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  1. Avg. selling price

    Is the number that far off because their pricing guides havan't caught up or because that particular model doesn't sell very often? Or something else?
  2. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    Appropriate holiday color! (and lovely car, of course)
  3. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    All of this talk tempts me to pull the 1985 out next time it snows and take a beauty shot. It's Light Blue Metallic color is actually not far from that of the 1965 Impala (Artesian Turquoise?) in Ken's painting ...
  4. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    I like to think (every year) that the car has just been pulled out of a warm garage.
  5. ... just putting in my annual thumbs up for Ken Ebert's art on the cover of the November/December 2017 issue of Antique Automobile. Thanks to Ken and the other folks who made "Christmas in My Chevrolet" happen.
  6. Duesenberg Concept

    This car was in so many of the automotive styling books of my youth—what existed in the mid to late 1970s. For that reason alone, I hope it finds a good home. The problem, I think, when we look at it with greater than 50 years separation; it is certainly not as amazing as a (my and my wife's personal predilection) Murphy-bodied disappearing top roadster, circa 1930. I think we need to be a little bit more accepting; Exner loved those twenties and thirties cars but was trying to design something that would sell 35 year later. Did he fail? Obviously—but he did try ...
  7. An Antique Vanity Plate?

    Signs of civilization ...
  8. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    Yes. The 1985 coupe, of which I'm the fourth owner. The Bauer family sold the dealership only a few years after the car was delivered. The dealership that followed (Syd Dorn Chevrolet) lasted until 2000.
  9. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    That's how I found the historical society. Unfortunately, they don't have any newer pictures.
  10. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    You are full of good ideas! I have contacted the local Corvette crazies, but I may go further afield. Kinda embarrassed I didn't do any of these things when I was on-site ...
  11. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    Newspapers are next, but I'm hoping for color ... I neglected the local libraries when I was last on the left coast.
  12. How many are still around today?!

    That's awesome! Of course, the drive-by is still awesome ... ... I never forget the first time my wife and I watched those stunningly varied cars come in. Just hearing them was amazing.
  13. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    I saw that license plate frame—tempting. Recent research (including the help of the local historical society) tells me that there's nothing left of the dealership ...