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  1. My database of Reatta owners became corrupt (including back up copies). This is the database I use to inform Reatta owners throughout the country (and some penguins in Canada) of the upcoming Reatta Rally held each summer. Earlier today I sent out the first e-mail announcement for the upcoming Reatta Rally to about 20% of the database I have been able to reconstruct. If you did not receive the e-mail and want to be included in future mailings (which may also includes select/desirable Reattas I'm privy to), please send your name & e-mail address to Ervin@ReattaRally.com. Thanks! -- Ervin
  2. Got me a ragtop

    I know that car! Forget what the odometer says - it's practically new inside and out (as you already know). Enjoy!
  3. Buick Reatta - Meets, Tours & Car Shows

    REATTA RALLY 2018 will be held on Sunday, June 3rd in Woodland Hills, CA An e-mail blast with further information will go out soon. If you're not in the Reatta Rally e-mail database (and want to be included), send a request to Ervin@ReattaRally.com. If you can't wait for the e-mail, the web site (http://www.ReattaRally.com) has been updated with the latest information (including the registration form).
  4. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction 2018

    This could be a 'jumping the shark' event (in a good way). National exposure (even from B-J) might open the eyes/interest of others looking for something different.
  5. It appears person cancelled the listing (a day before it was scheduled to end...which I think is as late a listing can be cancelled per eBay policy). Highest bid was under $6,600.
  6. I'm not sure I agree with your analogy but good catch (pun intended). Not sure why I had it incorrectly (must have been irritated by another California 'sanctuary state' declaration). It has since been corrected.
  7. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED When it rains, it pours. Posted in the L.A. CL but located in Florida. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/1991-buick-reatta-convertible/6459226917.html
  8. What was it that P.T. Barnum said???
  9. Warning - only for those with strong stomachs

    About 2-3 years ago there was a guy in San Francisco selling his Reattas on CL. I think he had six - some were colorfully painted and all sat on 22" or 24" rims. Looked hideous to me.
  10. 2018 Reatta resolutions

    Sell my last remaining Reatta ('90 vert with 49,000 miles). But...replace it with an '89 coupe (any color but red/tan). It's the same resolution I had last year but first need to find the coupe before selling the vert.
  11. If you're so inclined, go here: http://reatta.org/join/
  12. WOW!! Marck is right on the...mark! And in regards to what I highlighted in blue, so many moaned about Steve Scott (whether his behavior on-line that disturbed many or his 'high' prices for Reatta items). Steve spent big bucks on tooling for two items (among others) that come to mind: Seat bezels for the 16 ways seats and the chrome B-U-I-C-K letters. I think's he is far from breaking even on either item (I think he gave up on the letters). Whether these were bad investment choices isn't the issue. He took the initiative, put out the money and gave it a go. BTW, not defending Steve of his behavior (not all of us are filled with sugar and spice). But certainly defend his right to voice his opinion - especially when his intentions were sincere (dude probably still mumbles the words "Reatta will be a collectible....Reatta will be a collectible" in his sleep). And I applaud him for not talking out of his butt (i.e. actions speak louder than words) like many do. Okay, he often spoke out of his butt...with mostly good intentions. Not being self-serving other than to be of an example, I spend lots and lots of $$$ every year promoting the Reatta Rally here in Los Angeles. Fast forward three months before the 1st Reatta Rally when I was marketing the event (I placed ads in the Buick Bugle as well as investing in Google search). Fast forward again the day of the first Reatta Rally, well over 75% of the 21 attendees (and two no-shows due to mechanical) NEVER knew there was a group of Reatta gear-heads. Their eyes popped out seeing all the Reattas and of making new friends. Many thought *I* was the only "Reatta Club" in the country! The never heard of the Reatta Division (or this web forum) until attending the rally. To this day I still get a few e-mails monthly from people via my Reatta Rally site on where to get parts or how to troubleshoot a problem. And as many know, I get requests (or offer my services) to showcase a Reatta for sale via an e-mail blast (I only send out blasts of Reattas I consider desirable). I think I've 'blasted' 11 cars resulting in three sales (not a penny goes into my pocket). It's all about promoting the brand. Reatta Division needs to get off its buttocks and be proactive. I don't know if leadership has changed from the time I was last a Reatta Div member but it appears the mentality remains the same. There's $11,000 in the budget (that's the last number I know of). I assume it is the same or more as the Reatta Div spends little money promoting the brand. As far as I know, the only money spent by the Reatta Div is self-serving (get-together munchies at the annual BCA event, a plaque awarded to someone for often the wrong reasons and possibly the Rendevous). Investment is minimal regarding merchandise (that's not even advertised/offered at Reatta.org) and there are only pennies (if that much) spent promoting the brand. Google "Reatta" (which I've done three times on three different computers) and Reatta.org appears either on the second or third page of a search. It should be among the top five choices on page 1. A $150/month investment with Google Adwords for the first four months would make that happen (and then $50-$75/month thereafter). Dues are $10 and have remained the same since Barney and Jim were in diapers (I joke, of course). They should be raised (to $25/yr) with value provided by the Reatta Div. Economy is good - nobody will complain if the money is put to good use/promoting the brand. If I knew the Reatta Div was spending money wisely promoting the brand/getting more Reatta enthusiasts to join, I'll be the first to write a check. But I think ya'll are still kinda hush-hush on what you do with the money. If I offended some, it is only to get yourselves motivated and prove me wrong (and of those that remain silent). Take it constructively, not personally. If you take it personally, then I hit a nerve (and that's a good thing!). But however you take it, if you're a Reatta enthusiast, spread the word. If you're an officer of the Reatta Div., own up to the position you accepted/volunteered for, come up with a business plan and promote the brand (it's neither difficult to do or time consuming).
  13. About four years ago at the Reatta Rally, when Jay was walking past the Reattas on display, myself (among a few others) heard Jay say "...maybe in 20 years". Geez...just 16 years to go (when Jay will be 82 and telling jokes from his hybrid wheelchair).
  14. Ronnie, I highlighted, colored red, enlarged the point size and placed in bold words of yours that I've been saying for years (and have done something about). But those words fuel my gripe with the Reatta Division. They have done (very) little to promote the brand. You're preaching to the choir. Unfortunately, some of the choir members haven't cleaned their bifocals or refresh the batteries in their hearing device.
  15. Barret-Jackson

    I was at a a sociall event last month and B-J was a topic of discussion at the table. One guy mentioned he went about 20 years ago and again in 2014 (maybe it was 2015). I remember him saying the experience he had back then was professional (he was outbid on a 1969 Cadillac Sedan deVille). A very professional atmosphere. When he went with his 22 year old son in 2014, he felt the auction turned into a carnival/amusement park. Of the cars being sold, it felt more like an assembly line with less personal attention given (I assume to the bidders). Based on his comments, I think he'd go again but take his grandson(s). He kept talking how as an amusement park, it brought a very cheerful atmosphere. But as a typical buyer looking to bid, he was just another number (he didn't buy anything).