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  1. HUPP Model S 1932

    Be sure if you have someone work on your car that they no that its POSITIVE Ground. My friend took his 1932 Hupp to a repair shop to have the rear seals replaced. He had the new seals that I purchased for him before I headed north. It was at the shop for quite a while. They did not work on the car ,but the owner had me call the shop to inquire. In taking to one of the mechanic's I said to him, you do know that this car has a positive ground. He said I do now. Too late.they fried the Points, condenser,starter, battery ,and the electric fuel pump. Oh, because it set out in the rain , the carburetor accelerator pump was frozen do to water holding it shut. The fix was a rebuilt carburetor. After replacing all of the above, the car is running fine. I am in the process of replacing the rear wheel seals.
  2. 1921 Stevens

    Thank you for the input. It sure would be good if you could find a complete rear end.. I had the same thing happen to my 1924 Hupp Model R sedan and fortunately I had a whole spare rear end.Please keep showing the progress on you restoration it will be great to see another Stevens back in service.
  3. 1921 Stevens

    Thank you, that sounds like it will be the way to go. I can get that information from my Audels Automobile Guide.Thank for the help.
  4. 1921 Stevens

    Claes, I sent you a message, thought maybe you would know the answer to a question about the torque on the bolts and nuts that hold the valve and water jacket on the 1921 Stevens I am working on. All the paper work that the owner has has no technical information as to the spec. I need. Before I set the valves to their proper setting, I need this info.If any of the readers know the answer, I will be happy if you would share it with me. I made the new gasket all in one piece as fellow Stevens owner Richard S said to do. I am going to seal the lower engine outlet to the radiator then gently blow air into the upper outlet that connects to the top of the radiator before I add coolant. This will tell me if there are any coolant leaks internally in the engine.
  5. 1930 or 1931 model S

    This pic which is not to good shows the difference in the bottom radiator pan on the 1930 and 1931 Model Hupp. The winter issue of the Hupp Hearld which is a Hupp club magazine 1977 issue is all about the model S and the changes in the 1930 and 1931. My printer died, so I could not scan in pic. I used my smart phone.
  6. 1924-25 Hupmobile 3 Dr. Sdan

    Left out, This would be a Model R Hupmobile 3 dr. sedan
  7. 1924-25 Hupmobile 3 Dr. Sdan

    My good friend is looking for a Hupp 3 dr. sedan. Must be show quality and be able to be driven. If you know of a car like this, please respond to this. Able to travel to view this car in person for the rite car.Thank you
  8. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Well , got the best of show, small show, small trophy, but it was fun. Here's the pic.
  9. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Did the final cleaning and ready for the show Saturday. The fun thing is talking about the history of the car. The look on their face when you tell them that the handles and metal in the rear compartment is 14 karat gold plated. I just love this car.
  10. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    While waiting for a carburetor for the 1931 Hupp Model S, Started getting the Pierce ready for a show Saturday. It has not been started since April. I drained the cooling system before going north..Checked the fluids and this fine car started right up. Did not run it long as no coolant in the system. Have coolant in hand, after lunch going to install so I can clean a little dust off the car and take it for a drive. Life is Good.
  11. No, Bud it is not on the Hupp Club roster as I am looking at the 2017 one now. Hope you find it, there are not a lot of the I's still out there.
  12. Question, is that setting on the pressure regulator as you removed it from the engine?
  13. Hupp 1929 Sport Coupe

    The fun just keeps coming, Going to take the 29 Hupp to a show this coming Saturday. If you happen to be in Hudson Fl on Saturday November 4th. and would like to see one of the finest 1929 Hupmobile Sport Coupe;s that are still on this planet, come to the VFW on County Line Road
  14. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Ok, the Pierce Arrow is calling my name. The note on the windshield says no fluid in the radiator and bottom hose is leaking. I need to get this great car back in service as there are many car shows down here that I would love to take it to and show people what the rich and famous people road in.
  15. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Got best of show out of 200 cars