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  1. St, my friends 1927 Pierce Arrow model 36 is also a dual valve six. I love to drive this car.
  2. I made one for the 29 A Hupp that I was working on to sell .One of the Hupmobile Club members Dave Romani has taken up the project and is having at least 10 made. A fellow contacted me for 1 he needed so I told him to contact Dave. I have at least 2 other Hupps that may need one so I am going to call Dave and get on the list .Thanks for asking. Chuck Moore
  3. Super so glad to hear you got the engine running great. Maybe now I will get back to restoring my 28 Hupp roadster The pic of your car give me the push I need to finish my roadster.. Now I sold the 29 Hupp A sedan I brought to Fl, I need to finish the 26 Ajax and then the 28 Hupp
  4. Well I will be cleaning the Pierce for the last show be fore I head north. It is running great and I am happy. Just to sit in the Chauffeurs seat and drive this piece of history. It is a gift to me that I am so grateful to my friend that lets me drive this car and take it to the car shows .My trophy is talking about the history of this car. But I have never failed to bring home a trophy for the owner who has at least 30 trophies from the cars that he owns.
  5. Just as a little information, the water fall base that holds the hood ornament and hood ornament if you can find one will cost about $1200 for both in good condition.
  6. Ok, this is the gauge all installed See pic
  7. Thank you Peter, I was able to load the pic.
  8. For many of you out there who own a Hupp Series A 1928, 1929 and 1930-1932 S and there may be other models that have a gauge on the drivers side of the engine block , just above the oil pan that tells you how much oil is in your engine. If the small shaft that is fastened to a cork that floats to show you the oil level rusts off or is missing you will not have a clue how much oil is in the engine. My friends as he calls it " My drive around car" was missing the shaft and piece that showed the oil level. Well me being afraid that the rod I put in the engine to check the oil would not work well. Here in pic , I will try to explain how to fix the oil gauge.The first pic shows no rod and no gauge. The 2nd pic shows the rod and cork float.The 3rd. pic is me cutting the cork in a circle The 4th. pic is engine pan off the car. 5th the oil gauge in place held with a clamp. 6th. pic engine pan painted and ready to go back on the engine. 7th. pic Pan back on the engine. I have reached my limit on how many pic i can post, will post pic of the gauge completely installed.
  9. German Short Haired Pointer
  10. We are here from November till April. Come on down, we have plenty of room, 4 acres for a camper . Water , sewage and a friendly dog.
  11. AL, we have 4 Acaes and you are welcome
  12. You will need a camper..
  13. We have 4 Acares and water and surage, come on down.
  14. This was the best year of Hupmobile, they produced 65,000 cars that year.