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  1. Bushwack

    Pinstripping question

    I don't recall seeing a vertical stripe on the pillar on this (or any other) 1988 Reatta. Was this a factory option or an after-market application?
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Buick-Reatta-Convertible/163194236607?hash=item25ff226ebf:g:ltkAAOSwkXRbbFkq Take a look if interested in a red/gray convertible. One owner, 51,300 miles, looks good (don't know about condition of top). Do your homework but at an asking of $8,700, looks like a bargain. It's in a place called Nebraska (I think they are part of the union).
  3. Bushwack

    Looking at a 91 questions

    Buy the car as something you will get years and years of enjoyment from. Don't buy it as an investment (assuming the car will appreciate in value).
  4. Bushwack

    Looking at a 91 questions

    FWIW...wheels speed sensors are specific for 1991 MY. Don't think you can use 1988-1990 sensors with a 1991 Reatta. And while not mechanical, some IP modules/switches are specific for the 1991 Reatta.
  5. Good to know. I recall first seeing the car listed at the $10K asking price. Nevertheless, it is a SoCal car (I saw the car a few years ago in Palm Springs - wasn't selling then) and was in good shape inside and out the last I saw it. Always tread carefully. Any buyer should ALWAYS see the car first (unless you have discretionary funds). Still worth serious consideration for those who must have a n S60 as its obvious the buyer wants the car out of his life.
  6. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED For those that salivate over a S60, this car has dropped $2,500 from its original asking price. It's been available for 3+ months (maybe longer). A shrewd negotiator should get it for $6,900 (assuming the car is kosher) - https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/cto/d/1990-buick-reatta-select-sixty/6611835137.html
  7. Bushwack

    Registered Reattas

    Don't disagree about Reattas leaving California. I've been looking for a rust-free 1988-1989 coupe (not red/tan) the past 18 months and the inventory is practically nil.
  8. Same car listed on CL: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ctd/d/1989-buick-reatta-coupe-42k/6620239174.html Looks like you got the car for a weee bit less then the seller wanted. Enjoy!
  9. Bushwack

    Registered Reattas

    Something isn't making sense Barney. Observation: We (the forum) had this conversation 7 1/2 years ago. Back then, the data you supplied said there were 1,435 registered Reattas in California (approx 14,500 registered in the US in 2011). California had the most Reattas registered in the nation. Fast forward 7-8 years later and now its 337 and California is 5th on the list among the states (the ranking isn't my concern). If the Reatta count for California has dropped about 75% over the past 7-8 years, either the number given circa 2011 was incorrect or today's numbers are incorrect. Taking it a step further, I would say today's count (for California) is more accurate then the number given seven years ago. Then again, I think the source of today's data vs 7-8 years ago is the same (correct me if I'm wrong). But with a near 50% drop (based on the enclosed graph) from 8 years ago, Reatta values have changed very little.
  10. I agree. But you can still join FB with only divulging the information you want known. I log on to FB 2 or 3x/week. Mostly to keep up with what nieces & nephews are doing. Those darn youngsters only know how to communicate electronically. I don't think any one them know how to dial out and use the ear & mouth pieces on their phones.
  11. For clarification, this will replace a 1991 (and 1990) radio unit using existing OEM harness?
  12. Bushwack

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    What is the date when the car has to be removed?
  13. Bushwack

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    Is there a recent photo of the car that can be posted?
  14. Bushwack

    Reatta Rally 2018 - Good times!!

    Steve Scott's white convertible with white seats (both with 16 way seats), tan carpet/trim along with the 16" white Reatta wheels looked fantastic. In hindsight, if it was an available option back in the day, it would have been a hit. It could (should?) have easily been the S60 layout (looks much better then a typical S60). The white & white/tan mix compliment each other better then the typical white/tan combo we see.
  15. Here's a short video of today's Reatta Rally 2018 in Woodland Hills, CA. Great weather, terrific atmosphere and enthusiastic participants - couldn't ask for anything more. Exceeded expectations! Eight convertibles (all in fantastic, pride-of-ownership condition), two 1989 coupes and two no-shows. Video below: