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  1. 24 Chrysler tail lamp

    I know it's a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have or know where there might be a tail lamp like this one for sale?
  2. Funny car stories

    I worked at an Oldsmobile dealership in the 80's, in upstate NY. Those "Dear Alert" whistles were pretty popular and we sold lots of them. A lady came into the shop complaining, saying she was sure we had put them on backwards. She had seen several deer along the road the night before and "obviously those whistles were not scaring the deer away, but rather they were calling them in"
  3. felt seals

    thank you to all I'm already talking to George, what a great guy! I like the idea of turning a cutter and using the press, good to know to order F1 felt, I wasn't sure which grade would be the proper one for seals.
  4. felt seals

    Anyone have a good source for felt seals, like the ones used in early cars for Crankshaft seals or rear axles? Every place I find on the web wants to sell you a few thousand pieces Thanks ?
  5. 24 Chrysler transmission question

    yes it appears they have been turning, the hole is where the oil comes in. it lines up with a hole in the gear. I like the hydraulic cylinder shop idea, although not very convenient in my area. Reaming them after they are installed is not a problem, I will polish the shaft and ream them for a nice fit. Should be good for a long time. Thanks to all
  6. 24 Chrysler transmission question

    that was easy!! Thanks
  7. I am looking for a source for new countershaft bushings and possibly a new shaft also. Any thoughts?
  8. 1951 Studebaker Engine Woes

    The 51Stude v8 had a fuel pump location up by the oil fill ( I think ?) They later moved it down to a more conventional location. If yours is mounted up high, there was a small shaft that would wear and not give the fuel pump a full stroke. You might ant to check that. I had a customer with a 51, it was a really fun car.. Good Luck
  9. Do I need a pressure regulator

    when I had an electric pump, I used a regulator adjusted to 1 psi. and it worked fine. I am happier now that the Vaccum tank is working and reinstalled Good luck
  10. What Do You Use in Your Parts Cleaner?

    Aww man, why ? But still very curious to learn how the washer works after you have used it a while
  11. Front bearing Buick Master Six 1928

    another good source could be Then and Now auto parts in Weymouth MA they are great to deal with
  12. 1931 Nash six

    I'm looking for a camshaft gear for a 31 Nash model 660 . It's a fiber gear. Any leads would be much appreciated Thanks Chris
  13. 31 Nash 6-60 engine pistons

    thank you Bud, I appreciate the info. We are looking at some later Jeep pistons to see if we can make the wrist pin work, they are very close in size
  14. I am working on a 31 Nash L head Six. and looking for new pistons, the bore is 3.125 and will be oversized some. Any suggestions other than the obvious of calling Egge or another custom manufacturer? Im just trying to keep the cost of this project from getting to high. thanks Chris
  15. Franklin series 9A touring

    John, Keith Thank you both for the help, it is Much appreciated ! we would certainly consider any reasonable offer on the Franklin