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    psychologically unstable(Buick OCD Issues)165 yrs old Valentines day 2015 first 39 spec opera cpe 1963 25.00 second feb 2013 LA CL A LOT MORE!Ex Navy AMS 3 aircraft TIN BENDER T28b'S Whiting field, FLA. carp/mech till pwr plnt operator tired & retired 30X40 pole bldg cant walk for buick junk, yes I sell some, I do have a wife after all! a '39 sp46s-- '40 56S and 56C-- '41cent66S--'55 66S--'64 spec 2dr sedan(post)455/th400--'72sky2drHT455/th400SW/pitch, 56 sp 4dr_Parts Yes I sell some, I do have a wife!

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  1. 2carb40

    1939 headlight switch

    Headlights only come on if I bear to the left on knob when attempting to use headlights. The contacts are supposed to rub on the brass strips on the sides of the switch. The tips of the contacts may have worn down over time and only touch when pushed closer. Anyone come up with simple fix?
  2. 2carb40

    1956 Power Steering Box rebuild

    Just curious. Is Lares inc. set up to pressure test etc. components after being worked on/rebuilt for leaks and proper function?
  3. 2carb40

    1956 buick roadmaster brake reservoir

    Another PM sent, please check.
  4. 2carb40

    1956 buick roadmaster brake reservoir

    Pm sent. Please check UR mail.
  5. 2carb40

    1953 V8 dynaflow core transmission

    Notice in the chart, NA under some columns. Because those years had variable ratios not fixed as with previous years.
  6. 2carb40

    1941 in Superior, WI

    More pix
  7. 2carb40

    1941 in Superior, WI

    Made it one day b4 opening deer hunting and faced shockingly mild weather to harvest parts obviously not from AZ!3
  8. 2carb40

    1948 Buick rear shocks ( lever typle )

    Carl in New Jersey. 609-462-7412.Talk to the guy who actually rebuilds your shocks. Ask ?s, Get answers! Wow! Save $s it's all good. Mixed reviews with Apple. Carl did the shocks on my 1939 Spec. Recommended to me by Dave T. Work great, saved a lot! Other rebuilding services as well. Talking to a real person in New Jersey, does good work and reasonable! I know sounds crazy, right?
  9. 2carb40

    Phuture phun

  10. 2carb40

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Very sorry for your loss Ben.
  11. 2carb40

    Phuture phun

    Installation is a ways off yet. Total trial and error experiment as I see it. Just bolt on and start playin', backyard mechanic style. Should prolly weld a bung in each collector for the sensor for my aftermarket a/f ratio gauge. Think I'll upgrade to wide band though. This one's narrow, so it's a bit hard to adjust with a one time shot, but gives more feedback than virtual guess with sparkplug reading. Tried that whole hold at a steady higher rpm and kill engine thing. Might be IQ issue!
  12. 2carb40

    Phuture phun

    Just thought I'd share a photo of the artwork created by a guy from California by the name of Dutweiler, (sp?) When I saw this 4 sale at a Buick Nationals I had taken have it even if I didn't get a chance 2 use it because I admire 1st class work, especially when it functions! I have a 1951 263" engine to put in my 1940 Super coupe and this setup will compliment nicely with it. Hope U enjoy the photo.
  13. 2carb40

    On Deck!

    Greetings all Posting a photo of my 72 Skylark 2dr ht. Its a 65,000 mile base model, not a Custom, but well optioned 350 2dr ht factory a/c W/pwr brks & strg bench seat car from Texas originally. Purchased from an elderly female who stopped driving. It now has a rebuit 455 & turbo400 trans with switch pitch convertor. I call it a hot rod cuz I dont want to represent it as "tribute" is what I think replaced "clone". It does have bucket seats console, GS hood and rear spoiler, and factory rear performance suspension additions, as well as 3.73/1 posi and GS quick steering box up front. The body is original as in photo. Hope folks enjoy a look!
  14. 2carb40

    Dynaflow Fluid In Differential

    Good idea! Add a brass 90 degree fitting and clear plasti tube long enuff with a breather at the end, to fasten it to the pass side of torque tube. Now you have a "sight glass" which if red trans fluid, if dark and not red prolley diff fluid. Buicks sit typically low, so you might still need to use a floor jack. I am in shape! Pear is a shape! You just need to jack it up higher. I have heard if stock Buicks dont spots they are prolley out of oil!
  15. 2carb40

    WTB: 322 Flywheel for 3spd trans

    With so much to repair and upgrade on my project cars I continually forced to do the cost/ benefit? With these things! Not just cheap at the expense of quality, but when its going to be driven 200 to 600 miles a year, the cost of doing it at a machine shop would prolley leave me standing looking at a perfectly machined engine on a stand$ with no gas money. As a former aircraft mechanic in the Navy I was taught to do it as perfectly as was known how to regardless of other concerns. I enjoy the satisfaction of doing repairs to that level, so my comments are tempered by the individual realities we live with. Keep suggesting optimal. Sometimes I learn what that is and can make a less ignorant decision on how to proceed. Thank you all for that opportunity!