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  1. Bushwack

    Reatta defenders on Jalopnik

    For your reading (dis)pleasure. https://jalopnik.com/comment-of-the-day-defender-of-the-buick-reatta-editio-1825969176
  2. Bushwack

    D-A-N-I-E-L is a GREAT MAN!

    The Good: On the one remaining convertible I have, it has held up great! The Bad: In the last five years, I've only driven the car about 1,200 miles.
  3. Bushwack

    Taillight Letters

    To concur, over the years I have had several people contact me via e-mail if EastCoastReattaParts.com and BuickReattaParts are the same company (i.e. same company w/ a location on each coast).
  4. Bushwack

    Taillight Letters

    If you buy from them (him), make sure the C also stands for C.O.D.
  5. Bushwack

    Anyone ever use these tires?

    I'm no expert but I was told by my mechanic that kind of tread pattern is great for rain but noisy for spring/summer travels.
  6. Bushwack

    MPG woes

    What city are you in? That's about what I get in stop-n-go Los Angeles traffic (highway at 28+ mpg).
  7. $480 w/ a front end alignment. But that's an L.A. price. I'd expect 25% less elsewhere..
  8. Bushwack

    Reatta sighting on TV

    FWIW...Steve (our beloved SteveSkyhawk) sent me a text that he saw a Reatta on the TV series Young Sheldon (on CBS). Anyone see it (or have it taped)?
  9. Bushwack

    Reatta Database - Need Your Help

    Just bumping the thread (see my original post).
  10. My database of Reatta owners became corrupt (including back up copies). This is the database I use to inform Reatta owners throughout the country (and some penguins in Canada) of the upcoming Reatta Rally held each summer. Earlier today I sent out the first e-mail announcement for the upcoming Reatta Rally to about 20% of the database I have been able to reconstruct. If you did not receive the e-mail and want to be included in future mailings (which may also includes select/desirable Reattas I'm privy to), please send your name & e-mail address to Ervin@ReattaRally.com. Thanks! -- Ervin
  11. Bushwack

    Got me a ragtop

    I know that car! Forget what the odometer says - it's practically new inside and out (as you already know). Enjoy!
  12. Bushwack

    Buick Reatta - Meets, Tours & Car Shows

    REATTA RALLY 2018 will be held on Sunday, June 3rd in Woodland Hills, CA An e-mail blast with further information will go out soon. If you're not in the Reatta Rally e-mail database (and want to be included), send a request to Ervin@ReattaRally.com. If you can't wait for the e-mail, the web site (http://www.ReattaRally.com) has been updated with the latest information (including the registration form).
  13. Bushwack

    Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction 2018

    This could be a 'jumping the shark' event (in a good way). National exposure (even from B-J) might open the eyes/interest of others looking for something different.
  14. It appears person cancelled the listing (a day before it was scheduled to end...which I think is as late a listing can be cancelled per eBay policy). Highest bid was under $6,600.
  15. I'm not sure I agree with your analogy but good catch (pun intended). Not sure why I had it incorrectly (must have been irritated by another California 'sanctuary state' declaration). It has since been corrected.