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  1. Mystery car

    Maybe a reverse negative? But the golf door is on the drivers side? Maybe an American car made in RHD for European market? You tell me!
  2. Generator- 1920 kissell

    Another wild goose chase or hunt for the golden egg- my friend has a 1920 kissell. It has a generator with a shaft that goes through to drive the water pump and a gear mechanism in the side To drive the distributor. It’s a Delco unit and it’s internals are all missing. We need to find one. Does anyone have any Kissell Parts that may have a generator?
  3. these hubcaps are late 28 and 1929 only.
  4. Early grill ID help please

    thats not a 30 lincoln grille shell, but might be 31 or 32 KA. I dont know those models that well so someone should confirm
  5. For Sale - 1927 Lincoln sedan

    ed, I have another lincoln that I am keeping. I dont need two! L
  6. For Sale - 1927 Lincoln sedan

  7. For Sale on Ebay: 1933 Lincoln KB tail light lot

    thanks keiser, im not sure whats going on with my auction links. Thats the second one that didnt work.
  8. Hi all, I have listed a group of Lincoln KB tail light parts on ebay. There are some pretty good bits in there. Maybe someone out there somewhere is still restoring a KB???? Otherwise, maybe they can go on your 32 ford. IF you want to look, here is the link:
  9. For Sale on Ebay: Model 322 Sales catalog

    If anyone can use it- I have a 322 sales catalog on ebay. Nice glossy photos in color with all 322 body types. Heres the link if you want to take a look:
  10. Just in case anyone is looking. Model DA DB DC and O are covered. Thanks
  11. For sale on eBay: McFarlan six sales brochure

    ok, it should be fixed now. not sure whats going on.
  12. I have listed a pair of crank hole covers for early 1930s packard. One is complete and one is just the chrome plated piece. Maybe someone here can use them:
  13. All, i have listed a mcfarlan six sales catalog on eBay. Pretty neat piece. Take a look if you're inclined:
  14. 1920s stop light lens

    Does anyone know what this lens might fit?
  15. Tail light ID assistance

    probably so. I was comparing it to model A and it was larger. I didnt try 32. Ill look into it. thanks.