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  1. 1990 Gunmetal Gray vert

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/d/1990-buick-reatta-convertible/6383256321.html Car looks familiar ;-)
  2. WTB: NOS or exceptional wheel center caps

    I remember several years ago when I went to Kingsley's home (when he lived in L.A.), we spoke about sun visor production costs vs ROI. He knew from the start he wasn't going to break even. But he smiled ear-to-ear knowing he was filling a niche and making a difference to Reatta owners who needed a hard-to-find part.
  3. Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    Hmm...Maybe donate the car to a local charity (or school that teaches auto repair). Your mother may be better off with a charitable deduction than the $400 a wrecking yard might offer. If cash is what you want and don't mind a little hard work, think about taking out the seats and sell them on eBay ($300??), the CRT for $125, steering wheel for $125, miscellaneous IP parts/modules ($250??), and so on (not something I'd advise to do but just putting it out there). In great condition, Reattas are very difficult to sell. Trying to sell one that's inoperable (or even parts from a Reatta),....
  4. WTB: NOS or exceptional wheel center caps

    I'm not defending Steve. But that's a cheap shot to take at someone who can't defend himself in this forum. That doesn't make you any better then him.
  5. Tour Jay Leno's garage

    On the slim, slim chance you're coming to SoCal soon (save your money - we're not worthy of your family-oriented, mid-western or country disposition), you can have a chance of getting a tour of Jay Leno's garage. Details here: https://www.lenosgarage.com/pages/win-a-tour-of-jay-lenos-garage?utm_campaign=Re+Send+to+Non+Opens+-+Win+a+Tour+of+Jay's+Garage+(Mz3NBU)&utm_medium=email&_ke=cmVhdHRhOTBAZ21haWwuY29t&utm_source=Campaign+Email+-+Non+Opens+in+10+days P.S. I'm just a conduit.
  6. Reatta interior designer

    I was at the gym earlier this week wearing a Reatta Rally t-shirt. It has the Reatta logo screen-printed in front and pictures of various Reattas in back. A gentleman saw the t-shirt, came up to me, introduced himself as Merl Drucker (he had a slight Irish accent) and mentioned that his grandfather and aunt worked on designing the Reatta (for GM). He was a bit fuzzy with facts but mentioned his father worked on the design of the rear compartments (he owned a red coupe) and his aunt (last name of Luden) worked on assembly. He mentioned he may have photographs of his aunt on the assembly line (wasn't sure about the grandfather). Both passed away in the 1990s. Conversation went on for about 20 minutes but he didn't amount to much. He said he'd look for the photographs and maybe call his grandmother (97 years young) if she has any recollection. For the Reatta historians in the forum, do either of these names ring a bell (Drucker or Luden)? Googling their names didn't produce results. We're suppose to meet next Thursday at the gym. Hopefully he'll have some photos and maybe more information.
  7. 1991 White and Flame Red

    You made some good points Barney. On the flip side for the Reatta faithful, as car parts will get harder to find, if a Reatta is your everyday driver, you may want to convert it to your weekend driver. Less Reatta parts = more expensive to maintain (for a car whose value remains the same or slowly diminishes).
  8. LeBra 55341-01

    Here's a collage of a Reatta now on eBay that has the LeBra installed.
  9. On eBay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Buick-Reatta-/132311079257?hash=item1ece5ad959%3Ag%3Ae1wAAOSwX99ZpYIz&autorefresh=true&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=CXq4XN5Vt4rt3t8PkOnFL1ol8LM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Low mileage 1989 Reatta seems decent yet couldn't climb to $2,600. If interested, contact the seller and try and work something out.
  10. I disagree and let me be more specific: The streets in both Boulder County & Weld County used salt on the roads from 1995-1999 (when I was in Colorado). I had a newly paved private parking lot damaged due to county vehicles parking in the lot (and not the grass lot next door as they were instructed). Damage wasn't tracking (i.e.: tires or grates) but salt deposits and what looked like asphalt rust. It was a red/tan residue tint mixed in with the salt when applied that was suppose to allow the salt to work quicker. County engineers tried to dismiss the cause. At my expense I had an independent consultant/engineer dig up random samples to test to make the determination. Boulder County wouldn't admit fault but we did settle days before our court date with a substantial reimbursement check for repairs.
  11. Old topic on 1990 Select Sixty cars

    I thought cars that GM sold during their "bad times" could not be re-sold.
  12. I lived in Colorado for 3 years. I saw how people treat their cars (especially during winter). There's always the exception but the probability is significant that there is measurable rust on a 170,000 mile car. I doubt it was driven only when the sun shines.
  13. Seller will include the undercarriage rust for free!
  14. The authority on collector cars

    Not necessarily. "Muscle Cars" have been in favor since the early 1980s (35+ years ago); only 8-12 years after production There's a cycle to it all just as many Trans Ams, Corvettes and Z28s from 1974 - 1982 have been appreciating the last several years. Hopefully the older one is, the more discretionary funds are available. But with the slow demise of the middle class, we'll see many purchases in the near future (if not already occurring) coming from 'family' money (25 - 40 yr olds).
  15. The authority on collector cars

    Sounds like you are diminishing Mr Kinney's credentials. Also, I think its easier to pick stocks for investments than it is a car as future collectible. But in a broader scope, I don't disagree with you. Buy what you like (if it is a driver). If one is a collector, Mr. Kinney's words are worth listening to carefully. I particularly found it interesting when he said production numbers are lower on the list (than most would expect) regarding valuation. He states it is the impact the car had when new (and continues to have), it's ownership (history), and so on. One reason why the muscle car era is still in favor with collectors.