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    psychologically unstable(Buick OCD Issues)165 yrs old Valentines day 2015 first 39 spec opera cpe 1963 25.00 second feb 2013 LA CL A LOT MORE!Ex Navy AMS 3 aircraft TIN BENDER T28b'S Whiting field, FLA. carp/mech till pwr plnt operator tired & retired 30X40 pole bldg cant walk for buick junk, yes I sell some, I do have a wife after all! a '39 sp46s-- '40 56S and 56C-- '41cent66S--'55 66S--'64 spec 2dr sedan(post)455/th400--'72sky2drHT455/th400SW/pitch, 56 sp 4dr_Parts Yes I sell some, I do have a wife!

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  1. 1955 Buick was third in sales in US. Cant Imagine they would even be still in business if there was a line up of expensive Roadmasters leaking tranny fluid on the dealership parking lot. Prolley not isolated, but prolley a fun legend to reflect on that all were leakers.
  2. 1939 rehab

    Local body paint guy who does museum quality work here in MN. Photo shows just one of his local Buick paint and body triumphs! His work is quite remarkable and the wheel was half what the Phoenix AZ guy charges! Yay!
  3. 1941 Cent

    Had some fun shopping 2day! Seller didnt have much time, so have to return another day. Used, but a full set (10)of pretty nice interior handle escutchions and a windshield washer switch/valve, reproduction, but very nicely done! And a very perfect knob!
  4. 1939 rehab

    Picked up my freshly redone steering wheel today! Wow! I really like the way this turned out!
  5. 60 year old freeze plugs in single digits

    There is a weaker region, at least in the later nailheads that tends to crack first. It is typically behind the starter motor. I have seen cracks running horizontally starting by the starter and continuing up to the center of the core plug hole and then on the other side onto the next. Good ol' Many-snow-dah, you can see a lot of blocks that folks have tested with a minimum of % of anti-freeze. Its "fugly"!
  6. Another nailhead question

    Good idea to disassemble and inspect/clean and or repair, then pack with vasilene so pump is "preprimed" and prefill oil filter so oil is right there for pump. If done, was oil pump bypass valve assembly moving freely?
  7. Oil filter adapter for 55 322

    1959-60 bolt on newer style spin on-off filter! Picture shows adapter 364"or 401" engine installed on my 55 Cent. 322".
  8. 1958 air cond

    Thanx, that I will do!
  9. 1941 320

    Im trying to find out what the engine splash pans look like. Does your Roadmaster have them? Does one look like this? Drivers side toward front.
  10. 1958 air cond

    Thanx, I forgot about that impellor thing. Are the fan and clutch somehow able to be dated or is there a range of years these are correct for?
  11. 1958 air cond

    Ive done some searching. Can anyone confirm ID on this clutch fan? I beleive 1st type 1958?
  12. Str and bent eights!

    Man I like how Buick engine parts look cleaned up a bit. I think these turned out ok. Pans for 320s. Sure get to be unhandy in size! The big nailhead pans are much more managable! Gotta work on the nailhead green shade.
  13. 1941 320

    Got into a little garage resto on 1941 320" sheet metal covers. Too cold to work outside, so do what I can inside.
  14. 1940 Limited

    Decided it's time to sell some stuff. These are used, but very nice. Prolley kinda rare. They fit all the 40's so you can mess with folks if ya want. Saw these on 40 Super convrt and had to chat with owner. They did invite conversation! 225.00 plus shipping, or make an offer. Thank you for looking
  15. 1941 Cent/Roadie interchanges

    Does this look like something you might remember on your '41? The '29-'41 Buick factory parts manual shows indeed 60&70 series use the same pans, but it says things changed at certain frame #s. They also state that there are front pans and rear pans depending on frame serial #s. Questions, does your '41 have engine splash pans, and if so is it one or two per side? Thanx in advance for any info. Others?