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  1. Chris Coon

    Rusty Gas Tank

    I have used Gas Tank Renu in the past and have been very satisfied, but this tank is fairly nicely painted. So, I drained it and scraped as much of the Goo off the bottom as I could reach. Next I ran some solvent through to clean out all the sticky stuff (its hard to believe that this stuff used to be gasoline). Then I poured a couple gallons of Evaporust in the tank and sealed up the tank. I left the Evaporust in there for 2 days and rolled the tank around 3 or 4 times a day. Drained, and rinsed it out with water and WOW, it looks great!! I had used Evaporust before, but mostly to clean up hardware. I am very pleased with the job it did inside that gas tank. Thanks for the suggestions Even the Dogs were impressed
  2. Chris Coon

    Rusty Gas Tank

    I knew the dogs would steal the topic 😉 Golden Doodles, The Mom is pretty helpful, the son is more interested in chasing squirrels
  3. Chris Coon

    Rusty Gas Tank

    Apologies for a "non-auto" question, but I figured it was close enough. My help has been requested to get this Farmall Cub running after sitting for many years. There was about 3 gallons of nasty gasoline in the tank along with a fair amount of rust and some grayish color goo on the bottom. So my question is... What have others done to successfully clean out a tank? someone told me to fill it with Apple Cider Vinegar 🤔 I asked my staff what to try, but they were no help! Im certain I'll get some great suggestions here Thanks
  4. Chris Coon

    24 Chrysler tail lamp

    Thank You, but I found one from Jay.
  5. Chris Coon

    Canister Oil Filters

    A few options!! Thanks to all who responded
  6. Chris Coon

    Canister Oil Filters

    What are others doing about these oil filters? I have not been able to find new replacements. Are they available somewhere or is there a simple conversion? Any ideas ?? I have just finished a rebuild on this 31 Nash engine and would love to pit a new filter on it. Thanks
  7. Chris Coon

    24 Chrysler tail lamp

    Thanks John, I'll give him a call
  8. Chris Coon

    24 Chrysler tail lamp

    I know it's a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have or know where there might be a tail lamp like this one for sale?
  9. Chris Coon

    Funny car stories

    I worked at an Oldsmobile dealership in the 80's, in upstate NY. Those "Dear Alert" whistles were pretty popular and we sold lots of them. A lady came into the shop complaining, saying she was sure we had put them on backwards. She had seen several deer along the road the night before and "obviously those whistles were not scaring the deer away, but rather they were calling them in"
  10. Chris Coon

    felt seals

    thank you to all I'm already talking to George, what a great guy! I like the idea of turning a cutter and using the press, good to know to order F1 felt, I wasn't sure which grade would be the proper one for seals.
  11. Chris Coon

    felt seals

    Anyone have a good source for felt seals, like the ones used in early cars for Crankshaft seals or rear axles? Every place I find on the web wants to sell you a few thousand pieces Thanks ?
  12. Chris Coon

    24 Chrysler transmission question

    yes it appears they have been turning, the hole is where the oil comes in. it lines up with a hole in the gear. I like the hydraulic cylinder shop idea, although not very convenient in my area. Reaming them after they are installed is not a problem, I will polish the shaft and ream them for a nice fit. Should be good for a long time. Thanks to all
  13. Chris Coon

    24 Chrysler transmission question

    that was easy!! Thanks
  14. I am looking for a source for new countershaft bushings and possibly a new shaft also. Any thoughts?
  15. Chris Coon

    1951 Studebaker Engine Woes

    The 51Stude v8 had a fuel pump location up by the oil fill ( I think ?) They later moved it down to a more conventional location. If yours is mounted up high, there was a small shaft that would wear and not give the fuel pump a full stroke. You might ant to check that. I had a customer with a 51, it was a really fun car.. Good Luck