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  1. Hupp36

    Engine Differences btw 29A and 30S

    Well the part # for the crank shaft for the 1928-29 was crossed out in my parts book and some one wrote in the part # for the crankshaft from the 1930 Model S parts book. The crank shaft being the same , the rest of the parts, connecting rods, pistons should inter change with the 1928-29 model A hupp. Just remove the oil pan on both engines and mic. the crank shaft on the same journal on each engine and see if they are the same size. They should be the same dimension. I know this is a lot of work , but some body else may have a better idea.
  2. Hupp36

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    Yes, the disc wheels were an option. You can put them on a wood wheel car but you have to use the hubs that the disc wheels are on. The wood wheels have the hubs built in. They used hickory wood for the wheels and if the wood is in good order they are very trust worthy. My 1924 R sedan has wood wheels and they are fine. I also have a 23 R speedster with disc wheels but its not running at this time..
  3. Hupp36

    Engine Differences btw 29A and 30S

    Ed, the Hupp service bulletin says if the part # is the same the parts will interchange. I will check my 28-29 parts book against the 1930 S parts books and see what i can find out.
  4. Hupp36

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    Oh, and buy the way we have a great Hupp club an tec. guys that help the members.
  5. Hupp36

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    Ok, My friend from the Hupp club, Bill Shift drove a 1923 Model R touring from Hurly N.Y. to San Francisco and back. and yes to the speed but do not be afraid to step up to 40 once in a while. Shifting is also easier than the other car you mentioned.
  6. Hupp36

    I just joined Hupmobile club, "again," sorta

    Well I would as a charter member of the Hupmobile Club, welcome you to the family of Huppers. I call it a family because the people you meet through the club and on the great tours the club has are so friendly and come from all walks of life. If you have the opportunity to go on a hupp club tour you will see for yourself what i have been talking about.
  7. Hupp36

    Firing order Model 20

    David if your car has a Bosh DU-4 magneto the firing order is 1 2 4 3 Sorry its upside down, I am a mechanic, NOT a computer Geek
  8. Hupp36

    1914 Locomobile - For sale

    Wayne is a good friend of mine. I watched at different times as the car was going together. One thing I remember was he showed me the muffler. Its made out of several pieces of cast metal bolted together with long rods.. He also has a book about the car from start to finish. Many good times were had with Wayne , Tom and Denise on Hupp Tours.
  9. Hupp36

    My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    In 1967 when I bought my 1932 model F Victoria, some one had hack sawed off the hood ornament. I got a new reproduction from Pulfer and Williams about 1971. It was made of brass and a great reproduction. Sold the car and the hood ornament to a good friend in Cal.
  10. Hupp36

    1910 model 20 for sale

    The last time I saw this little beauty was 1995 in Findlay Ohio. We had a great Hupp tour during the week and finishes off in the park on Friday
  11. Hupp36


    I will be back up North in May, If nobody helps you before then, I will look at my 30 and 31 to see how they are attached.
  12. Hupp36

    Ohio Concours D'Elegance

    Here is a better pic
  13. Hupp36

    Ohio Concours D'Elegance

    I am the proud owner of a 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo. This car was in the Oberhaus Museum in Ohio. Does anyone know if this car was ever shown at the Ohio Concours D'elegance?
  14. Hupp36

    1927 P-A with Tesla Patent

    I only have 1 Pierce Arrow, maybe some with a 1928 Model 36 will add more info.
  15. Hupp36

    1927 P-A with Tesla Patent

    Jeff, took another look, here it is.