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  1. meehan

    WTB: NOS or exceptional wheel center caps

    I took my Reatta rims to a wheel shop to have the rims and caps polished, to my Horror they removed the centers from the caps and then glued them back in after polishing the caps. The centers were damaged and looked like hell, I did not tell them to remove the centers! If that was not bad enough they also ground two of my rims down passed the embossed Buick on the wheels. Long story short after threatening them with a law suit, they agreed to find me different rims and start over, but we still had to find New Centers ( mine were perfect) before they messed them up. I contacted Steve and he had some NOS centers that he agreed to sell the shop, I think it was like $125 for all four. I wished he had asked more, the shop would have paid what ever at this point to avoid a law suite and to be rid of me. They also replaced my rims and did do the polishing I requested. My point is this, if you are holding on to NOS parts that are unattainable anywhere else, who's to say what the price should be? I sell on E bay from time to time, it always seems to me if I sell something of what I think is in Great shape for a reasonable price, I will get complaints, but if I sell at a higher than reasonable price I never hear anything, go figure.
  2. WOW !!! Those Look Awesome!!!
  3. meehan

    Oil Level Sender

    thanks Ronnie I guess they're all made out of plastic now because I have yet to find one with a metal nut
  4. meehan

    Oil Level Sender

    I am looking for I believe a Oil Level Sender for my 1990 Reatta, it mounts to the side of the oil pan. I have a wire hanging down under the car, I know it hooks into this Sender or Sensor. The sensor screws into the side of the pan via a large steel nut, with a connector in the center. The ones I see available for sale at Advance and Reilly's even Rock Auto, appear to be make of some type of nylon, I don't see the metal nut like which is on my old one. Does anyone know where I might find one of these thing, and what they are called for sure?
  5. meehan

    Disable the "Door Ajar" light on dash

    Ok, I disconnected the Red Plug within the Drivers Door, the Door Ajar Light went out, not sure what else will not work because of this, but all seems fine and all works as it should. Thanks for all your help
  6. I am trying to disable the "Door Ajar" light on my dash. It has been on since the day I bought the car, 7 yrs ago. I have the door panel off, not sure which wire to cut. Fixing the switch is not an option for me, I'd rather not go that route. I read somewhere how to do this, just don't remember where. Does anyone know which wire to cut, to turn that annoying light off? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. meehan

    Cornering Light on Drivers Side

    Yes, the whole assembly has to be removed on Drivers side to replace the bulbs, I removed the air cleaner box to no avail, then the washer bottle, same story, but hey since it was out of the car I figured I'd give it a good cleaning, so my trying to take a short cut to the bulbs wasn't a total waste, washer bottle looks new now, sort of puts the rest of the engine bay to shame, so you guessed what my next project will be. Ha ha
  8. meehan

    Tail Light Bulbs

    Thanks Ronnie
  9. meehan

    Tail Light Bulbs

    So then are they 2057, with the exception of the Reverse bulbs?
  10. meehan

    Tail Light Bulbs

    Does the tail light use all the same bulbs all the way across, and are they 2057 for all the sockets, or do the center sockets take different bulbs? I saw a diagram once of the tail lens, don't remember where, that showed which bulbs to use where. Thanks for your help.
  11. meehan

    Cornering Light on Drivers Side

    Thanks for the replies. I will let you know which route I end up taking, going to try removing the air cleaner box first. If that fails, I will remove the assembly, the last time I had it out I painted the mounting screws white, so I could find them easier for the next time I ever had to get it out again. I guess my future planning may have paid off for me for once. ha ha
  12. Need help or advice as to access this bulb. I have to change the cornering light (white light) on drivers side. Do I have to remove the whole light assembly? Or can I access this light by removing the air cleaner box? All my other lights work, this is the only one that is out. Your help would be much Appreciated. Thank You In Advance.
  13. meehan

    Blinker Flasher

    Hi I need help in finding where the blinker flasher is located is it under the hood or inside the car somewhere? Please someone point me in the right direction. Thanks In Advance
  14. meehan

    new alpine cde 143bt radio

    Looks Great!!!!Good Job!!!! Enjoy!!!
  15. meehan

    Convertible top rear release cable

    I saw one of these cables for sale on e bay from reattapartscalifornia eBay item number: 321383868752 I have personally purchased Reatta parts from this seller and have always been very please with my purchases. Steve has a wide selection of Reatta parts and very hard to find Reatta Convertible parts.