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    psychologically unstable(Buick OCD Issues)165 yrs old Valentines day 2015 first 39 spec opera cpe 1963 25.00 second feb 2013 LA CL A LOT MORE!Ex Navy AMS 3 aircraft TIN BENDER T28b'S Whiting field, FLA. carp/mech till pwr plnt operator tired & retired 30X40 pole bldg cant walk for buick junk, yes I sell some, I do have a wife after all! a '39 sp46s-- '40 56S and 56C-- '41cent66S--'55 66S--'64 spec 2dr sedan(post)455/th400--'72sky2drHT455/th400SW/pitch, 56 sp 4dr_Parts Yes I sell some, I do have a wife!
  1. I think in 1940 Buick convertibles the interior appointments would differ in terms of what upolstery materials were used stock. Optionally even the sedans were available in full leather as an option. Its my understanding that seat upolstery in Super(56C) stock consisted of leather on some of the surfaces that contacted the body politic. Backs of seats and side panels were "leatherette"/carspeak for vinyl, simulated leather..as far as I know from readings and perusing factory parts manuals and seeing practically every concievable interior combo was available optionally!
  2. 1956 Buick 4 Barrel Dynaflow cam specs

    Best of knowledge was up to 1956 ratio for stock 322 1.5:1 then for 364 in 1957 changed to 1.6:1 W/cast iron rocker material, then 1.6:1 and rocker material changed to cast aluminum some time later. Dim memory, correction welcomed!
  3. want to buy 364 Stick Flywheel

    Still available. Please pm if intrested.
  4. WTB 1957-1958 Fuel Tank and oil/vacuum pump

    Pm sent about oil pump.
  5. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Hi Matt Use a lot of soldering paste to clean and "tin" the metal and put your original tube from the other radiator on by "sweat" soldering it. If you haven't done it B4 it might be best to take tube and radiator to rad repair shop to solder it on. That should be a ten minute job 4 them imho.
  6. Engine Vibration

    The statement about the crankshaft being different between the 1950 Dynaflow and the older stick version is true fact. The center hole of the stick flywheel has to be made larger in diameter to accept the larger diameter shoulder sticking out at the back of the crankshft. One potential issue with that is the small or no space left between the attachment bolt holes and the crank flange shoulder(flywheel weaker?). I also seem to recall something about smaller diameter bolt holes in the crank flange needing spacer sleeves around bolts to accommodate the difference. Don't know if these things impact your scenario or not, but food for thought if naught else!
  7. Wow! Parallel universe that close! Who knew!
  8. want to buy 364 Stick Flywheel

    Just got back from EAA air show in Oshkosh, WI! WOW to the tenth power. Didn't see this post B4. I will call tomorrow in the AM, too late right now! Be sure and decide if you want an aluminum with steel facing or stock cast iron. No one is supplying the "stepped" pressure plate new at this point, but the Clutch Dr can rebuild one for ya and customise spring rate for desired foot pedal force. The aluminum flywheel is not "stepped" so easier to obtain pressure plate. Bell housing and trans available as well. Details to follow with call. Greg
  9. My 57 Buick special project

    Don't know what price to quote, cuz I don't know what level of 364 you'd like to start with. I have several in various conditions,( rebuilt or core engine). Please pm when ready if your not already hooked up. Thank! Pix available. Greg PS: or 401" core or running is also doable.
  10. 1947 Buick disassembled project convert seattle craigslist

    48 engine at least, but not much later or it would have another round opening toward the front of block for an elbow connecting the water pump with side of block.
  11. For Sale: 1940 Studebaker President

    If someone needs a cheap nearly complete pars car the twin is available, not mine, but contact info freely given. Its waiting in MN.
  12. Clutch Disc

    the Clutch Doctor ,Trevor, Northbranch, Mn. Theres two for ya good luck! 651-674-4175
  13. 41 Buick Sedannette engine

    The RE stands for replacement engine. Buick couldnt make cars, but upped production on engines to keep em running. Since some states used engine #s to register cars, you were supposed to stamp your original engine # on the pad to keep those #s matching car registration. The stamped # after the RE was presumably a way for the factory to track sale/ warranty, etc