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    Body ground

    You can use a step bit to drill out thin stuff like the ends of grounding straps or eye terminals to fit over larger studs if needed. I started it at the point he talks about and shows enlarging the hole on an adel clamp.

    WTB: 63 HVAC Panel

    Good to know they are direct bolt ins. That opens up possibilities I didn't know about. I'll talk to Mitch about how much he'd want for this part as it's really his.

    WTB: 63 HVAC Panel

    I'd have to ask Mitch if he's interested in me letting go of it and for how much since we're mainly trading back and forth parts so I don't feel I can sell it outright. Do you still have your less than functional unit?
  4. Years ago I bought random dash cluster from Wheatbelt with the intension of cutting the insides up to use for stuffing Autometer gauges into but I found out it was a cruise cluster when it arrived. No pictures right now but it's been sitting in my parts stash for probably 10yrs and I'm looking to get rid of it. It's in definitely used but fully intact shape. There is wear around the ignition switch area and minor scratches in the interior colored area. I'd call the color fawn just looking at the interior chart but pictures should show more exactly. No idea how much its worth but I'll start at $40.00 plus shipping.

    Body ground

    No picture but my '64 had a single strap on the drivers side from the head to the firewall as well as the black wire from the battery terminal to the voltage regulator. Nothing I can remember on the passengers head. I think I got my replacement, and addon ground straps, from Napa.
  6. http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=997/category_id=411/mode=prod/prd997.htm
  7. Interior looks like it's going to be nye on undetectable from stock Bumper Bracket mods to dodge some of the underhood trickery Really interested what wheels he goes with to match the C5/6 suspension offsets and but continue the stock wrapper look. I'm hoping for or
  8. Body is starting to come together it looks like. Wish I could work this fast but then again I get paid to do something else and then spend my money on the parts to do this to my own car.

    WTB: 63 HVAC Panel

    Dave, One of the big attractions of the '63 is its lighted panel that I was hoping to place status lights behind custom labels. I'll PM you later about at least the switches as those would be great.
  10. FINALLY got the passengers floor all rebuilt, primed, and welded in! Need to grind the welds down and apply seam sealer to finish that side out till I go back and build the seat mounts.
  11. McMaster-Carr would also have bolts though they might not have them in a small packages.
  12. If you're willing to go through the hassle, find a dark green you like in someone's plastic paint catalog and then paint everything that color. With black I think this would be easy but with dark green I'd want to try it out so it'd match the various vinyl parts like the door panel upholstery.
  13. Rear bumper is back on
  14. Hello, I got ahold of a near perfect '63 HVAC panel with level from Martin and I just can't bring myself to cut it up into a switch panel. Does anyone have one that's broken some levers or completely missing the rear section where the levers work? I'm just going to turn it into a switch control center for the normal stuff on a '64 in addition to the stuff I've added like heated seats, transmission shift profile, etc. Thanks y'all,
  15. Are you talking about the bolts that hold the transmission to the engine, flexplate to torque converter, or where? Most bolts could be replaced with hardware store Grade 5 or Grade 8. I want to say the transmission to the engine is 7/16-14UNC but I'd have to measure length to quote how long they'd need to be.