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  1. 31 Nash 6-60 engine pistons

    thank you Bud, I appreciate the info. We are looking at some later Jeep pistons to see if we can make the wrist pin work, they are very close in size
  2. I am working on a 31 Nash L head Six. and looking for new pistons, the bore is 3.125 and will be oversized some. Any suggestions other than the obvious of calling Egge or another custom manufacturer? Im just trying to keep the cost of this project from getting to high. thanks Chris
  3. very very cool !!! agreed about not restoring it, but it sure would be fun to see it run, Good luck w the sale
  4. Franklin series 9A touring

    John, Keith Thank you both for the help, it is Much appreciated ! we would certainly consider any reasonable offer on the Franklin
  5. Franklin series 9A touring

    the car is For sale again
  6. Radiator Work

    I also had a very good experience with Universal a couple of years ago. I have not used Maine radiator but know of others that have and they have very good things to say about them as well Good luck
  7. 24 Model B70 Brake upgrade?

    Nice simple common sense solution. I like that !!!
  8. 24 Model B70 Brake upgrade?

    Ha, I love it There is a old story about the Stanley's. The first car to drive up Mt Washington. NH The story says they tied a tree to the car so they could drive back down. Pretty funny stuff So I have the same External contracting brake on my 25 Stutz, and they work amazingly well when they are not wet. When they are wet, not so much. Perhaps a different material on the bands could improve that, but I would certainly be concerned about a trip thru the mud, sand, and across a few small rivers like they have planned. Zeke is correct, I was hoping to just change to the 29 internal design, but sounds like that might not be so simple.
  9. I have a customer asking to modify, improve , upgrade (or whatever you want to call it) the external contracting brakes on his 24 Chrysler. He would like like to end up with a reliable system that will function well in severe conditions as he is planning a trip that will include water crossings and many miles on gravel roads or even cow paths. I would love to hear a few ideas from the knowledgeable and experienced folks on these forums. Thanks
  10. Klingburg Car show today in New Britain CT

    Your right about that Steve, he was talking about it at 1:30 that afternoon. He really puts a lot of effort into it, and it shows.
  11. Klingburg Car show today in New Britain CT

    JUMBO Huge steam fire truck originally purchase by city of Hartford in 1899
  12. Klingburg Car show today in New Britain CT

    1901 locomobile 1912 Stanley 1917Stanley Pope Hartford Curved Dash Olds, with a history absolutley stunning 1912 Oldsmobile nice group of motorcycles
  13. The rain held off, and it was a Great day Three Steamers, Lots of early Brass Cars, and my personal favorite, JUMBO pictures coming right up
  14. One Drop-Dead Gorgeous Ferrari at Auction

    that was FUNNY All the lawyers in the world can do whatever they must, but it was still FUNNY