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  1. 2carb40

    1941 pcv tube/pipe

    Acquired this curved tube today. Thought it might work on my 41 dual carb air cleaner. Dont know what the three pimples are for on one end. It also has a smaller inside diameter, but I dont think it will matter to operation. Looks about the right length. Is there sposed to be a check valve in the line?
  2. 2carb40

    Bringing Dad's 1951 Roadmaster Back!

    Thats not Bovey, MN is it?
  3. 2carb40

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    That dang Greg Johnson might be able to help out with some dash electrical parts maybe?
  4. 2carb40

    322 nailhead on Topeka CL

    I have a stick flywheel from one if you need it, but you have to come get it cuz I can't lift it!
  5. 2carb40

    322 nailhead on Topeka CL

    I spoke with him on the phone. He said it's a truck engine. I don't know why it has a 1957-8 driver's side exhaust manifold, however, 322 round ports, 1957 up square ports? Don't know much about 322 trk engines.
  6. 2carb40

    Question on Garage Supports

    You may want to consider tying off the limb that's a concern to the main trunk of that tree. A 1/2" cable will hold an incredible amount of weight. If placed well the branch could break and drop directly along side the main trunk. I've seen tree trimmers use that method in close quarters to a building they want to make sure doesn't get hit by a limb they are taking down. Just a thought...
  7. 2carb40

    1940-41 dash engine turning

    That's definitely some good evidence of what's factory correct right there, bgosh! Thanx 4 posting that! The burl and the panels are just stunning!
  8. 2carb40

    1940-41 dash engine turning

    Is this aspect of engine turned dash configuration considered for points judging at Buick shows?
  9. 2carb40

    1940-41 dash engine turning

    Thats the pattern difference that Ive been wondering about. Ive never seen that "straight" pattern on any original looking '40-41 Buick Ive looked at. Its subtle enuff to be not noticed by folks not owning a Buick with this feature or until they compare theirs with others.
  10. Im old, but I am slow!
  11. 2carb40

    1940-41 dash engine turning

    That looks exactly what Ive come to know as original to Buicks. Some are selling other patterns as "original", but with straight lines instead of staggered like your photo. I guess, as one vender advertising says he can do all the different patterns he asks, send in a representative photo. Some found out too late there is more than one pattern! Caveat- ask before having it done, as you dont automatically get the Buick factory pattern from some. Expensive redo?
  12. 2carb40

    1940-41 dash engine turning

    Thanx for getting in the issue a little deeper. The dash panels are actually 2 layered there is a base piece, formed I assume first and separate from the front "cover" which, I'm guessing was decorated flat with the machining then hole punched and if you look inside the panel you can see where they somehow at the factory swaged the outer panel, which had smaller gauge holes initially to the inside of the gauge holes to tie them together. Tough to create a visual image without the panels to look at. I contend Di noc was not used as I have soaked these in Evao-Rust to remove corrosion, but first had to strip off old yellowed clear laquer. Never encountered a sheet type material like Di noc, as all the turning I encountered had been machined onto the base metal facing. Mostly I'm recounting reading that I've done from Buick publications and reports from some earlier members and some former factory workers reports of how they did it. Big? is, straight lines vert and horz or staggered giving a look of diagonal aspect, which seems to be the consistent visual I've seen on all the obvious originals I've removed from 1940&1941?
  13. I have seen two different patterns used to refurbish dash panels on the '40-'41 Buicks. What did the Buick factory do? Both, neither? Be nice to have some documentation to seperate claims from facts so expensive work is not done only to find its been done not as it left the factory. Thanx for input. Please state documented evidence as opposed to opinions, thanx!
  14. 2carb40

    55 roadmaster parts, not mine

    The market will educate with no help needed!
  15. 2carb40

    1941 Buick Convertible Wood Bow

    I am interested in the wood top bow. Please pm for details. Thanx!