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  1. Hupp36

    1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Not sure if this scan will show, from the local news paper
  2. Hupp36

    1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    The show got rained out Saturday so the had it Sunday. Dale would be happy, picked up a trophy. My trophy is showing the car and telling the people about its history. As you can see by the pic it was a country setting.
  3. Hupp36

    1928 Hupmobile

    The front bumper is from a 1929 Hupp If i could see the dash i could tell you for sure if its a 1928 or 1929 Model A Hupp.. The hubcaps are also 1929 caps. Nice looking Hupmobile.
  4. Hupp36

    1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    I am a member of the Pierce Arrow Society and have been one even before I was the owner of the 1927 Model 36 Limo. I plan to make as many meets as possible for me.. I am currently restoring a 1925 Ajax and have several more Hupmobiles to restore. Money derived form sale of these cars is what tells me how many meets I am able to make. My main concern is to keep the Pierce as it should be as a piece of history.
  5. Hupp36

    1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Well after getting the proper insurance needed, its time to take the P/A out to see the community and let the town people see a car that has never been seen in a small town like where we live. I signed it up for a show on Aug. 4th. Dale would be happy that I am showing the car, I am happy toooo.
  6. Hupp36

    1926 Hupmobile

    Being a 1926 Hupp, it could be a 6 Cyl. Model A Hupp or a 1926 Model E 8 cyl. These old cars may leak oil from various places. A little leak, watch and service. BIG leak fix before you drive. We have a great Hupp Club with tec. advisors on all the Hupp models produced We also have a very well stocked library that all can be copped for not a lot of money. With the problems you state about the car one of our tec. advisors could help you with information for free. Ask the guy that ones one.
  7. Hupp36

    1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster

  8. Hupp36

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    Well a guy that likes Pierce Arrows and Hupmobiles and is willing to help people solve a problem they may have for just a thank you is a great person. Thank you David for the help you have given my self and others.
  9. Hupp36

    Need Hupmobile 20 Manual and any literature

    I sent you a PM with the info you needed. Chuck M
  10. Hupp36

    Need Hupmobile 20 Manual and any literature

    If you join the Hupmobile Club we have a fine library of literature that can be copied for members for a small fee. You do not have to have a Hupmobile to join.
  11. Hupp36

    Model J 34/35 head lamp lenses

    If you scroll down to page 14 or go to the post, Hupmobile Headlight Lens you will see that one person ordered some acrylic headlight lens . Send him a message and I am sure he will give you the persons name that he got them from. Chuck M
  12. Hupp36

    1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Well Thanks to my good friend Dale, he said that I was the only one that should take care of this car, it now is in N.h. in my care and custody as he wished. I will do my best to carry out his wishes.
  13. Hupp36

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    With 1 day to go the bid was $5600, I did not see what it sold for.
  14. Hupp36

    What isn’t this beauty?

    1959 Eldorado Barritz Cadillac Convertible
  15. Hupp36

    1928 HUPMOBILE SPORTS ROADSTER BODY portland OR craigslist

    It will make a great project. A Hupp guy would love to have this car. And yes, there are not many left.