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  1. NO asbestos, just wood pulp better known as paper.
  2. I would like to publicly thank Terry for the fine book. It is all I m expected and more. . Thank you Chuck M
  3. 1932 Hupmobile Portland OR craigslist

    This car is a 1932 Hupmobile Model B First series. It was the first year of the fuel pump being attached to the side of the engine. Also the first of using a down draft carburetor. These cars were built in the Cleveland plant. Production on the car in 1932 was 3, 581.
  4. Looking to purchase a Borg & Beck clutch and pressure plate Type 9A1 Model 530 preferred but any Type 9A1 will work. This assembly fits many different vehicles. Thank you for any help. If you have 1 to sell, I am buying. Just post if you have 1 and I will get back to you with a PM to keep out the scammers
  5. Transmission and Differential oil

    Looking good on the side water jacket plate, I caution you not to use a flat plate of metal. The original one is embossed for better cooling.The 1929 Hupp model A which your car is and the one I just restored I had a heating problem. The radiator is honey combed. It can not be rodded out like the 1930 Model S that has straight tubes. I had the radiator boiled out and that helped quite a bit, but what really cooled it down was the pitch on the fan. Before I changed the fan, I set an electric fan on a chair and introduced more air to the radiator. The temperature gauge stayed at 170 Deg. The temperature outside was 90 to 95. I removed the fans off both cars. In matching them up, the 1931 Model S fan had a more aggressive pitch. After changing the fans , problem solved. I then sold the car as I knew it would be ok for the new owner. Hopes this helps and if you have a question, if I can not answer it, I know other Hupp technical advisors that can.
  6. Transmission and Differential oil

    How about a pic of you Hupp?
  7. Transmission and Differential oil

    One of the Hupmobile manuals I have says 70 weight gear oil in the summer , 50 wight in the winter. I have a number of old cars and w-80-90 works well. I would not use a synthetic as most of the early seals do not like it.
  8. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Well worked on the string to see if I could free it up a bit. It feels a little better. We are taking 4 cars to the show this coming Sunday. I will be able to tell if the steering is any easier. If not I have to bit the bullet and pull out the whole steering column. As this car is a super restoration, that will not be and easy job. I may wait till before I head north so I can fabricate new bushings and check the cams in the steering box. I have tried taking the steering box apart in the car and could not find out what I need to know.
  9. 1910 Model 20 - A Couple Questions

    More on tools
  10. Need a wiring diagram 1928 Peirce Arrow model 36

    If you join the Pierce Arrow Society, they have one you may download for free on a PDF file.
  11. 1910 Model 20 - A Couple Questions

    There are 51 model 20's listed in the Hupp Club. Maybe one of the members that owns one will see this and respond, I am not at liberty to do so. I own 8 different Hupp models but no model 20.
  12. 1910 Model 20 - A Couple Questions

    David, maybe this will help.
  13. 1935 Hupmobile J-521 value?

    If you lift the passenger side of the hood, look on the firewall about 8in. down and 12in. in. You will see a tag that starts with a J and 5 numbers . The serial # will tell what year the car is. I do not see the bumpers in the pic. If you do not have them, you will a tough time finding the correct ones. Plus side its a deluxe model, Factory installed radio, dual tail lights. This will make someone a fine car. I only pray that it stays original.
  14. 1935 Hupmobile J-521 value?

    Total production on thls Model was 2,488. 2264 on the 1934 and 224 on the 1935. . The 1935 being more desirable because of the low production. Raymond Loewy who designed this car was also a member of the Hupmobile Club.