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    psychologically unstable(Buick OCD Issues)165 yrs old Valentines day 2015 first 39 spec opera cpe 1963 25.00 second feb 2013 LA CL A LOT MORE!Ex Navy AMS 3 aircraft TIN BENDER T28b'S Whiting field, FLA. carp/mech till pwr plnt operator tired & retired 30X40 pole bldg cant walk for buick junk, yes I sell some, I do have a wife after all! a '39 sp46s-- '40 56S and 56C-- '41cent66S--'55 66S--'64 spec 2dr sedan(post)455/th400--'72sky2drHT455/th400SW/pitch, 56 sp 4dr_Parts Yes I sell some, I do have a wife!
  1. 300.00 junkyard rust buckets for 3-5k Located in Mankato Mn, commercial car flippers, showroom for drivers, purchased from outside stored(for decades), private hoard. Way up nort in Manysnowda. Buyer beware!
  2. Hello, hello,----- helloooh, oh ,oh ,oh! Are U out there? Well signals prolley take a longer time to come from across the pond?
  3. Over a barrel on that one then! Only thing to do is concentrate on moving forward. Only so much mental capacity, no sense using any on that past unmanageability. Takes up mental capacity and distracts from power to make the next good decision! I think this community can give you great direction!
  4. Sorry to hear about those personal issues. I wont expound on those issues other than to say with a 30 yr old and a 21 year old I can, surprisibly enuff empathize with some of those issues. On the subject of trust. I know that can be tuff, especially given your recent experiences. You could be better served learning how to take that engine shop to small claims court. Just sayin'. Succesful communication is difficult, but like alot of things takes more practice to learn, not less. It gets less uncomfortable as your confidence builds with time!
  5. Greetings Ben Its so little effort to run that engine just sitting upright on the ground if nothing else and so much reassurance of condition even if you dont let it run for long. If more than startup, you need to run a radiator, as the combustion chambers heatup so fast without cooling you risk cracking in that area without cooling. Put a radiator on it, take the fan off for safety and run it till it warms up. Without hearing them run I offer max of 150.00 for parts if otherwise complete. Try not to feel to desperate when looking. Recommend you run yours till you find a really good replacement, not taking apart until donor engine sitting there. Most rebuilding shops rebuild high volume engines like sbc. The clearences on a Nailheads are approx 1/2 sbc clearances generally speaking. I contend its easier and less expensive to find excellent running used that you can hear run. Just personal experience. Sometimes the best teacher. I was contacted by a shop in CA. They tried the hardened seat in the nailhead disaster. Looking for a replacement head. Seasoned shop two sons inherited from Dads lifetime effort. They had no idea about hardened seats in nailheads! Not the exception! Suggest if you really want to teach yourself rebuilding, you keep your car operational while you pursue that. Its awfully easy to get stuff taken apart and then one more unexpected life necessity makes it impossible to get the car worked on and running again! Just my 2000 cents.
  6. Maybe a brand new one with both inner bearing races would work for you. Oh yeah, and a new old stock inner seal. Pm if interested.
  7. Yeah, I took a good woopin' on my '39 spec rad. The guy really had me. Wouldnt even consider a repair. Oh no, you meed a recore! Save my original stuff, says I! Its 39 only. Come to pick up. Oh, the scapper just left with that stuff sorry, as he pockets some more cash! 595.oo to recore your radiator Was it good for you? A little late to complain. Talk about having ya by the short hairs Buyer beware with radiator repair guys these daze! New bolt in? Doesnt seem so costly to me now.
  8. Hi Matt I hope I was clear 55 Cent running car, radiator does not leak, 100.00 plus shipping for radiator. Yer call.
  9. See above edit. Took my pass ex manifold off, so I had a better angle for photo. Ordered new stainless crossover from Waldrons in MI today. Forgot how stubborn ex bolts and nuts can be!
  10. Wow! Time flies wether your having fun or not. Progress has been slooow, but it marches slowly on! Sharing pix of oil filter mod, which is '59-'60 adapter. Bolts right on with no leaks it angles slightly, which is actually a plus. Raising it very slightly and positioning it nicely away from interference. I like this one because I can use new style filter and less messy! All bolt-on. '56 trans all bolted in. Six way seat from 56 Olds 98 series 2 Dr ht purchased from Scott at Ellingsons car sales is same width as Century and a bolt-in as well! Stainless lined rebuilt master cylinder installed. Four new wheel cyls purchased from Jackson Auto and Machine in Duluth ready to install. Chrome strips for headliner trim in process. All side trim repaired and polished, but uninstalled. Missing door panels, but power window switches and forward side glass and chrome trim surround purchased, but uninstalled. Rears tested, fronts not, but regulators with motors attached, purchased from same 98 Olds. I think prolley only nine hundred ninty nine things left to do, so still some fun cut out 4 me! Whew! Details still to follow.
  11. Update with a couple photos. Really nice upgrade in condition. I'm guessing these evolved to having the bracket sticking out of the side to reduce vibration and prolley annoying rattles that might have occurred without it. Still has a heater hose clamp attached. Now for what I was trained by the USN AIR to do when at Millington TN. Tin bending, or more accurately, in this case tin straightening! Pretty strait to start with, so nice and easy 4 a change.PS see modified form for pix of my oil filter adaptor mod.
  12. Isn't the "extra" belt driven assy that originally came on my 72 Skylark a vacuum pump that was intended to work with the exhaust gas recirculating system? Seems as though that might make an auxiliary vacuum source if you could find one. Seems the mounting was fairly straight forward. Note to self: see if it's still laying around!
  13. Your VIN number, if still attached is on top of the passenger frame rail next to and right inside of the spot where the brace for the front cowl is bolted to the frame. That is where my 40 Super cpe and Cnvrt cpe have the rectangular light metal tab with the number stamped in and its riveted with two rivets. Problem is, all that's required to remove it is light tapping on the rivets from underneath. So hopefully it's still there. Thank you, by the way for the help with info when I've contacted, especially about the replacement engine issue you so successfully addressed for all of us in the Buick club with replacement engines from that Buick RE.....# program! Best Regards, Greg
  14. Thanks for posting the pix! I have that exact part, but it's missing some of the clamp/latching mechanism and now I see what I have to fabricate. That guard is identical in configuration to the guards that comprise the front grille guard, which is why I wanted to fix mine. Sorry I can't tell you if this is a Buick factory fold down cuz I don't know. Anyone else?
  15. Greetings starting to get some outside working weather here in Manysnowdah! Took some pix of the rusty little devil. Nice Cyl hds. Next is power brakes and steering. Engine turned over by hand, clean oil, but can't give away 264s complete. Pulled stick on Dyna, no burned smell. It'll be around for a short time. Scored a rust free engine splash pan today $10.00 woohoo! Tossing one that had rust and a pile in earlier pix . Nice crossover pipe, now two crossover pipes. The joint where they combine is kinda weak. Separated two trying to remove without enuff patience. More wire feed practice comin' up. Salvaging parts to hopefully replace the disaster that is homemade duals on my 55Cent. Finding some solid brackets and such, surprising , considering how rusty this car is. Bolts on front fender got tiresome, chained it to my truck to enhance access to engine compartment. Don't worry, it didn't feel a thing! Grim reaper is calling this one home soon. Interesting having power brakes and steering on a Spec. Black and red sure musta been pretty on the interior when new! Just another day in paradise for you and me! Note to self, cut out the frame peice with hole for exhaust on passenger side to weld in driver's side where the "jean-yus" with a cutting torch made a "pretty" hole in my frame for "dual" exhaust on the driver's side of 55Cent. Exciting stuff eh?