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  1. Barrett - Jackson 2018 Did I miss anything?

    They had it all, as always. Sometime I wonder if any of these cars are rare when I see them at these auctions all the time.
  2. 1937 Buick Special

    Define “rebuild.” I had a guy tear mine down and replace a piston for $1800. Some specialized restoration shops will charge $1000 per cylinder. Depends whether the parts are ok or not.
  3. Barrett - Jackson 2018 Did I miss anything?

    The prices were up big time, like most 401k’s this year. Some typical 60’s-70’s restorations and muscle cars that we always see were steady, but custom trucks and quality resto-mods brought silly money. $240,000 for a 1967 Nova and $80,000 for a 1967 C-10 for example. Both nice customs if you are into that sort of thing.
  4. 1937 Roadmaster?

    Nobody ever wants to bid first. They think if nobody else bids they overpaid. It’s annoying for the sellers, but too many are not committed to buying anything. I bet the seller got a few messages to contact if it’s doesnt sell.
  5. Anybody know what these rear fenders are for?

    And if there are none, the market is yours.
  6. E-85

    Worth repeating!
  7. E-85

    Generally E-85 costs less, gets you worse gas mileage, and the power is about the same. Some people like it because it’s doesn’t come from foreign oil. Otherwise I see no benefit. I’ve tried it in all sorts of different company cars at work.
  8. garage ideas/placement

    I’m about 90% done with the inside metal. Got some good signs hung too.
  9. Buick Enclave steering issues

    Nobody makes good parts anymore because nobody keeps their vehicles anymore. Many parts have lifetime warranties, even brake pads, because they know the owner will change cars every 2 years anyway. It's just one of the irresponsible ways many Americans spend their money. They like to think they need a different car all the time and then complain about their finances.
  10. Headlights: sealed beam, Halogen, HID, LED???

    Turning those on an oncoming driver is a good way to cause someone to be blinded and hit you head on. The injuries or possible death wouldn't seem worth it to me.
  11. Something like that is a perfect spot to use allmetal.
  12. 1940 buick special rear main seal replacement.

    A 1938 shop manual would probably help you a ton. I don't have mine handy, but it is very thorough on most mechanicals of these cars.
  13. garage ideas/placement

    Some Buick stuff I need to hang.
  14. garage ideas/placement

    Working on the inside with repurposed barn tin. Put up license plate backsplashes, a license plate stairwell wall, and Route 66 in order down the stairs.

    Here is my place: I've been working on the inside lately, and I need to post some interior pics, but it's a mess right now with various contraction materials/tools/etc strewn about. Once again, like the link to my car's restoration, on a pc there is some random image on the link that's not mine. Odd.