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  1. Sorry to hear of Don's passing. Never had the chance to meet or speak to him but I heard he was a well respected man of few words. Having read his obituary, it states he worked at Lou Ehlers Buick after he got out of the service. Coincidence, I think not but in Los Angeles from circa 1955-2010, there was a Lou Ehlers Cadillac (also briefly a GMC & Buick dealership in the 1970s), Until the mid 1980s, celebrities and those in a certain tax bracket bought their Cadillac(s) either from Lou Ehlers on Wilshire Blvd (in the ritzy Hancock Park area of L.A.) or Hillcrest Cadillac in Beverly Hills (also on Wilshire Blvd). Hillcrest opened in Beverly Hills in 1927 and closed around 1986 as more people were buying luxury brands from anywhere other than American made (the location has been a Lexus dealership since 1990). Lou Ehlers Cadillac eventually closed in 2007 also as people were buying BMWs, Lexus & MBs and ignoring domestic brands (its closing was first announced in 2005). Buildings on the site were demolished and replaced with a very, VERY large BMW dealership (http://www.bmwofbeverlyhills.com/). On a related note, in a city the size of L.A. (including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Bel-Air, Culver City, Venice) - portions of the city west of downtown to the ocean (where the average household income is high), there is only one Caddy dealership (Martin Cadillac in West Los Angeles). And Martin Cadillac sales have been abysmal the past few years (per the dealership). Yes, one Caddy dealer serving the westside and mid-Wilshire area with a population of 950,000. ...and Martin Cadillac will be closing its doors this summer to be replaced with multi-story office buildings/business park (land value too much to keep it as a dealership). Went off on a bit of a tangent. Being born, raised and living in Los Angeles, I remain astonished there's only one Caddy dealership serving 950,000. On the flip side, I see more high end BMWs, MBs and Lexus (and even Bentleys) on the westside than I do Cadillacs or Lincolns. Why Caddy doesn't/hasn't made a push for a presence in affluent areas of L.A. remains a mystery. Times of changed (at least here in SoCal).
  2. In 2011, I paid $800 for a new vinyl top and an additional $800 for installation. Recently someone asked me how much a new top (installed) would cost for his Reatta. As I was going to an upholsterer later in the day to get another estimate for another car needing a top, I made the inquiry. $2,400 to install (and supply) a new top. I don't have the material/installation breakdown as previously I bought the (EZ Auto) top separately and had it installed locally. Yes, this is SoCal pricing as just about everything costs significantly more living in Kommunist Kalifornia (I'll save that rant for another time). I know there are some EZ Auto distributors in the forum and I am not asking what you sell a top for. I am making more of a general inquiry (curiosity) as to how much would a similar complete installation cost in any of the other 49 states.
  3. Indeed they do a great job. Used them 2-3 years ago for a burgundy re-cover - but not at $200. Price was $400 excluding shipping (and that was in 2014).
  4. I think if these were easy fixes, Marck would take care of them and sell the car for a greater profit (unless he bought the car for peanuts and the margin is better "as is" vs making repairs). This sounds like a nice father (or grandfather)/son project where expense is secondary (and family bonding time is primary). Whatever it takes to keep kids away from their cell phones, fake news and reality TV is a worthy project. Money put into this car will be greater than its' value.
  5. Do you have a 'comp' to back up that it's a "reasonable" price or is it just a gut feeling (that is around what you would pay for the car)?
  6. For the Door Ajar light (when it comes on), Just curious - is there a sensor that can easily be disconnected so the warning light doesn't come on?
  7. I owned an Allante. But I was focused on it being a Buick part. I though maybe an Electra or Le Sabre. Thanks guys!
  8. I purchased an ECC on eBay and seller mistakenly sent me this part (he doesn't want it returned). Doesn't belong on a Reatta but does anyone have an idea which car (and model years) this part belongs to? I couldn't find any identifying marks (not even a part number) on this module. . . .
  9. It was about 12-15 years ago that a coupe was for sale at BJ. If I recall (from an article I read), it fetched street value. Wasn't much interest in the car.
  10. FWIW, I've had the door ajar light come on in two different Reattas. As part of troubleshooting, the BCM will not accurately tell you which door is in 'trouble'. If after all of what Ronnie posted has been done and still have that warning light on, as was my case, I'd concentrate on the passenger door first. Yes, makes no sense as the driver's door gets more exercise. Nevertheless it was the passenger doors on both cars that were giving off the warning light.
  11. You have no liability selling a used part. Should that be the case, salvage yards wouldn't exist.
  12. Of the Reattas NOT registered, its safe to say most are probably sitting in a lot in Arizona and are good for parts only. The @ 7,600 number is a far drop from the 12,000 I recall being talked about circa 2010. Yet...Reattas still are respected and valued as much as they were 4,400 cars ago.
  13. IMO, better that he controlled fate selling his Reatta than just another old timer who kicks the bucket and we don't know what became of him/her (and the Reatta ends up in the salvage yard). Take care Greg.
  14. Reatta Rally 2016 is scheduled for May 22nd. Going strong heading into the 5th year. More information at http://www.ReattaRally.com
  15. I owned a '93 Allante. I may have been one of the few that had little problems with the car. But as I recall, there are (were) more vendors available for Allante parts then Reatta. Back in the day, if it wasn't for a couple main suppliers - Jim Finn or Steve Scott, where would one get parts for their Reatta (other than a wrecking yard). Jim still has parts available but he has been thinning down his inventory the past few years. Steve Scott is a cheeseburger away from a heart attack (I know Steve is reading this - just kidding big fella). But Steve has narrowed his focus on a few select (and often in demand parts) for the Reatta (and if it wasn't for him being opinionated, he would get the credit he deserves for not only what he sells but for what he distributes for others to sell). There's Kingsley also with his sun visor clips & headlight assembly kit, Ronnie with his site (although I just tried his URL and got a failure to connect - is the site still live?). In comes the next generation, young Marck Barker, who saw a void needing to be filled and has made a living doing so. And I'm sure he realizes the Reatta 'biz' wont last much longer as Reattas fail to appreciate and many owners start considering thier cars as disposable (cost to repair exceeds value). I'd be surprised if Marck hasn't already seen another niche to be filled (IMO someone like Marck would do well as a classic Corvette or Mustang supplier). So..not sure where I was going with the above but it was worth keeping in the post. As I see it is Reatta parts suppliers are decreasing. Soon there will be one retailer & one or two parts supplier.