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  1. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Well its been 6 months since I have laid eyes on the great car. I have been told the Pierce is waiting for me to start and drive.First I have to take the 1929 Hupp sport coupe to a show tomorrow.Gee the tasks the owner gives me are so challenging. Who would not be up to show one of the best Hupps in existence.
  2. 1921 Stevens

    Well I am headed south, got to show a 1929 Hupp coupes on Sat.should be fun.
  3. 1921 Stevens

    Will do and again thank you for the good advice.
  4. 1921 Stevens

    I will remove the pan just to be on the safe side when i get to Fi, still up North now. I can see the ones on the head easily, but if you had not told me I would not have known there were some on the bottom of the block. Thanks again for the help. The owner would just like to get this car roadworthy. Not to do a restoration. Its a nice looking car and just needs a few things touched up. Its for driving, not a show car.
  5. 1921 Stevens

    The water got into the oil pan threw the top cover that covers the valves and water inlet tube to the top of the radiator. Before I started working on this engine to get it running, the owner had the head planed and the block checked for level and square. I could see where the gasket failed after I removed the top cover. If after I make a new gasket and I still have water in the oil pan, I will have no choice but to remove the head a check all the previous work that has been done. My hope is that whom ever did the work knew what he was doing. Thank you Claes for the help.
  6. 1921 Stevens

    Got A phone call from the owner of the Stevens, No one has worked on the car since I came back north. Well he asked if I could install a new gasket . I said I found some I/16 in. cork gasket sandwiched . Cork, metal, cork.. Talking to a Stevens owner that has 3 Stevens cars, he said that should work fine. Claes, thanks for the fine comments. I had the car running good until I put water in the radiator, All H______ broke loose. I will keep this site posted when I get the new gasket installed. sounds like a fun time.
  7. 1925 Ajax

    Had some spare time so I looked in my hubcap wrench stash and came up with the proper wrench. The only things missing from this car are a few open end wrenches. I have the tool pouch and Ajax moto meter but they are buried in my junk room. I will dig them out in the Spring.. It took me 30 years to get 4 good hub caps.The other 3 are as good or better than the one in the pic.
  8. 1925 Ajax

    Check the jack out, it is also an Ajax
  9. 1925 Ajax

    After a short trip on the street by the house, I put it in the barn until spring First time in 63 years it has been on the road.
  10. 1925 Ajax

    I could not seem to load the video. It shows the engine running fine.I filled the vacuum tank 3 times and ran the engine for about 1/2 hr. I will install the headliner and the seats when I get back in the spring. For now, back in storage.
  11. 1925 Ajax

    Not sure if video will 20170822_091757.mp420170822_091757.mp4show
  12. 1925 Ajax

    Well I finally got the 4th tire i needed to move the car out in the open air to run the engine without getting gassed. Not being run for so long, I need to do a ring out and functual. I ran it long enough to know it will ok. If it runs like I think it should, I will put it away until spring.
  13. 1925 Ajax

    I thought this color would go good with the engine
  14. 1925 Ajax

    No, its not original, I just liked the color.
  15. In doing an engine swap in my 1925 Ajax, I found the need to remove the steering box. Not having a shop manual for the car, I was as a pilot would say, flying by the seat of my pants. In the pic one can see that the engine will not come out by the steering box.The engine I am putting in was used in a saw mill to run a cutoff saw. Complete except for the carb, which he did not know why it was not on the engine. I tore the engine down because he said it only had about 50 hrs. on a rebuild.Setting for a while pickled with Marvel oil about 15 years ago. It turned over free before I took it apart.. After removing the oil pan I could see the screen on the bottom of the oil pump should have a new one. My friend in Fl sent me some screen that I used to make some new fuel filters for his 1927 Pierce Arrow. I think the pic will tell you the rest of the story. By the way , I know you guys will love my lavish shop. Oh here are the seats I did for this car 14 years ago.