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  1. kens-auto

    FS- 66 Chrysler 300

    keiser31 There is no engine or tranny in it, just the body. we're located in Elkland, Pennsylvania.
  2. kens-auto

    FS- 66 Chrysler 300

    We have a 66 Chrysler 300, we will sell parts from this auto. If interested call 814-258-7560 or email for more pics or shipping and payment set up.
  3. kens-auto

    FS- 67 Chevelle parts

    We have a front bumper and grill for sale, if interested contact us for price and shipping arrangments.
  4. kens-auto

    FS- Dodge parts

    Parts off this dodge Royal V8. Not sure of the year, maybe someone will know and if so please let me know. If interested in anything off this email me for price and shipping arrangements. Also willing to sell whole car (pick up only) Call 814-258-7560 or email if interested.
  5. We have a transmission that was taken out of my uncles car about 40 years ago. Cleaned up and stored every sense. The car's look was 4 door, coach with carry case on back. I believe it was a rockne. I'm attaching a picture of tranny if anyone can ID it, it would be nice.