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  1. Linus Tremaine

    1927 Lincoln Limousine Model L *Movie Car* Limo

    Type 147B: 1005 were built in 1927 Model Run - 1925-1928 total production - 3108 I have at least ten listed survivors, but likely there are more as I dont have body type numbers for all the cars I have listed. L
  2. Linus Tremaine

    1924 to 1934 Lincoln

    i thought you had decided you didnt want a model L? L
  3. Linus Tremaine

    1929 Lincoln Steering Column

    1930 are the ones to get L
  4. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    auction in the netherlands - lincolns start around catalog # 240 - just for fun
  5. Linus Tremaine

    1928 Cadillac Fleetwood Town car

    Sorry guys, The car is sold - to a member here on the forum. Perhaps we will get an update from him sometime.
  6. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    That judkins coupe is missing some hard to find parts and its in poor shape. I would not consider that car. Buy the blue 169B in hemmings.
  7. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    i will add that the hemmings car seller claims it is one of 1513 made in 1929 - which incidentally is the exact number of type 169B factory bodies that were made in that year.... where as the willoughby bodied cars were: Type 160 - 155 Type 174 - 228 So, I think we have our answer....
  8. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    this is a photo of the willoughby "limousine" from my catalog. I cant figure out what the difference is between the type 174 and 160- both were offered in 1929 and are called willoughby 7 passenger limousine. Either way, they are super rare and I cant imagine that those cars you are considering are willoughby bodied. ill be quiet now.
  9. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    this is a well known car - custom built with earlier fenders. It is a type 160 by willoughby :L
  10. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    Here is a car i know personally and it is a type 169B factory body. It looks pretty much identical to the two cars posted above. For comparison, this car was for sale and sold for 40K. It had a meticulously rebuilt engine, new paint and all new exterior chrome - it did have a worn original interior. L
  11. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    Good point on the radiator cap - i missed that. There are quite a few 1929/30 sedans floating around bur few of them are willoughby bodied cars. Its more likely that these are just lincoln bodied cars such as the 169B or 168A or simliar. I am not good enough to tell them apart by looking at the body photos online. Ask them for the body type numbers from the brass tags under the front seat cushion. Then we can know. L
  12. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    i may be crazy, but I think i see the "shawn miller" car in the back ground of the first photo of the "hemmings car"
  13. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    also, get the body type numbers off the brass tags under the front drivers seat cushion. L
  14. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    Things i can say about the hemmings car: wrong gas cap, missing one cover for the generator brushes, looks like the wrong drive plates for the water pump shaft, gear shift lever is bent - engine number looks like it has been restamped. Its blurry in the photo, but looks off. If you feel like it, send me the serial number from the firewall tag and the engine number. Things i can say about shawn millers car - In 2008 it was listed with the LOC as belonging to james Day in ohio, I dont have any other history. Horn is wrong, greyhound is missing, not a fan of the mirrors, looks like a tropic aire accessory heater with original switch, missing air filter trim ring, missing battery cable attachment point cover on generator, battery cable routed from the wrong side? (maybe has a cut off installed?), something wrong with vacuum pump- looks like they have an electric in it with some home made blanking plate and plumbing- the correct guts for this are very hard to find so see if they have it. I like both cars, looks like they both need the same sort of stuff. L
  15. Linus Tremaine

    Lincoln L series question

    also, all lincolns have a regular closed steering box. 1930 just has a better one - a gemmer as mentioned above - with a better ratio.