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    psychologically unstable(Buick OCD Issues)165 yrs old Valentines day 2015 first 39 spec opera cpe 1963 25.00 second feb 2013 LA CL A LOT MORE!Ex Navy AMS 3 aircraft TIN BENDER T28b'S Whiting field, FLA. carp/mech till pwr plnt operator tired & retired 30X40 pole bldg cant walk for buick junk, yes I sell some, I do have a wife after all! a '39 sp46s-- '40 56S and 56C-- '41cent66S--'55 66S--'64 spec 2dr sedan(post)455/th400--'72sky2drHT455/th400SW/pitch, 56 sp 4dr_Parts Yes I sell some, I do have a wife!

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  1. 2carb40

    55 Century transmission

    More of a problem with standard trans. That's what I've been told, splines become spiral twisted from torque on front of shaft. And those look just cleaned right off in Leifs' photo! It's great to read the stuff you've done on these Buicks Leif! I'm learnin! Now if I can just remember!
  2. 2carb40

    1940 76C

  3. The Jeep mid 90s Grand Cherokee 6cyl clutch is for the small series engines only. 320s use a "Long" style clutch ala mid 70s full size Ford. Look up the Clutch Doctor in North Branch, Mn. Trevor is the Clutch Dr. He has the info.
  4. Please send pm if still looking for exhaust. Thank, Greg
  5. 2carb40

    1940 Buick dual carb engine

    Dualcarb40! Yeah! That's waat I'm talkin' bout! There not just for '41&'42s anymore! That's a very nice looking dual setup! The exhaust manifolds aren't surface rusted and the air cleaner even fits on backwards, who knew? Air scoop is on generator. A bargain IMHO.
  6. 2carb40

    1940 76C

    This is the trans that was "rebuilt" that I bought in Denver. You can see the wear quite clearly on the splines of the syncro. The large gear in the second picture shows rounded over corners on the teeth and pitting. No wonder he started cussing a blue streak when I asked to take the top cover off. Lol! Good thing I've got the repair parts. Way down in the bottom, more pitts on teeth. These are areas I've seen this type of damage before, so I wanted to share this so others know what and where to look for in these large series transmissions. If the seller complains about wanting to look inside, prolley better to walk away. Caveat Emptor! I think that's Norwegian for my feet hurt! Hint, shiny black painted one left in photo.
  7. 2carb40

    1940 76C

    Hey Ken 2nd the I like the posts sentiment! Closely inspect the splines you can see each side of center. A well worn one was in the large trans I bought from a charm school graduate at the National in Denver. You could also compare to an nos one. I'll photo both an send pix for perusal. Hope that will help!
  8. 2carb40

    1939 Buick Torque Ball Needed

    I will look 4 my xtra '39 nos torque ball. I think I still have it. I thought Bobs offered recovering your core? Not inexpensive though, 385.00?
  9. That is a common area for cracking on the 4 bolt intakes, they will also rust badly on the bottom side under the carb, severely enuff that there is no flat gasket surface left. If you've seen alot of these intakes you have seen more than a few with that flap pushed out and rust on bottom. The three bolt intakes Ive seen dont exhibit that cracking or rusting in the carb heat rising area. Just what Ive seen, anecdotal evidence only! Havent seen a service bulletin on it, but caveat to folks trying to buy without seeing in person. Good luck! Pm if you want one thats correct, nicely resurfaced gasket surfaces etc.
  10. 2carb40

    1941 pcv tube/pipe

    Acquired this curved tube today. Thought it might work on my 41 dual carb air cleaner. Dont know what the three pimples are for on one end. It also has a smaller inside diameter, but I dont think it will matter to operation. Looks about the right length. Is there sposed to be a check valve in the line?
  11. 2carb40

    Bringing Dad's 1951 Roadmaster Back!

    Thats not Bovey, MN is it?
  12. 2carb40

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    That dang Greg Johnson might be able to help out with some dash electrical parts maybe?
  13. 2carb40

    322 nailhead on Topeka CL

    I have a stick flywheel from one if you need it, but you have to come get it cuz I can't lift it!
  14. 2carb40

    322 nailhead on Topeka CL

    I spoke with him on the phone. He said it's a truck engine. I don't know why it has a 1957-8 driver's side exhaust manifold, however, 322 round ports, 1957 up square ports? Don't know much about 322 trk engines.