult to find what you need without having another 2nd car as the primary on the 2nd driver.
  6. Buicks to disappear?

    Yes, often headlights and airbags can be an instant $10,000 estimate. Add anything else and you're often in the total loss range. Here in KY, we can deduct the airbags cost when determining a total loss since they are just bolt in parts. We usually don't because we can sell the salvage pretty high right now (used late model anything, whether wrecked or not, is high right now). Your sentiments are common among most anyone who has driven a car from even 15 years ago or more. They just drive different and we are supposed to think trading emissions for gas mileage is a popular trend. Instead of giving us cars that get 75 mpg, they give us the same old 25-30 usually with more HP and "better emissions." Well, using less gas would also be a benefit to the environmentalists in the carbon footprint auto debate. For some reason Americans feel they need new and different technologies, whether they are actually better or not. Our family vehicle is a 2002 and will continue to be so until it dies completely. I have had new company cars over than past 10 years that are all nice and new, but drive horribly and get the same mileage as our 2002 SUV. I wouldn't buy a single one of them (Saturns, Dodges, Chevrolets, Jeeps) Supposedly they have more power, but unless you can trick the transmission to getting to a higher RPM gear (which new ones never want to do), the higher HP is useless. I am getting a 2018 Traverse as a company car replacement later this year. It has more gears than I can count. Should be fun, I guess. It's a nice benefit of my job, I will certainly say that.
  7. Gary, those Fords are stunning!
  8. supercharged Cord

    I just can't imagine selling a car such as this with such terrible photos and advertising.
  9. Painting a Car

    agreed 100% Matt. Also, using the term "painting a car" means something different to everyone. Are you simply painting it, or any or all of the other labor intensive work to get the car ready for paint? Too many variables.
  10. Seeking guidance/advice on purchasing a Buick coupe

    But..........a vehicle is actually worth exactly what someone will pay for it. Judging another person's purchase is a fruitless endeavor, especially if you are just going to call them a fool for paying more than you would. They wanted the vehicle, so they bought it for a price they agreed to. NADA can be useful for many things, like when a bank needs to make a decision on a loan, when a state needs to base taxation rates on something, or when an insurance company needs to rate or value something. But, when you are buying a car that doesn't have 10 others sitting next to it, NADA value shouldn't even enter the conversation. It's a "I have a car for sale, that you like, and that you cant just find anywhere" vs. what the buyer wants to pay. It's no more complicated than that.
  11. 1939 Buick Special restoration

    HI, thanks a lot! Nice car! I had a parts car, so I was fortunate to have 2 of just about everything at one point. I used my original pump at first, but it went bad one day while starting it up in the shop, so we swapped out the other one. Mt first idea would be eBay> I see water pumps on there all the time. Here is a NOS one right now, appears high to me, but just an example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1936-1949-Buick-Water-Pump-NOS-in-Original-Box-OEM-1393739/162831866999?fits=Year%3A1939|Make%3ABuick&hash=item25e9891c77:g:BtMAAOSwbtNaS3TP&vxp=mtr here is a kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1938-1939-1940-Buick-Water-Pump-Kit-K-502-Series-40-50-RARE/391928736604?hash=item5b40c5eb5c:g:zn0AAOSwhVxaD0K3&vxp=mtr Also, of course, there are any number of folks who rebuild them for people.
  12. Seeking guidance/advice on purchasing a Buick coupe

    What are you used to driving daily now? That will help us compare what your are used to vs. an older car that needs very routine maintenance and attention. Your price range is very appropriate for a very nice car of the era, but your expectations in terms of a daily driver need to be properly set.
  13. Requirement for a item price in the Buy/Sell forum

    This is the only site I frequent that doesn’t require a price.
  14. 38 Century Clutch fork Boot

    If your Wal-Mart has a fabric dept (some do and some don’t) they had what I consider an exact match black canvas-type material for my 1939 that I used to remake mine. So the 1938 was leather? I bet finding that material wouldn’t be difficult. Just need a needle and thread (unless of course you need the whole assembly).
  15. Membership