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  1. 39BuickEight

    General Motors

    Always been a Chevrolet family. I get grief because my wife drives an Acura now. I always saw it as Chevrolet/Oldsmobile/Pontiac/Saturn were equal in status, then you stepped up to a Buick and, finally, a Cadillac. My wife's 80 year old grandfather was a retired steel mill worker in Pittsburgh. He was about 75 and told us that he always wanted a Cadillac. We asked him what he was waiting for, and he bought one that he enjoyed for 10 years before he passed. My grandfather, retired from IBM, told me he always wanted a Packard. He always drove Chevrolets and never did get his Packard. Dad likes my Buick because it has a Body by Fisher tag on it and says Delco all over it like his Nova.
  2. 39BuickEight

    HPOF Rules on Interior and Dent Repair?

    Maybe that's why it's preservation of "historical features" rather than the "historical car."
  3. 39BuickEight

    1938 Special Not Mine

    It does sound a little odd. Maybe the valves need to be adjusted? Before he opened the hood it sounded like a flock of birds were flying around in there.
  4. 39BuickEight

    New Trend on eBay?

    I firmly believe that 50% of the bids placed on cars are either the owner themselves or someone else they know, and at the least someone who is not interested in actually buying the car. Too many vehicles appear bid over reserve, therefore apparently "sold," only reappear shortly thereafter in another new listing. That said, eBay is still an incredibly useful tool for many things.
  5. 39BuickEight

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    OFF TO PAINT!!!!! 😀
  6. 39BuickEight

    1988 Buick Reatta accident question

    Makes sense. That’s also a liability claim, not a first party claim, and those guidelines are completely different for a million reasons I won’t get into.
  7. 39BuickEight

    1988 Buick Reatta accident question

    In those cases where a vehicle is not repaired, you have not profited, therefore it does not address the fact that profiting from an insurance claim is fraud. You are actually supposed to return any money not spent to correctly repair the vehicle, if you repaired it correctly for less than you were paid. That never actually happens, but the insurance company only owes to correctly repair the vehicle less your deductible. If they find out less was spent to do so, and they still insure it, they don’t like that. Each carrier handles it differently. Most of the time it’s the shop telling the carrier about it. Shops can also get into trouble when it involves not charging a deductible. It’s rare, but does happen. It all goes back into the social/mutual aspect of insurance. Every single insured shares in the losses.
  8. 39BuickEight

    1988 Buick Reatta accident question

    Profiting from an insurance claim is considered insurance fraud. Anyway, talk to your agent and still try to get a police report. Many companies will make this a chargeable claim without a police report. The thinking is that there is no way to really know what happened, and if it was really important to you, you would have called the police. Also ask yourself, it is worth having collision coverage on that car?
  9. 39BuickEight

    1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Custom *SOLD*

    And I imagine having a good professional represent it matters too.
  10. 39BuickEight

    Car Interior Color question

    It costs more for them to offer custom options, and it also also costs more to meet required emissions and "safety" standards. If they have to spend more to do what the government tells them, then they have to get that money back from somewhere else.
  11. 39BuickEight

    Car Interior Color question

    Legislation causes car companies to cut costs because they have to spend in other areas that are not part of design. The end result is a car full of features to protect people from themselves, and few choices when it comes to options packages and colors.
  12. 39BuickEight

    eBay Motors

    People pay extra to show up in your search. Just like any other advertising.
  13. When I had my Matchbox cars organized by how straight they went down the driveway. We had a decent grade and would let them roll to see which one would win. It was so long that only the cars that went straight would have a chance. There were no Hot Wheels cars in that box. They didn’t roll worth a darn. This one was hard to beat. Probably because of the big rear wheels.
  14. 39BuickEight

    Question to ask when buying old cars?!

    When buying old cars the questions depend on the amount you could lose. On this car, just make sure the seller has a clear title and that you have somewhere to park it. Worst case, if it’s a problem, you can offload it and not lose much at all. The price of a car such as this is justified in the education you get in the purchase process and in maintaining/tinkering with it.
  15. 39BuickEight

    1939 Buick eight mod-41

    Unless you find a parts car you will have to make them. I made large sections of mine. These are not produced.