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  1. Hupp36

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    Congratulations Terry, As an old car guy, I am sure you will not just sit in a rocking chair and watch the world go by. Hershey is just around the corner, a great place to relax and see some great cars.
  2. Hupp36

    1929 Auburn Model 120 Tail Lite

    What happened to the guy that called me and said he had 2 pristine tail lights for the 1929 Auburn 120 ? If you see this and still have 1 , call me. Please
  3. Hupp36

    Hupmobile script jack. Is it common?

    I have been collecting Hupps and Hupp stuff since 1967, thats the first Hupp jack I have seen.If its nor rare, its a heck of a great find.
  4. Hupp36

    1929 Auburn Model 120 Tail Lite

    P Mitchell, call me back, I lost your number.
  5. Hupp36

    1926 Pierce Arrow Roadster -Restored

    Now that, I would be temped to trade my 1927 P/A Model 36 Limo for.
  6. Hupp36

    23 Model R throw-out bearing rattle

    Message sent
  7. Need 1 complete tail lite for my friends 1929 Auburn Model 120. See pic and drawing for dimension. PM me with what you have and price. or call 603 217-7234 ask For Chuck of email me at See pic
  8. Hupp36

    23 Model R throw-out bearing rattle

    If you still have the cracked manifold, I still have a good one for sale.
  9. Hupp36

    23 Model R throw-out bearing rattle

    After it stopped raining I went put to check a parts car. Your Hupp model R has a place to grease the through out bearing. its a pipe with a grease fitting just in back of the bell housing on the passenger side of the transmission.. Another point is that the clutch has a multi disc clutch, 4 plates. With so many disc, they could rattle. Hope this helps.
  10. Hupp36

    When did cars get adjustable front seats?

    The 1929 Hupmobile Model A was the first Hupp to have a adjustable front seat. After I restored it , it was a great selling point.
  11. Hupp36

    Largest Eight Model U in period home movie

    From the begging of the company Hupp developed there own engines. From 1909 to 1925 it was a 4 cyl. In 1925 Hupp engineer's built a small 8 cyl. called the model E. In 1926 they built a 6 cyl. Model A. In 1927 they made a slightly larger 8 cyl. called the model M. Adding more horsepower on the 1928 model M.which was 90 hp. Later in the season they made the model C which was 100 hp. Then can the 8 cyl H model with 123 hp The largest 8 cyl. Chandler produced in 1929 was 95 Hp.. Hupp had already made an 8 cyl with 100 hp in the model C in 1928. Hupp started selling the model C, H and U in 1929. In answering your question, I feel there are too many variables to say yes or no. Chuck M
  12. Hupp36

    Largest Eight Model U in period home movie

    58l-Y8, Being a Hupp guy as I am, what made you pick that car out?
  13. Hupp36

    Largest Eight Model U in period home movie

    Al, your answer to how many are left, total production . 1929-1932 690 cars. I looked in 3 Hupp rosters and could not find any members that have a U listed. Now thats not to say as my good friend Don Roetman would say " Did you look in every barn" No real way to tell how many survived.
  14. Hupp36

    Largest Eight Model U in period home movie

    The 1931 Hupp Model U has a 137inch Wheel base. I found a pic of and add for Hupp free wheeling. Note that both cars have 4 suicide doors. I think it is a 1931,1932 model U Hupp. See scan