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  1. For Sale - 1927 Lincoln sedan

    ed, I have another lincoln that I am keeping. I dont need two! L
  2. For Sale - 1927 Lincoln sedan

  3. For Sale on Ebay: 1933 Lincoln KB tail light lot

    thanks keiser, im not sure whats going on with my auction links. Thats the second one that didnt work.
  4. Hi all, I have listed a group of Lincoln KB tail light parts on ebay. There are some pretty good bits in there. Maybe someone out there somewhere is still restoring a KB???? Otherwise, maybe they can go on your 32 ford. IF you want to look, here is the link:
  5. For Sale on Ebay: Model 322 Sales catalog

    If anyone can use it- I have a 322 sales catalog on ebay. Nice glossy photos in color with all 322 body types. Heres the link if you want to take a look:
  6. Just in case anyone is looking. Model DA DB DC and O are covered. Thanks
  7. For sale on eBay: McFarlan six sales brochure

    ok, it should be fixed now. not sure whats going on.
  8. I have listed a pair of crank hole covers for early 1930s packard. One is complete and one is just the chrome plated piece. Maybe someone here can use them:
  9. All, i have listed a mcfarlan six sales catalog on eBay. Pretty neat piece. Take a look if you're inclined:
  10. 1920s stop light lens

    Does anyone know what this lens might fit?
  11. Tail light ID assistance

    probably so. I was comparing it to model A and it was larger. I didnt try 32. Ill look into it. thanks.
  12. Tail light ID assistance

    All, I have a 1935 Gilkie tent trailer and I believe this tail light to be original. I want to find a replacement lens for it. I assume this is a light housing that would have also been used on a car. Does anyone recognize it? It says "Folite" on the housing. The lens is a Do-Ray Tiger-Ey". It seems similar to ford but its bigger. about 3-3/4" across the bezel and the lens abourt 3.5" thanks
  13. All, I have several pierce arrow manuals and sales brochures listed on ebay as well as an early ignition switch. They are mostly later 1920s and early 1930s documents. Series 80,81,36, 840-a, 1602 and 1603 Please take a look at my ebay profile to see the ones I have available. I hope they can help some of you: Thanks
  14. Licence Plates

    Califoirnia has a YOM (year of manufacture) license plate program. You can apply (for a fee) to have those plates assigned to your car if your car is within the year range of car that those plates were originally applied to. You cannot just "have them put in your name" you must register them to your car. Once they are registered to your car, they are considered a vanity plate and you must pay an extra fee yearly to maintain them.
  15. chalmers year ID

    Does anyone know what year this chalmers might be? Thanks